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Kole was exploring the Ops. room of Titans Tower. They had just defeated the Brotherhood of Evil, and now all of the branched off Titans have come to the home to get a feel of the real Titans' surrounding; man, the place was spacious. When she turned to see the looks on the Titans' faces, she giggled at the shock plastered on them.

She scanned the room, taking in every person; trying to store each one in her memory. When her eyes made it to the kitchen, she noticed a boy with curly blonde hair and clear green eyes. She was so entranced by the mute teen that she didn't notice someone poke her in the side.

Kole jumped slightly and turned to see who was beside her. She was met with a pale girl with black and red hair. Her way of dress was that of gothic descent. She smiled. "Hey, I'm Kole. You're Argent, right?"

The girl smirked and did not reply to the question. "I see you looking at 'im. The blonde one. Cute, isn't he?"

Kole blushed and looked at the floor. "I guess so…anyway, where are you from?" The smile was back on her face.

Argent raised an eyebrow at the quick change of subject. "Britain." The girl glanced around the room. She smiled at Kole. "Well, I figure I should meet some new people. I'll see you around."

Kole watched her leave, and then turned back to the boy. She figured she should be friendly and introduce herself.

She made it over to him and smiled. "Hi, I'm Kole. What's your name?"

He smiled at her, but did not respond.

Kole was confused, but tried again. "Are you all right? I promise I won't bite!" She chuckled.

The boy smiled again, and then pointed to his mouth. He lifted his chin slightly and she could see a faint scar on his neck.

Kole's eyes widened, but forced herself not to respond to the scar; it would be impolite to bring what was most likely to be a touchy subject. She raised both eyebrows in understanding. "You can't talk, I see. Well, let's see…oh!" She found a napkin on the counter and pulled out a pen. "Always keep one on me! Here, maybe you can write down your name."

Jericho gratefully took the napkin and scribbled something on it. He then handed it back to her. She read the name. "Jericho. I like it." She glanced at him and smiled.

He let out his hand in a silent way of asking for the napkin again. She obliged quickly. Jericho scribbled down something again, handing it back to her.

You're very pretty.

Kole blushed and rubbed the back of her neck, letting out a giggle. "Uh, thanks. So are you – I mean cute, not pretty. Pretty isn't exactly a word for guys."

He let a grin pop out; his way of a laugh.

Kole smiled and bit her lip. "Well…I should probably go browse. Is there, you know, anyway we can maybe keep in touch?"

Jericho nodded and held out his communicator.

"Oh, right! Here, I'll program my comm. number in." She took the communicator gently and programmed it in, then gave it back.

Jericho nodded toward hers, and she pulled it out. "Here, I'll let you type it in." She handed it toward the blonde and watched as he typed. He gave it back and she gave a curt nod and a smile. "Well, it was nice to meet you Jericho. Hope we can keep in touch." She turned slowly and walked away, a large smile on her face.

She passed Argent, and the silver-skinned hero smirked. "Good catch, love."

Kole blushed.

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