It all started a long time ago, before you or I was born, almost five centuries ago the world was a place of danger and fear.

Our kind was hunted for food and, if lucky to be slaves.

It wasn't even safe to step outside your house because these creatures were sly and quick and were the rulers of the Earth.

No one knows how they got here or if they evolved from us, all we know about them were that they were, Monsters!

They weren't just Vampires, Zombies or other kinds of monsters. They were slimy, hairy, scaly, ugly, disgusting, horrifying, spiky… like creatures from your nightmares so, they were all Gruesome.

Like the humans we are today, the monsters were ruled by a President or a King. His name was Chief Mangler, the toughest monster on Earth!

He was more than 30 feet high; it's rumored that he's able kill an entire army of humans with one flick of his claw.

Many humans served him and the monsters of his kingdom so they don't end up as lunch like other disobedient people.

That's how it's been until one day the humans proclaimed war on the monsters, and what a fight it was! Blood was spilled, guts were flying and bodies were eaten. Many humans were killed and the beasts had a great feast but the fight wasn't over…

There was one man who was able to avoid death. His name was Wreaks Kaln, and he was the man who changed human lives forever. He was a slave to the monsters from the age of 12, they had eaten his parents and Wreaks had vowed to kill all the monsters in existence for that.

While the war was taking place, Wreaks had managed to climb the mountain where the chief's throne stood and sitting on it was Chief Mangler himself (He'd decided to allow his loyal subjects to fight this battle).

Wreaks was trying with all his might to kill the leader of the monsters because monsters were stupid and didn't know what to do without the chief's help.

When he reached the foot of the throne, being as quiet as a mouse, he started to climb it. But from the corner of his eye, Chief Mangler saw Wreaks and started to swat, slap and hit him trying to catch him. Fortunately, Wreaks dodged all of Mangler's attacks but he didn't know how to defeat Mangler until Mangler tried to swat at him with his claws and that gave Wreaks an idea. He started climbing toward Mangler's chest hoping that Mangler would swat at him with his claw, he did and Wreaks jumped out the way just in time for Mangler to stab himself in his heart. Mangler gave a roar of pain and so did the monsters of Mangler's kingdom because since their chief was dying they knew there was no point in them living without a chief, so they began killing each.

But before all the monsters were killed and Mangler was almost dead, he cursed Wreaks, so now the first born child of each of Wreaks' descendants will have a monster's blood.

Unfortunately, every year Wreaks' children were killed because of the monster curse, but now people think it was just a story and stopped killing his decadents, but who knows, maybe there are still monsters out there somewhere, yawn, ok Zac time to sleep." A boy named Will Stare told his little brother."Oh come on, just one more monster story, please." Zac pleaded, "Tomorrow night, good night little bro.", "Sigh, good night big bro."