Hidden Life

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Chapter 1

Sirius Black was extremely thankful that the plan had worked so well. According to the only other surviving (true) original marauder, Remus Lupin, everyone believed him to be dead. Unfortunately, that also included his goddaughter, but that was soon to be rectified.

You see, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had elaborately staged his Death with the help of some others, but had had to put it into action before they had planned, and before he could inform Hunter Lilly-Hiriko Potter, his soon to be sixteen year old goddaughter. He had faked his death, to make it easier for them to get out from under the manipulations of Albus Dumbledore.

If he was 'dead', then Remus could fake grief and no one would suspect him leaving for a while to grieve in peace for his apparently dead friend. And no one would question Nymphadora Tonks accompanying him, as they would have brought their relationship out of the dark.

But there would be two things the Order of the Phoenix wouldn't be informed about. The first, Tonks and Remus wouldn't be returning and the second: Hunter would be going with them.

Sirius knew that the plan to get Hunter out of the country was good to go. They knew that it was a possibility that she would be reluctant about it, but she would be coming with them, even if it meant kidnapping her and then convincing her of the truth of people she thought of as friends later on.

The small amount of contact that Sirius had had with either Remus or Tonks told him that there had been six additions to the plan. Sirius snorted to himself in his dog form, whatever the hell that meant.

The reason behind the need to leave Britain, however, was a very serious matter. On the one hand there was Voldemort, on the other, Dumbledore. Voldemort wanted to kill his Goddaughter, and Sirius and Remus had sworn to James and Lily that if something were to happen to them, they would protect her. If they allowed Voldemort to kill Hunter, they would have failed, and they would not fail. Dumbledore would also cause them to fail. The old coot was too power hungry for his own good. He only saw pawns in his battle for the 'greater good'. And Hunter was one of his main chess pieces, but still one he would be more than willing to sacrifice, and he was intending to do so. It was by a stroke of pure luck that Sirius had come across a ritual that Dumbledore had intended to use.

The ritual was a very dark one, which was intended to give the performer of the ritual a great boost of power. It would also heal any injury or illness sustained by the performer beforehand. However, it needed the sacrifice of a half Kitsune, half Vampire. Which, although she did not know it, Hunter was. Unfortunately, Dumbledore did know this, but luckily, the ritual required the Kitsune/vampire mix to be sacrificed sometime after the first winter solstice after they went through their creature inheritance. That gave them the perfect time frame to get Hunter out of the country and to safety.

Sirius, Remus and Tonks were ready. Hunter would turn Sixteen at the stroke of midnight tonight, then tomorrow evening, Remus would go and visit Hunter when it was Tonks' turn for guard duty at Private Drive, to 'say goodbye' to Hunter. That way, no one they wanted kept in the dark would see a large black dog also enter the house, shortly after the werewolf. And no one would hear the sound of apparition from the inside of the house, when they took Hunter and her things from there.

Hermione looked round her room once more, making sure that she had everything. She nodded to herself. Everything was in her trunk, and Crookshanks was in his basket. She looked at herself on the mirror that rested on the wall. Her ears and tails were on full show. Today, however, she only put a glamour on her tails, using untraceable wandless magic. She picked up the wrap round head scarf that was on top of her trunk, and positioned it so that it covered her ears and all her tell tale brown, bushy hair.

She was so glad that her mother had confided in her that she was adopted two years ago. Otherwise she would have looked in all the wrong places for Kitsune creature blood in her family tree. She had come into her creature inheritance on her sixteenth birthday, and it was like a fog had been lifted from her gaze.

She had realised that she had been under the influence of many potions, which had been trying to bind her to both the Weasleys and Dumbledore. Once free of these, she had immediately contacted Remus, and he had helped her understand what she was. He had urged her to act like the potions were working because they would be leaving with Hunter after Hunter's sixteenth, when she would also go through her creature inheritance. Of course, Hermione had been told not to tell anyone anything, not even Hunter. Remus hadn't even risked telling Sirius and Tonks.

Hermione had thought that their plans may have been put on hold, or even totally obliterated and re thought, after Sirius' death. That wasn't the case, however, and they were still leaving. They had also been joined by some others, who she hadn't thought would have joined them. However, it seemed as if they were not who everyone thought they were.

Bill, Charlie, Fred and George had in fact been adopted by the Weasleys. They also had creature blood in them. They were not Kitsunes like herself, but vampires. Dumbledore had taken them from their real parents, (they were actually brothers) bound their powers, and obliviated them of any memories they had of their real parents. They would also be joined by Bills fiancée, Fleur Delacour.

Hermione picked up her trunk, and the wicker basket containing Crookshanks, and headed downstairs, where she was met by George. She could tell it was George, as he didn't have a freckle on his left ear, which Fred did have.

George, she noted, had changed. He was still George, that was obvious, but his face was more defined and aristocratic and his skin was pale. His eyes however, still shone with mischief. He grinned when he saw her, showing off his fangs.

"What's with the new look George?" Hermione asked, laughing lightly.

George rolled his eyes. "Well Mione, when Fred and I discovered what we were, Bill and Charlie explained they were the same, and taught us a little something called glamour charms. I believe that you are familiar with that spell?" He raised an eyebrow, and glanced on top of her head, and his gaze looked behind her, to where he thought her tail would be.

"Yes, actually, I've been using them for close to a year now. Should we go?"

"I suppose we should."

Hermione looked to the man and woman who were her adoptive parents. They had never been particularly kind to her. They'd just allowed her house room, clothes and food. Past that she had no ties to them.

"Well, this is it then. Goodbye."

They did nothing but nod to her. Hermione took George's offered arm, and he turned on the spot, apperating them away. They reappeared in the flat above their store.

"What are you going to do about this place? Are you going to sell it?" Hermione asked.

"Actually, we never bought it. We rented it." George explained. "Your room for the night is through there, and Fred and I will be downstairs. Unless it is absolutely necessary, please don't leave the flat. The curtains are all drawn, so you don't need to worry about being seen. Get a good night sleep. Tomorrow evening we'll be meeting up with the others at Gringotts, and we'll be leaving." He reapplied the glamour, and left.

Hunter Lily- Hiriko Potter, lay on her bed in her room at her Aunt and Uncles house, staring up at the ceiling. Her shoulder length black hair laid spread across her pillow, making a sort of weird halo around her head. Her green eyes were filled with sadness and pain.

"I'm so sorry Sirius." She whispered, breaking the near silence. After that, the only thing she could hear were the loud snores of her uncle.

Hunter looked at her watch. It was one minute to twelve. One more minute and she'd be sixteen. Hunter allowed herself to think about her life so far. Her time with the Dursleys wasn't as bad as her Aunt told her to tell people it was. Her relatives were actually quite nice to her in private, but for some reason, in public, they had this charade that the Dursleys hated her, and she hated them. For some reason that she'd never been told, the Dursleys wanted people to think that she was mistreated. Why though, she didn't know. And any thought that Petunia had ever hated her sister was absolutely wrong. It was yet another act.

Then, there was Hogwarts. A different challenge each year. The stone, the chamber, the Sirius/Pettigrew mess, the triwizard tournament, and finally the department of mysteries, where she had lost the closest thing to a father that she had. But there was another thing bugging her. About everything. What was it though? Then she realised it. Everything had been too well placed. Everything happened at a certain point along the year. And there was only one person who could do that. Dumbledore. She had been played, manipulated. It was that realisation that she felt a pain rip through her body, and she fell into unconsciousness.

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