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Rio: Sacrifice

Chapter 1 – Prologue

It's been over a week since Jewel's wing full healed. And now she's living happily in the Blue Bird Sanctuary with her best friend Tyler Blu Gunderson or Blu for short. (Name given by his owner Linda, believe it or not) But soon, their journey takes an unfortunate turn which changes their lives forever.

Over a month ago…

Blu, an intellectual but timid, endangered blue macaw was living a simple, sheltered life with his owner and best "human" friend Linda in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

But soon he was on his way to Rio de Janeiro to meet a female blue macaw named Jewel in order to preserve their species. Their first impression was, unfortunately, less than their best.

Later that same night, the two macaws get abducted by animal smugglers whose intent was to sell endangered birds to the highest bidder, regardless of what the buyers do with them. The two escape the smugglers, but the two were chained together and since Blu inability to fly due to his fear of heights, they were forced to seek refuge on foot.

Despite their many differences, Blu and Jewel began to grow very close to each other. As they traveled across Rio, the two learned more and more about each other, thus strengthening their bond. Eventually they got the chain off with the help of their newfound friends they met along the way.

But fate takes a turn as Jewel is captured by a thuggish Cockatoo named Nigel, a former acting bird owned by the head bird smuggler. Determined to rescue her, Blu mounts a rescue with the help his companions. The group ends up getting caught and put on the smuggler's private plane.

Thanks to Blu's knowledge of cages, he manages to free himself, Jewel, his friends and the other captive birds. But Jewel gets injured by Nigel by breaking her wing. In retaliation, Blu literally sends him flying by setting off a fire extinguisher attached to his leg.

Jewel falls out of the open plane and Blu jumps after her, finally overcoming his fears. Touched by Blu's actions, Jewel kisses him. Overcome with joy, Blu opens his wings and finally flies, saving both Jewel and himself.

Blu soon reunites with his owner, Linda and leaves an injured Jewel in the care of the ornithologist named Tulio.

Five days earlier….

"How's your wing, Jewel?" asked a male blue macaw kindly.

"Blu, that's the 7th time you asked me today. And for the 7th time, my wing feels fine" said Jewel with annoyance as she lay down in her man-made nest in her and Blu's vegetative chamber. (The same chamber where the two first met) Until, Jewel's wing completely heals, she and Blu will be released into the recently opened Blu Bird Sanctuary.

Since Jewel broke her wing and had it patched up by Tulio, Blu has been caring for her, wing and claw. (In human terms, hand and foot)

Jewel appreciated Blu's help and his care, truly she did. But she felt like he was overdoing it a bit. Nonetheless, she was so touched by what he was doing for her. He fetched her food and water when she needed it. He helped treat her wing when it needed fresh medical wrapping or ointment for infection. For almost four weeks, he's been by her side, always. He's been her shoulder to cry on, the voice she needed to hear and her best friend.

"[He's done so much for me, more than I can ever repay.]"

"Hey Blu?" said Jewel softly and Blu turned almost immediately.

"Yes, Jewel, do you need anything? Food? Water? More medical tape?" asked Blu frantically.

"No, I'm fine, really. It's just I think you're maybe, overdoing it a bit."

Blu frowned slightly thinking that Jewel might not want him to help her. Jewel took his frown as an indication that she may have offended him.

"Oh no, no, no, no! Blu, I didn't mean it like that. It's not that I don't appreciate all you're doing, I do, really, I do. It's just you don't have to do all this for me" said Jewel franticly as she tried to explain herself to Blu.

Blu just smiled at her. He knew that she cares more about him than she feels concern for herself. But he doesn't tend to stop helping her anytime soon nor will he. Blu feels that he has a responsibility to Jewel: to care for her and protect her, no matter what it takes.

"You're right Jewel, I don't have to do all this."After this is said, Jewel raised her brow in confusion.

"But I want to, Jewel. I'm not helping you cuz I have to, I'm helping you cuz I want to and I want to always help you, Jewel. I always want to be there for you when you need me, for any reason. I want to be your shoulder to cry on and your best friend. I don't ever want to forsake you nor will I ever," said Blu firmly

Jewel just stood there, rooted to the spot. That was possibly the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to her. She suddenly felt the tendency to run up and hug Blu with all her might, but she knew she didn't if she could with her broken wing.

"Blu, I-I...I don't know what to say. Do-Do you really mean that?" asked Jewel, shaking as she spoke.

"Of course I do, I meant every word and I never go back on my word."

Jewel was simply speechless and in complete awe. Her heart was overwhelmed with joy; so much so, it started to spill from her eyes. Warm tears flowed down her face like a river. Blu noticed her tears immediately and felt alarmed. He went to straight to Jewel's side quickly to see if something was wrong.

"Jewel? Jewel! Are you ok, why are you crying?" said Blu worryingly, scared if Jewel was in any pain.

Jewel just hid her face; she was so happy that it hurt. But Blu didn't know this and her silent response just made him feel even more alarmed.

"Jewel, please. Look at me, please tell what's wrong. I want to help you."

