A/N: Aaaaaand more sex. Yes... this is almost a PWP after all ;)

Knock kno-

"Haha! This time I was ready for-hey… why are you looking like someone died?"

"Naruto… I-I don't know how to tell you this but…"

"W-what are you talking about, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Naruto… I-"

"Oh my god! It's not Iruka is it? He's not hurt is he?"

"No… it's…"

"Sakura? Tsunade baa-chan? Anyone? They're all right… right?"

"Er… yes I do believe they are at good health but that's not the-"

"Oh god, oh god, oh god! Are we going to die? Is there a giant meteor on the way, mere hours from crushing us all? Monsters attacking? Gasp… Orange isn't going out of style, is it?"

"…Eh… no? And I don't even think it's ever been in style. Just listen when I'm trying to-"

"It is isn't it? Sob… NO! Tell me it isn't true! Orange can't be out; it's the most awesome color ever! A world without orange… It's like-like… hic-sob… miso ramen without pork!"

"What? No! I'm trying to…"

"D-don't worry a-about me t-though… I-I'll m-manage be-because I still have my-my jumpsuits!"

"Oh for the love of… Shut the hell up dobe so he can tell you what he wants to tell you!"

"Naruto… something horrible has happened!"

"…Oh god! I was right wasn't I? About the orange I mean?"

"No… Naruto…"

"Kakashi, just tell him before he goes into cardiac arrest or starts choking on his own snot for crying out loud!"

"Naruto… Ichiraku's has gone out of business!"






"Do you think he's still alive?"

"Hn… I don't think I've ever seen anyone go pale like that in a second flat before."

"He really lives for ramen huh?"

Sigh "…Just help me carry him inside and tell me what you want this time."

"Actually… I only wanted to get back to him for disturbing me yesterday."

"Great. And you just had to go and kill him because of that?"

"Yes. He interrupted my specially plotted time with Iruka. No one does that and gets away with it. That or trying to destroy my Icha Icha books."



"You're insane, you know that right?"

"My dear Sasuke… coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment."

"It wasn't."

"I know. But you're in love with Naruto while I'm not."

"Hn… just get the hell out."

"Don't sulk; I actually admire you and your ability to be around him for more than five minutes without going mad."

…chirp chirp…

"No need to resort to the Chidori, Sasuke, I'm practically gone!"

The Set up

Chapter Five

Don't drop the soap!

It was another beautiful morning waking the sleeping Hidden village of Leaf up. The light caressed the many roofs, temporarily blinding the ANBU standing on guard on them and on the wall surrounding Konoha. Shopkeepers started to open their stores, sweeping the sidewalk outside their entrances while yawning as sleep still lingered in their eyes.

Birds were singing a delightful hymn to the blushing sky, chirping in the tree outside an open window; spilling their hearts joy out for the world to he-WHACK! Two thirds of the birds would never sing again, thanks to the pillow.

"Shut the hell up!" a hoarse voice yelled after the thrown pillow, a voice belonging to none other than a very grumpy, sleepy and weary chunin. Iruka peered at the morning sun and wondered who the hell opened his window until he remembered that he had done it himself late, last night.

He hadn't been able to sleep, had kept tossing and turning in bed as he was assaulted by fantasy after fantasy, memory after memory of Hatake Kakashi. If he had known that the silver-haired jounin could make him lose sleep like that he would've turned in the opposite direction at the mere glimpse of the tell-tale hair, mask and book.

He came home from the Academy yesterday – with a brief stop at Ichiraku's for some refilling of ramen-deliciousness – and collapsed on his bed in a heap of half-sobbing, aching muscles and a great deal of agony. The agony was still there, making him squirm despite the tiredness while mulling over what a complete idiot he was.

How in the hell could he be so stupid to go and fall for Kakashi of all people? He knew that it would be no good to harbor deeper feelings than lust for the Copy-nin, everybody knew just how emotionally retarded he was and wasn't exactly known for his fidelity. No the man was quite rumored to have numerous lovers both in and outside of Konoha; that's why Iruka had never even thought about loving him.

