The Last Meddlings of Lord Black

Chapter 1 Night-Time Wanderings

Harry was once again grateful for Ron's ability to sleep through just about anything as he woke with a sharp jerk courtesy of yet another graveyard/Voldemort-based nightmare. The 2 weeks he'd been at 12 Grimmauld Place had been eventful and, unfortunately, that included his slumber. His recent 'trial' had been a minor distraction-stressful, yes, but at least it changed his nightmares for a while. Plus, while the idea of having his wand snapped or being expelled terrified him, he'd had the slight comfort of knowing that even if the trial hadn't gone his way at least he would have been able to be with Sirius.

Harry exited the bedroom; he didn't like number 12 very much as it felt dark in atmosphere, quite oppressive in décor, and, despite Sirius's jokester attitude, the seriousness that permeated the building made the reality of Voldemort's return feel far more real. However, Harry had reconciled his dislike of his godfather's ancestral home with the knowledge that the alternatives available to him were even worse.

Harry had far more freedom here than at Privet Drive. Yes, people kept a close eye on him, but he could wander around the house, get food and drink, he wasn't treated like a slave or locked up, and, best of all, he was surrounded by magic and with people who loved him.

Harry descended the stairs, heading in the direction of the kitchen and some water. As Harry approached the kitchen, he was drawn out of his musings by an angry voice coming from behind the door he was about to open. Harry didn't want to disturb the room's
current inhabitants, but he also didn't move away. His interest and curiosity sparked, and he could not walk away, despite knowing it was wrong to listen in to others conversations.

"SIRIUS! What the bloody hell possessed you to do this without asking him or me? Did you not think I would want some choice in this, that he deserves a say in this? Merlin help you if this is some kind of prank, because I will hex you to oblivion! I can't believe that mum and dad would agree to this nonsense!" It was unmistakably one Nymphadora Tonks talking to-or, rather, shouting at-Harry's wayward Godfather. Harry wondered what Sirius had done this time, and decided to continue listening; if nothing else, it would amuse him and distract him from the memories of his latest nightmare.

Harry heard Sirius start, "When I explained my situation …"Harry didn't the next bit, "After all, you are a Black by blood, making any inheritance unchallengeable. He needs stability, love, and a strong woman who can lighten him up a bit and who isn't intimidated by who he is. You, my dear cousin, could give him that. It wouldn't be bad for you, either. He respects you, and he's not someone who will take advantage of your gifts. He sees you for who you are and won't try to control you. It's part of why your parents agreed. I know the age gap seems big now, but in a few years it won't. He likes you, you know; I see it in how he treats you. Even if he doesn't see the potential there yet, he does care, and you can't say you don't care about him. Put him in some decent clothing and I'm pretty sure he could get you hot and bothered," Sirius barked out the last part in a laugh.

Even in his sleepy state, Harry knew that laughing at the expense of an aggravated Tonks was not a wise move.

"SIRIUS, THAT'S NOT THE POINT! Caring about someone is not the same as loving someone or being attracted to someone or wanting a relationship with them.

"Sirius, when did you sign this thing and is there any way out?"

Harry could hear Sirius talking in gentle tones, but couldn't make out the words.

The next thing he heard was, "Look Nymphie, this is done and you're stuck with it. But Nym, I just want you both to be happy. I care about you both and this was the only way I could guarantee that you guys would be happy. You know as well as I do that I'll be lucky to make it out alive from this war since I currently have the ministry and the Dark Lord wanting me dead. The only thing going for me is that at least the goblins like me."

The tone went down again until suddenly, "Sirius, you're an arse you know that!" Nymphadora stormed out, leaving the kitchen door wide open.

"Clearly he's going to be the mature one in the relationship, but with that temper and body I'm sure he won't mind," Harry heard Sirius mutter to himself.

As Sirius's eyes followed the young auror's retreating figure, he noticed his slightly dazed looking godson also looking in the direction where Tonks had just disappeared. Sirius couldn't resist the opportunity to wind Harry up a bit.

"Got a nice arse, hasn't she pup? Bit on the young and related side for me, though," Sirius stated as he joined Harry's side. Harry jumped, blushed beet red, and began to sputter. "Don't worry pup, I'm glad to see you've got good taste; but I would recommend not checking out a bird's assets so obviously, it's a good thing there aren't any of the house's female residents present right now, 'cause looking at a women like that wouldn't go down well.

"Anyway, as fit as you may find my cousin, I'm pretty sure you didn't come down here to check her out. How long have you been hiding here? And how much did you hear?"

"Erm…" Started a slightly embarrassed Harry, "about 5 minutes ago, and not very much. Are you trying to set Tonks up with Moony or something?"

Sirius chuckled. "Something like that pup. Needless to say, Miss Nymphadora isn't too impressed by my actions, but I think she'll come 'round eventually. Anyway, enough about her, what are you doing up?"

"I had a nightmare and thought I'd get some water," supplied Harry.

"Want to talk about the nightmare?" Sirius asked.

"No thanks, but I'm not feeling up to trying to sleep again yet, can you keep me company?" Harry asked shyly.

"Of course, pup. Why don't I tell you about your dad's way with the ladies before your mum caught his attention."

Sirius and Harry spent the next couple of hours discussing James, girls, and his parents before Harry headed back to bed, both the nightmare and the overheard conversation all but forgotten.

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