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Chapter 12

Hunter yawned and stretched. Her grandparents were bringing the pack to stay here today. And Sophia was also going to see if she could bring Tom here. If she could find him, that is.

Hunter sat up in bed, and stretched again. She stood, and swished her tails, working out any kinks in them. She walked into her bathroom, and took a shower. When she was done, she wrapped a towel round herself, and walked to the sink to clean her teeth. She walked back into her bedroom, and into her closet. She picked out a dark purple tank top and a pair of black love story jeans, boots, and a black Victorian style fitted jacket. She also wore knee high black Doc Martin Boots.

When she was done dressing she dried her hair and brushed it before leaving her rooms and heading down for breakfast. Moony and Tonks were already in the dining room.

"Morning Tonks, Moony." She said, hugging each in turn.

"Morning Hunter. How did you sleep?" Remus asked as Hunter sat down.

"Surprisingly well, considering I'll be meeting the rest of Grandpa's pack, and potentially having a civil conversation with someone whose attempted to kill me several times, albeit unwillingly."

"I'm glad you had a good nights sleep." Remus said, smiling. It amused him no end that Hunter'd already taken to calling Hiriko and Fenrir Grandma and Grandpa. It was mostly because she had already learnt that she could get Fenrir to agree to anything, except for going back to Hogwarts, so long as she called him Grandpa and used the kicked puppy face. So, she called him Grandpa, and Hiriko Grandma.

Tipsy came into the room, and placed a full English breakfast in front of Hunter. "Thank you, Tipsy." Hunter said, smiling at the elf.

Tipsy bowed and left the room. Hunter dug into her food ravenously. She was half way through when Fred came down, and kissed her on the temple before sitting down beside her. Everyone else slowly filtered in to the room, except for Bill and Fleur, who had already left for work.

The day passed in a regular routine up till lunch. It was a Sunday, so Hunter had duelling practice with Remus for two hours, and then Pureblood etiquette with Sirius for half an hour. He insisted on it, as she was the scion of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, and it was the closest thing to Vampire etiquette she had to learn. Sophia was going to teach her the right vampire etiquette when she got enough time of, and Hiriko was going to teach her and Hermione Kitsune practises. Hunter had to know all three, as she was apart of all three cultures. Hermione was lucky. She only needed to learn one, as far as the group were aware.

After that, Hermione, Fred, George and Hunter went out for our routine run. They ran quite far until, as always, Fred and George decided to have some fun. They pounced on Hunter and Hermione, and started to tickle them mercilessly. Hunter shrieked in laughter, and was well aware of Hermione doing the same. Hunter pulled out of Fred's grasp and began to run again. She ran right back up to the house, where there was a group of people, waiting just outside it. Hunter ran behind the first person she could, and used him as a shield.

"Hide me." She said. She peeked round the man's elbow to see Fred had stopped, and was staring.

"Err, Hunter… did you check to see who you ran to hide behind?" Fred asked.

Hunter looked up from her slightly crouching position to see the amused face of Rabastan LeStrange. She stood up and stepped back. "Err, sorry about that. I- um…"

"That's perfectly alright, Miss Potter." Rabastan said, amused.

Hunter looked round to see that others of the so called 'inner-circle' were standing there, along with Sirius, Remus, Sophia and Tom Riddle, who seemed to be attached to Sophia's hip. Hunter wrinkled her nose. "Keep it behind closed doors, you two. I don't want to see you sucking my Aunt's face off, Riddle."

Most people laughed, except Sophia, who went a nice shade of Gryffindor red.

"I think, Sirius that all those lessons just went down the drain." Remus said, laughing.

"Oh definitely." Sirius said, wiping a fake tear away from his eye. "So definitely the daughter of Prongs and Lils."

"Got that right." Hunter said, proudly. "Now, I am going inside. Come on Fred." I ran inside, and knew he was following me. The others would follow us soon enough.

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