Well okay… maybe he had thought about it but he never intended it to go so far to actually falling for the man! So now he was stuck with feeling more than desire for Kakashi, was stuck with having his heart trying to burst out of his ribcage at the mere thought of his interest.

It took him some time to calm down and look at it rationally but once he managed to stop hyperventilating and calmed his heart down, he could start thinking of other things – like how Naruto had behaved for example.

Now, before we go any further we need to know that Iruka isn't dumb, he's actually quite smart but what can be a hinder for him is his big heart and his – sometimes – naive faith in the world. Iruka's very well aware of this aspect of himself and did his best to suppress it and look at the world through logic – which didn't always succeed but it was still admirable of him.

Anyway… Iruka was lying in his bed, blinking the sand that somehow ended up in his eyes during the night away, while being torn between feeling giddy from being thoroughly seduced and screwed last night, and agonizing over his own stupidity when his foster-brother came to mind.

He couldn't help but wonder how Naruto had known that he was at the Academy, and why he had looked as he expected to find someone else in the classroom with the brunette. Iruka frowned and sat up, momentarily wincing when his rear throbbed as it took the all the pressure of his weight, but successfully ignored it for better things. Like connecting all odd things happening these past days.

He had a sneaky suspicion that he had been outsmarted in some way, couldn't shake off the feeling of having been played like a fool for several days. He began to line all events up, keeping track of them with the help of his fingers, while counting them in his head.

One: Kakashi starts behaving a little odd around me in the Mission room and tells me Naruto wants to meet up for some ramen without ever having sent a message with Kakashi before– check.

Two: Genma suggest a bet out of the blue which I agree on – check.

Three: Naruto and Sasuke talks about Kakashi and mention about him in the shower while I'm within hearing range – check.

Four: I break into Kakashi's home, get caught, and end up being… punished and having sex with him – check.

Five: I get dragged into a training session with half of team 7, Kakashi gets me all hot and bothered, buys me a meal and then I end up getting a BJ in a… alley - check.

Six: The following day Kakashi gives me a dubious look in the Mission room, I run into Konohamaru and Udon after work and gets coaxed to go and look after a kunai, Kakashi finds me in my classroom and again… we end up having sex - check.

Seven: Naruto storms in and looks like he was expecting someone else in there with… Ooh.

Iruka frowned and actually growled quite feral when it all but punched him in the face. He had been tricked… by Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke – possibly Genma too but he was easily lead astray so Iruka wasn't really mad at the other brunette. No the chunin was quite sure that Kakashi was the mastermind behind it all.

"Why that little…" Iruka mumbled but couldn't help but admire the silver-haired jounin a little. He must've somehow made some sort of agreement with Genma to start with; the senbon-chewing special jounin would never do such a thing as challenge Iruka without gaining anything back.

So Kakashi promised him something… something perverted no doubt, Iruka thought and snorted. Yeah definitely something like that.

He didn't think that Genma was any deeper involved than just getting him to agree to the bet, teasing Iruka so he would go after the Copy-nin. Iruka wanted to laugh but restrained himself while entangling the web Kakashi had so cunningly woven around him.

Now, Kakashi didn't know Iruka that well so he would want to get some help from someone who did… which lead to him getting Naruto in on it and dragging Sasuke with them in the process. The teens tricked him into going to the Copy-nin's apartment under the pretense that he was in the shower but he was in fact waiting for Iruka, ambushed him and seduced him.

The next day he once again got Naruto and Sasuke to beg Iruka to help them out with some training; Kakashi used it as an excuse to grope him, offered some food as consolation for "roughing Iruka up", and then took advantage of Gai searching for him, which Iruka benefited from.

Iruka sighed involuntarily when he remembered the very memorable moment in the… alley. Okay, back to business. They were interrupted when Kakashi was about to say something but Iruka hadn't really felt like hanging around Gai after being caught in the act so he didn't find out what the jounin had wanted to say.

