I was reading some of the other Angelina and Draco stories and they were good but not really my style. I got my inspiration from Evilevergreen's story but it's not a remake of it. I hope you enjoy it. Its starts when they are still students and its Angelina's last year. Okay and if have read this before you will notice it is longer now, because that is my biggest complaint that my stories are too short for my readers. But dont fret if you liked the shorter version as well. I only added to the chapter's I have lengthened. I didn't remove anything. So enjoy and tell me what you think of this ner version.

Angelina was sitting in the library reading her book when the chair across from her was pulled out. She looked up and saw Draco Malfoy smirking at her with a book in his hand.

"Malfoy what the hell are doing here?" Angelina said with a sort of disgust look on her face.

"This is a library, I came to read. " Malfoy said lifting the book he had set down on the table.

"To read, I didn't know you could read."

"I can read." Malfoy snapped at her, making her jump slightly. "Well, that's not the entire reason I came I here is to check on you and see how you are feeling." Angelina looked confused. "I heard Weasly and you broke up." Angelina inhaled sharply.

"That's none of your damn business." Angelina said, grabbing her book and standing up preparing to leave. Draco's hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. He stood up and walked around the table trapping her against it. Angelina leaned back against the table trying to keep her face away from his.

"Oh, come on Angel, tell me how you feeling, I can make it better." Draco sneered at her.

"First of all, my name ain't 'Angel' so you need to check yourself, and why would I tell you anything about what happens in my life. We aint friends, in fact I hate you, can't stand anything about you. Now you need to back your ass up and let me go." Angelina spat into Draco's face.

"Okay I'll let you go, but Angel," Draco said putting emphasis on Angel, "When you are ready to admit you want me. I will be waiting for you."

"Well, you will be waiting for a long time then, buddy." Angelina said, her words dripping with venom.

"Oh, now that hurts my feelings. My heart hurts, feel." Draco grabbed her hand placing it over his heart. "Do you feel it nreaking from your words?"

"I hope it kills you!" Angelina hissed taking her hand from his. "And don't you touch me again either, I dont want my hands all over you, I don''t know where you have been."

"Oh, calm down, baby. That's not anywhere close to where I wanted your hands." Draco said leaning into her, wiggling his eyebrows.

Angelina just gasped and walked out the library.

Draco just laughed and watched her leave, 'She is so much fun to tease.' Draco thought to himself. 'Good riddens, she broke up with that Weasly.' Draco was walking down the hall to his dorm. He had never said it out loud, but he never liked it when Angelina, his angel, dated other boy's. 'She belong's with me. A guy like myself, who can give her all the things that a princess, like herself, deserves. It would be much more than those filthy, poor Weasly's could offer.'

Draco was so cought up in his thoughts that he didn't even realize his friends, Flint and Goyle, were walking towards him until they were upon him

"Hey, Draco, where have you been?" Goyle asked.

"Whats it to you? Don't you guy's know how to entertain yourselves without me?" Draco snapped unintentionally.

"Whoa, chill out, blondie. Fatso asked a perfectly logical question thsi time." Flint jumped in.

"Hey, who are you calling 'fatso'" Goyle said getting aggresive with Flint.

"Oh, I apologize, your name is 'dumb fatso'" Flint said smirking.

"Why you gapped toothed, bug-eyed creep." Goyle said, puffing out his chest.

"You want to go, bigboy?"

"You see this is why I have been avoiding you two. All you two ever want to do is fight. Can't you two be a little mature?" Draco interrupted, as he started to walk down the corridor.

"Damn, Draco, who has your robe all in a bunch?" Flint said as he and Goyle cought up with them in the hallway.

"Nothing," Draco sighed slowing down. "It's just you cought me at a bad time."

"Which brings up our previous question, where where you?" Flint said.

"If it will entertain you, I was in the library." Draco said, before saying the Slytherin password to get in the common room.

"What the hell were you doing in the library? I know you like to read and all but you always send some girl to get your books." Flint said looking confused at the blonde boy's answer.

"Well this time I found a reason to want to go in for myself."

"And that reason was?" Goyle butted in trying to get a better answer out of him.

"Look, I am not answering any more questions, about where I was, and why I was there, okay?" Draco said finally losing his nerve.

"Fine, whatever, you will never guess what I found out happened to Potter." Flint said with an evil grin.

"And what was that?" Draco said with his own little smirk. And as much as he hated that Potter, he still couldn't distract his mind from his Angel.

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