So for the next few days Will and Zac were home schooled and weren't allowed to leave the house for anything. Mom was a strict teacher, she gave 10 minute breaks and they were schooled from 7:00 to 15:00. Will eventually got used to it but Zac was miserable. "The only thing that would make this worse is if we had to eat tofu." Zac whispered to Will, "I heard that, do you want to be sent to your room?" Mom said "Yes please." Zac said.

During those days at home a few things were happening at school. Word got out fast about Will the monster. Will was so positive that things would let up that he forgot how many people saw him change and that they would tell their friends all about what happened. Parents came to the school to make sure their kids were ok and to see the damage done. Two days after the incident a strange man in a brown suit came to the school and went to the Principal Moner's office. "Oh!" exclaimed Moner as he looked up and saw this strange man, "Hello, can I help you." He said "I'm looking for the classroom where the incident happened." said the man in a raspy voice. "It's down the hall." Replied Moner, he was now used to people asking him where the "incident" happened. The strange man went to the room and found a lot of kids crowding around the gap in the window and were taking photos. Bruno and his gang were there telling the kids how he protected his class mates and scared the monster away "When I was done with him he was scared to death of me and I bet he'll never come back here again." Bruno was saying. "But what if he does?" someone asked, a little nervous. "Then he would have made the biggest mistake of his life." Bruno exclaimed. (He wouldn't have said anything if Will really was there.) The man pushed his way through the sea of kids till he came to the famous window. Unfortunately some of Will's fur was caught on the glass around the gap in the window. The man picked up one tuft of fur and smiled wickedly. "Perfect." Murmured Prof M. U. Tate to himself, "Finally, I may show the world my power."