Blu placed his wings on Jewel's shoulders and tried to get at eye level but she kept her head down. But finally, she lifted her head; her tears were still falling but she was smiling.

Jewel finally couldn't take it anymore. She threw her wings around Blu and put him in a tight embrace. Blu was taken by surprise and fell flat on his back, still comprehending what just occurred.

"You helped me more than any I ever thought possible and you don't know how grateful I am," said Jewel softly as she held Blu around his neck tightly.

"Jewel, y….your wi…ing! Doesn't it hurt?" gasped Blu, unable to breathe properly due to Jewel's vice grip.

It's true, Jewel's felt a bit sore already, but now the effort to hug Blu seemed to irritate it further. But Jewel didn't care about the pain because the joy she felt in her heart seemed to outweigh the pain in her wing.

"A little, but I don't care Blu. I want hold you with every chance I can get," said Jewel, refusing to let go of Blu for a second but loosening her grip to allow Blu some breathing room.

"Are you sure you're ok?" he asked once again.

Jewel raised her head and looked at Blu with a loving smile. She looked into his chocolate eyes as Blu stared at her ocular twin sapphires. They remained this way for three minutes which felt like hours to them.

And finally, Jewel shared a second kiss with Blu. He was taken by surprise at first; his eyes widened but soon slowly closed. This kiss was not like the one they shared as the two fell from the smuggler's plane. This was much more passionate, more loving and they didn't have a time limit.

It was only after a minute that they parted to catch their breath. They both panted rapidly, struggling to return their breathing to normal.

"So…I'll take that as a yes?" said Blu in a dreamlike state.

Jewel just looked at him and laughed. Blu smiled, wondering what was so funny.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"You talk too much," said Jewel with humor in her voice.

"Oh…well, uh, I didn't realize, y..you never c..omplained about it be-." Blu's sentence was cut off when Jewel laid a feathered finger against his beak.

"And I wouldn't change it for the world" whispered Jewel as she trailed her wing across Blu's brow.

Blu just looked at her surprisingly, but then it turned into loving smile as the two made eye contact.

Than all of a sudden, flashing lights came on and a song began to play.

Say you, say me

Say it for always, that's the way it should be

Say you, say me

Say it together, naturally

The two look up and see a disco ball revolving above them. Jewel looked at Blu suspiciously and he turned to her with a panicked expression.

"I had nothing to do with that either, I swear! It must've…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence again because Jewel stopped his beak with hers. Jewel pulled Blu to his feet and they continued to kiss as their song played. Blu eventually caught on and kissed her back.

I had a dream I had an awesome dream

People in the park playing games in the dark

And what they played was a masquerade

And from behind the walls of doubt a voice was crying out

When they separated, Blu looked at Jewel in the eyes. By the look on her face, he could tell what she desired.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, not wanting to pressure into something she was not ready for.

"Yes. Please Blu," said Jewel passionately.

"But do you really think that we're ready for this? More importantly, do you think you're ready?" Blu asked, wanting a final confirmation on Jewel's part.

Jewel rolled her eyes and said, "Remember what Rafie said?"

"What do you mean?" Blu asked, slightly confused. And with said, Jewel placed her wing on Blu's forehead.

"It's not what you think up here," and then she placed it on his rapidly beating chest.

"It's what you feel in here and I can feel the rhythm of your heart and that's enough for me to know; how about you?" said Jewel as she looked deeply into Blu's eyes.

Blu returned her stare and began to smile seductively.

"What are you feeling Jewel?" he asked with passion in his voice.

"Honestly, I'm not really sure." Jewel said, averting her eyes shyly.

"Then let's find out." Said Blu softly, motioning his head towards the hollow tree.

And Jewel smiled seductively as well and locked beaks with Blu once again as the two walked towards the nest as their song continued to play.

Say you, say me

Say it for always, that's the way it should be

Say you, say me

Say it together, naturally

In the Surveillance Room…

"Wow, that took longer than I thought," said Linda as she looked surveillance moniter.

"Like I said, it works every time. Now, we should go and leave them be," said Tulio as he averted his eyes towards the exit.

"Do you think they'll be ok? You know, with Jewel's wing and all?" Linda asked with a concerned tone.

As Tulio was saying this, he placed his left hand on Linda's left hand, revealing that the two were wearing rings. Tulio had a gold band on his ring finger while Linda had on her ring finger both a gold band with a diamond encrusted and another gold band with with silver lining.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine. Besides, I studied Blu's behavior when he's around Jewel. It doesn't take an ornithologist to see that he would never ever hurt her. And as for her wing, I'm sure it's strong enough for…. this. Shall we go than?" asked Tulio smiling at Linda.

"Lets," said the girl smiling at Tulio, while she took his hand.

And with that said, Linda and Tulio left the room, hand in hand, and locked the door to the room, leaving the lovebirds in their privacy.

Well, that's chapter one for ya, hoped you liked it or loved it, whichever comes first.

Sorry for not continuing further but this still a child's film, as mature as some of the content may be in the film.

I'll write the second chapter soon that will bring back the present time when Jewel fully recovers. Patience everyone, the story hasn't even started.

Coming soon: Chapter 2 – New Life