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A/N: This will be the only note I make before a chapter. So basically, this story tells of how Tom Riddle got some ideas in his head, and how he became the wizard he is today. Have you ever heard of the theme of where the woman is the corrupter, because she is most easily influenced by bad things? This story highlights that, I guess. The first couple chapters will be in their first and second years, and maybe one from the fifth, and the rest of the story will be in the 6th and 7th years, when most of the action will happen. It's only rated for strong language and some really bad themes and stuff. Stuff that kids shouldn't be reading about. As for updates, I will try and update it as much as I can, but I want to make nice long chapters, so we'll see!

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Chapter 1: September 1st, 1938

"Now darling... you know how important it is that you get into Slytherin... right? We don't want you associating with anybody other than purebloods. That could be devastating to your reputation."

11-year-old Emma Ashwood looked around carefully, to make sure there weren't people within earshot. Although she shared her parents' beliefs, she did not want to be labelled as discriminatory. "Of course, mum." She replied, "I'll be sorted into Slytherin. Don't worry."

"Sometimes I think you're too nice for your own good." Her dad mused, "Too thoughtful and courageous. But you wouldn't want to be in Gryffindor, would you?"

That's what they think. Becky thought, rolling her eyes. Even at a young age the little girl was cunning manipulative. The train rolled into the station, and she looked back at her parents, ignoring their last question.

"We're leaving." Her mum said pointedly, tears brimming her eyes. This would be the first time the Ashwood family was separated since Becky was born. "Bye, sweetie. Be safe!" She pulled her daughter into a hug, and Emma put on her best smile.

"I'll be fine." She said, "Love you guys." She moved on to hug her dad, and watched them walk back through the barrier. She turned around to look at the bright and shiny train engine, before grabbing her trunk and getting on. She walked slowly through the aisles, finding a compartment that was empty and settling down. She thought it was best to not make new friends until everyone was sorted; that way when they were put into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, she wouldn't feel any sense of loss.

About halfway throughout the train ride, in which Emma was reading Hogwarts; A History, the door to her compartment slid open, and a boy edged his way in, taking a seat across from her without a word.

"Who are you?" She asked curiously, but as he looked up, an eyebrow raised an a hostile look in his eyes, she realized that she was being rather rude. "Sorry..."

"It's alright." He said stiffly, "I'm Tom. Tom Riddle. Who are you?"

"Emma Ashwood." She replied, leaning in to take his hand. She also used this moment to assess his appearance. For a boy his age, he was alright looking. He had dark hair and eyes, and a cynical smile that many people would take to be charming. Emma knew right away that it was sarcastic though; she had the same one. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Tom."

"Likewise." The boy replied, settling back into his seat. He put his hands behind his head as though he was relaxing, and asked, "So did you know about all this? You know... before you got your letter?"

Emma stared at him. Is he a mudblood? She asked herself, but didn't ask him out loud. "Oh, you're not born of wizarding parents?"

"I think one of them is." He replied, and Emma closed her eyes. He wouldn't be in Slytherin then. Her parents had told her that only wizards of pureblood status would be sorted there.

"Are you excited to learn more about it?" She asked reluctantly, deciding that maybe conversation with this boy wouldn't be so bad.

"I already know how to control my powers... to an extent." He said, "But Dumbledore said that I can't use them like that there."

Now, Emma was intrigued. "How were you using them, if you don't mind me asking?"

"To 'bully' and control animals. To scare kids."

"To scare Muggles?" Emma grinned now. This kid was right up her alley.

"Yeah," He said, "And I could talk to snakes. Is that normal?"

"I don't know, Tom." Emma smirked, "But I'm sure you'll learn all about it at Hogwarts."

"I plan on looking for my parents." Tom said, "Figure out who my father was. Have you ever heard of the Riddle family before?"

"No," Emma answered, "I haven't."

"And your family is?"

"The Ashwoods. We're a long line of purebloods... but I'm the last so far, my parents didn't have a son, much to their displeasure."

"Hmm." Tom stayed quiet for a bit after that, which allowed Emma to get back to reading her book.

What felt like hours later, Tom was looking out the window. "Do you reckon we'll be there soon?" He wondered curiously. Emma shrugged.

"We better start changing into our school robes, anyways." She said, "That way we won't look like Muggles when we get there."

"Good idea." Tom agreed, and he opted to go out to the washrooms to change. Emma quickly changed out of her blouse and long skirt, and into the uniform that she picked up from Diagon Alley. Tom came back in a few minutes later.

He sat down, and she continued reading her book, not looking up. After a few moments, she looked up to see him staring at her. "What are you looking at?" She asked rudely, not bothering to be polite, and he immediately went red.

"I'm just admiring your beauty." He said sarcastically, and Emma was shocked by his confidence. She flashed him a toothy smile.

"I think we'll get along perfectly fine." She said slowly. The train began to stop, and both preteens got up quickly.

"Do we take our trunks?" Tom asked quickly, and Emma shook her head.

"No, they take them for us." She replied. He followed her off of the train and immediately were beckoned by a scrawny man.

"First Years! Come this way please, first years!"

"Where is he taking us?" Tom asked, alarmed, and Emma chuckled. He was so clueless it was almost cute.

