Title: Skittles (S-S-S and M-M-M)

By: Jessarie

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A/N: Ok, so I was going through my stories and suddenly had an urge to write more of this...

Harry, now a Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, walked down the dank dungeon hall to his dom's rooms. He was scared. More scared than he had ever been in the six months they had been together. It was the middle of October and he was going to be in so much trouble. After their first night together a certain set of rules had been established. Severus was always in control of their sexual lives. In order for Harry to be permitted to 'play' as Severus called it, he was required to follow certain guidelines outside of the bedroom. They mainly included taking care of himself properly and seeing to Severus basic needs when asked.

Upon entering their quarters, Harry removed his robe, shoes and socks. He placed them neatly by the door and on the hook. In just a T-shirt and trousers, he stepped up to Severus empty chair and knelt hands clasped behind his back, head bowed. He remembered the position, but had only been in it when requesting the need to play. Now he waited. Waited to confess.

"Harry?" Severus voice broke through the younger mans thoughts. Severus noticed the absolute submission and became concerned. Removing his own robes, he squeezed past the man on the floor and sat down.

"Look at me, please." he said waiting for Harry to comply.

"Is there a reason you are kneeling?" Severus questioned him.

Harry nodded. "I..." he began looking ashamed. "I disobeyed." he managed to say.

Severus looked puzzled. "How?" he asked.

Harry swallowed thickly. "I sk-skipped b-breakfast and l- lunch." he said stuttering out his answer.

Severus sighed. He had expressly told Harry he was to eat a decent amount at every meal. That morning Severus had to be up early for a meeting and he had left a note telling Harry to make sure he ate.

"Did you see my note?" he asked.

Harry's confusion shown on his upturned face. "Note, I saw no note from you."

"It was left upon the pillow with a sticking charm." Severus responded.

Harry's head shook. "Your pillow was on the floor when I awoke. Probably got knocked out of bed. I saw no note attached. Even so, I know I should eat. You tell me everyday. I just got so busy today. My mind would not stop working." he answered ranting before a finger was pressed to his lips.

Severus spoke once more. "Stand and sit on the sofa. Do not move." he said summoning a house elf and requesting sandwiches and drinks. When the elf returned, Severus took the plate of food and moved over next to his sub. He took a bit of a sandwich and then fed a piece to Harry. They made their way through three sandwiches before Harry politely shook his head. A glass of pumpkin juice was slid into his hand and Severus said. "Drink."

Once they were finished, the older man turned to speak to Harry once more. "You will go to the bedroom and strip, lying on your bed on the bed arms and legs spread into an X. You will not move and you will not speak unless you need your safe word. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, Severus."

"Go." was ordered and Harry obeyed.

When Severus entered the room moments later, Harry wondered what was about to happen to him. The older man stepped forward saying a spell under his breath. Chains sprung from the wall behind the bed twining around Harry's arms and legs. Harry took a deep breath not knowing what was to come. Severus' wand was raised once more and he stepped forward. He stroked Harry's cock until it hardened fully. A cold metal cock ring slid down his length. The final object to his torment was rubber and long. Perfectly shaped to an exact match of Severus own cock. The master prepared his sub before thrusting the toy into him. A whispered command had the fake cock moving as though Severus himself were inside Harry.

"You may make any noise you feel necessary. I will be back." Severus promised before he turned and left the room.

What Harry didn't know was a few moments later while Harry was distracted, Severus re-entered the room under a disillusionment charm. He watched for signs of this being too much. He didn't want Harry to pass out on him.

An hour and three dry orgasms later, Harry's cock was red and pulsing. Severus removed the charm. Green pain filled eyes met his own in wonder. Severus stepped forward and using a spell stripped himself. He removed the toy from Harry's arse and adding some extra lubrication via a handy spell thrust into his submissive. "Will you eat regularly?" He asked punctuating each word with a thrust of his hips.

"Yes, Severus. Yes, I will eat at every meal." Harry said letting his tears fall. Severus smiled and with a spell from his wand the ring about Harry's cock vanished. Seconds later, spurt after spurt of pearly white come splashed unto the broken young man. Severus pumped a few more times before he, himself exploded too.

Harry's whole body shook in his climax and he moaned aloud as the blessed darkness evaporated around him. Severus allowed his partner to sleep, removing the chains and cleaning them both. He curled himself around Harry.

It didn't take long, but drowsy green eyes finally blinked open. "Severus?" a soft voice accompanied them.

"I'm here, Harry." the man answered.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry said contradicting himself. Severus nodded. "Would you be willing to come get me so we could go to lunch together? I don't wanna forget again."

Severus smiled. "Sure, and maybe some days we could eat together down here. Just us."

Harry nodded. "I love you, Sev." he said sleepily.

"I love you to, Little One." Severus responded.

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