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Bring it On

Draco came in to his bedroom looking for Angelina, he and his mother had just finished conversing, she was worried about how he treated Angelina and she pretty much knew what went down the night before between him and her. Draco would have broken down but his father came in and dragged his mother away, probably on purpose.

"Angelina, show yourself," Draco called out once realizing that she was not on the bed where he had left her.

"Calm down your highness I am right here," Angelina had came out of the bathroom looking as if nothing had happened the night before. Her was done in a curly do that framed her face and her make up was exceptionally done it matched the cute, tight, and bright red jogging suit she had on. It made Draco grit his teeth, he hated that color, none of the clothes that are in her closet are red or yellow for that matter.

"I see you are looking better, almost," Draco commented eyeing her choice of clothing that morning. Angelina say this and inwardly smirked, she had Kilgore fetch it for her along with Narcissa to pick out the makeup that went with it.

"Oh, you don't like my outfit," Angelina did a little sexy turn showing off how the bottoms hugged her bottom. " I think I look pretty damn good, but enough about my clothes we need to talk."

"And what would that be dear," Draco moved a step closer to Angelina who didn't move an inch.

"You know exactly what it is you fake peddling tight ass. We need to talk about last night, about how you ambushed me and damn near raped me!"

"It is not rape if you liked it," Draco smirked now standing directly in front of her.

"Oh don't flatter yourself darling, why would I struggle against a spell I cannot break and be uncomfortable at the same time, why not just lay there and enjoy my time. But it will not be happening again."

"Oh yeah, says who," Draco had a hold of her face tracing it with his fingers.

"Adfligendos!" Angelina yelled sending Draco flying out of her face and crashing into the wall that hadent switched to window mode yet.

Angelina walked over and squatted down next to a groaning Draco who was slightly disoriented checking his head for blood.

"I say, so the next time you want to come at me the way you did last night, I will be ready and I will not be as nice as I was now, so try me if you want to." With that being said Angelina got up from her squatting position and strutted out of the room to begin her day.

"I will be looking forward to it," Draco said softly with a smirk before dropping his head back to the ground.

That's my girl.


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