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-Chapter Three-

John laughed at the nervous look on Sherlock's face. "You sure were cute back then!" He grinned.

"I-Alright," he said, now slightly remembering that day, but just barely. "But you didn't remember," he argued accusingly.

"Well, after med school, Afghanistan and nearly dying, people tend to forget these sorts of things," John said, his tone jokingly offended. "Not to mention it was ages ago."

"I remember things from ages ago," Sherlock muttered.

"Well yeah, but you're you. Besides, I helped lots of kids in my life, and I've moved lots of times too. So it's only natural I forget. And I didn't actually forget you, I forgot your name." John lips grew into a slightly taunting grin. "You sure liked Mycroft back then though."

"I - shut up!" Sherlock almost-yelled, blushing furiously. "He wasn't as bad back then. And I had to live with him and all, so I just..."

John nodded, "Mmhm, right," he said. "And the only reason you're not like that now is sibling rivalry." Sherlock made a sound of protest before John loudly continued, "So, your cousin Seth called you a prat huh? Bet you annoyed the crap out of him." John chuckled.

"I didn't do anything. He's the prat, he still is!" Sherlock insisted. "You know you were an awful lot nicer to me back then."

"Yeah well, you're not four or five or whatever anymore. And you actually didn't think I was an idiot yet either."

"Five and a half..."Sherlock muttered under his breath, making John laugh at him again.

"Though...It seems like out promise came true." John said, smiling.

"Well yes, I...I mean besides you completely forgetting me until now, yes, yes I suppose we did," Sherlock said, looking slightly embarrassed but keeping completely calm. The awkward pause of silence was broken by Mrs. Hudson calling up,

"Boys, I've made tea, if you're interested in any!" John stood and glanced at Sherlock, still slightly blushing.

"We, I suppose we should go down. Before it gets cold and all." He started down the stairs before Sherlock stopped him.

"John, you were wrong about something else in that story," he said, his voice back to monotone. But it still managed to seem thoughtful.

"What was that?" John asked.

"...About me not thinking you were an idiot yet."

John snorted. "So you even thought I was stupid then? Wow, Sherlock, thanks."

"No, I meant..." Sherlock looked down at the drawing he was still clutching. "I meant, I didn't ever think you were an idiot. Not then or now. Stupid yes, but everybody else. Never an idiot. They're quite different."

John's face re-flushed instantly. "Really? I mean...Yes, well...thanks." He stuttered, and smiling to himself, walked down the stairs to Mrs. Hudson's tea with Sherlock following behind.

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