"We're going on the boats to get to the castle... across the lake. It's a way that only the first years take, I guess... for dramatic effect." She said confidently; so much so that Tom had to wonder if it was real. They followed the man down to the dock area where the boats were stored, and the two of them got on.

"It's so nice out here." Tom observed, "Peaceful. I think I like it." They were the only two on the boat, and it was almost as though it was the only thing that existed. The lake made no sound as they glided gently through it by magic, and Emma just nodded, closing her eyes and relaxing. She'd always valued her "alone time," and luckily for her, being with Riddle almost felt like they were both by themselves.

Finally, the boat came to the shore, and the two of them followed the rest of the first years into the castle, where they were led into a little room, and told to wait. Emma barely marvelled at the castle's greatness; her house wasn't as extravagant, but it was almost as big and beautiful as the entrance hall had been. She noticed that Riddle seemed impressed by the castle, although he barely showed it.

"What house do you think you'll be in?" One boy asked the two of them. He was shorter than Tom was, with black hair and blue eyes. He was addressing Tom, but leering at Emma like a piece of meat.

She pushed a strand of blonde hair over her shoulder and replied, "Slytherin. Is there another possible house to be in?"

"Glad you're on the same page, Ashwood." He replied, and at the use of her name, Emma recognized him immediately. Ramekin Lestrange. Their parents had been friends for ages, but she hadn't seen any of the children in a while.

Tom stayed quiet, not answering the question. A couple seconds later, a man with a long beard and piercing blue eyes came into the room. "First years, come this way. It's time to be sorted. When I lead you into that hall, you'll gather around a stool. A hat will be placed on your head, and you will be sorted into one of four houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Follow me, please."

The students all followed this teacher into the hall, and Emma was surprised to see that he gave Tom a small smile, which wasn't returned. "Do you know him?" She whispered as they walked in, the eyes of all the returning students upon them.

"Yeah." Tom answered bitterly, "That's Albus Dumbledore." He said, rolling his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling. Tonight, the sky was grey.

"I know who he is." Emma said quickly, "I've met him a few times. How do you know him?"

"He came to visit me at the orphanage... to tell me I was a wizard." Tom replied, an odd look on his face. Emma frowned. She wished that he could be in Slytherin, so that she might be able to carry on this conversation later. They were forced to stop talking as they came to the end of the walk, into a group that was surrounding a stool with a raggy old hat on it. Emma stared in amazement as it opened it's mouth and began to sing a song.

Oh once upon a time, when I was just anew, the founders had made me, to sort all of you. When they were all gone, and couldn't do it themselves, they needed my judgement, and I do it very well. Gryffindor was strong and brave, his courage and his heart...

Emma stopped paying attention after a while, and the song was longer than she expected. She looked over at Tom, who's eyes lit up when the hat mentioned Slytherin, and rolled her own. He wouldn't be in that house, it was impossible.

"Now, when I call out your name, you will come and sit on a stool, and be sorted. Then, kindly join your houses for our feast." Dumbledore called out, and Emma knew she would be first. "Ashwood, Emma." She walked up to the stool and sat down.

"Ashwood, eh? Couple of Slytherins, that lot is." The deep voice said into her head, and Emma smirked inwardly. "You, my dear, aren't suited for anywhere else." I know I'm not. Emma thought at it, and it sighed before yelling out "SLYTHERIN!" She smiled a rare, wide smile and walked briskly to the Slytherin table, where she was patted on the back my many upper-classmen.

Emma paid no attention to most of the other students, but her head snapped up when she heard a familiar name. Lestrange was set in Slytherin as well as three more students, and there were many Hufflepuffs in her year, much to her dismay. Finally, the name "Riddle, Tom" was called and she saw her newly found "friend" walk up to the stool.

The hat was barely on his head when it called out, "SLYTHERIN!"

Emma was in shock. What? She had never, ever heard of a case where a half blood was sorted into Slytherin. Ever. Tom came to the table and sat down beside her, with a blank look on his face. Like this wasn't even affecting him.

"I thought you said one of your parents was a Muggle!" She whispered harshly into his ear. He shrugged.

"Yeah, one of them is. Why?" He asked, looking slightly offended at her choice to question his sorting.

"It's no offense to you, Riddle." Emma said slowly and precariously, planning her words carefully, "It's just that Slytherin is known for only taking students with pureblood status. Not halfbloods or mudbloods."


"It's a name used for muggleborns. It's slightly offensive... but you get the point."

"So... me being in Slytherin is... odd then?"

"Very." Emma confirmed, looking up at the Head Table. The head of Slytherin house, Horace Slughorn, was looking in their direction, mild interest on his face.

"Who's that?" Tom asked, pointing up at the man, "And why is he staring at me?"

"That's Horace Slughorn. He's the Head of our house." Emma replied in a murmur, "My parents warned me that he would try and collect me. Because they were some of his favourites, and because I'm smart or something." She was failing at her attempt to be modest, so she changed the subject quickly. "I bet you that he'll try and collect you." She said, "Because you're special or something, and probably very smart."

"Could be useful." Tom said after a few minutes of silence, long after Horace Slughorn had looked away. But there was one person who was still staring at the two of them, much to her displeasure and discomfort.

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