The next day he had been fooled to go to the Academy, by Naruto and Sasuke in a henge because there was no way in hell Konohamaru would ever be caught alive wearing orange, and while Udon rarely smiled he didn't look as sullen as he had been. A

nd what do you know… Kakashi unexpectedly shows up in Iruka's classroom, seduces him once more and was again about to say something when Naruto interrupted them.

Iruka couldn't help it. He laughed, laughed until he cried with his arms around his stomach because it ached so much. Seeing things from that point it was very obvious that Kakashi did everything he could – without telling the chunin directly – to corner him and have his wicked way every time.

Iruka flopped down on his back while staring up at the ceiling, chuckling every now and then until the mirth died away to be replaced by indignity, a little anger and a very big, wide and deep desire that all but screamed Retribution!

So Kakashi thought he was some kind of air-head that could be led around by the nose, huh? The dark chuckle floating out through the opened window could've scared the shit out of the Shinigami himself if he had been around, but it only chased the remaining birds away and made the nearby ANBU guard shudder.

'Screw the bet. If the famous Copy-nin wants seduction… then that's what he'll get, just not in the way he wants it. But I'll still reveal his face in the matter of three days. Just you wait Kakashi… it's so on.'

In his own home as he was getting ready to go out to spend an hour or two at the Memorial stone, Kakashi sneezed and shuddered when a shill ran up his spine. Somehow he got the feeling that something terrible had just occurred…

Later that night after a satisfying day at work where he took out all his built up anger on poor, innocent jounins, Iruka was strolling down the streets of Konoha in the fading sunlight. There was a certain bounce in his steps, and he actually whistled a happy little tune too, the people out on the streets giving him wary glances because of the big, shit-eating grin he wore.

He was on his way to Naruto – and Sasuke too because the teens seemed to be joined at the hip these days – and he had all intentions to get them in on his team, so to speak. It wasn't more than they deserved anyway, for fooling him like they had. Iruka's grin widened as he climbed the stairs up to Naruto's apartment.

He still whistled when he knocked on the door, but quickly wiped the smile off his face when a tired looking Sasuke opened the door with what seemed like apprehension written all over his complexion.

"Sasuke, is something wrong?" Iruka asked and frowned, immediately alarmed by the weary expression on the otherwise blank face. Sasuke closed his eyes for a second, like he felt something very painfully lodged somewhere, sighed and swung the door open.

"Come in. Maybe you can assure him that Ichiraku's isn't going to close down as long as the two of you lives in this village", the raven mumbled and left Iruka to close the door.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" the chunin called after Sasuke, who just shook his head and pointed at the couch in the small living room. Iruka craned his neck a little and caught sight of his blond foster-son, lying sprawled out on it and generally looking like the world was about to end.

"Naruto? What in the world is wrong with you?"

"I ask myself the same question every day", Sasuke muttered under his breath but Iruka still heard him, and was forced to suppress a chuckle when Naruto glared at his lover, obviously hearing it too.

"Fuck you, bastard", he told Sasuke with his most pleasant tone, before turning to Iruka with tears in his eyes. "Iruka, it's not true is it?"

"What is?" Iruka queried, becoming more and more confused by the second.

"It's not true that Ichiraku's are going out of business right?" Iruka gasped and put a hand over his heart when it stopped at the mere thought, finally realizing the source of Naruto's distress. He turned his head to stare incredulously at Sasuke.

"They're going out of business?" Sasuke sighed again and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ignore the feeling of a very strong migraine coming on, together with an equal big urge to kill Kakashi for doing this to him. He wasn't to blame, he wasn't the one who interrupted him and Iruka yesterday, damn it!

"No, they're not", he told Naruto – for the hundred time – and Iruka, who breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good god, don't scare me like that. But who in the world told you something so ridiculous?" the brunette asked Naruto, who had managed to sit up straight while glaring at the wall behind them.

"Kakashi-sensei", he growled and did his eyes glimmer a little red? But Iruka understood him perfectly as he growled too, and they shared a look of mutual understanding. You didn't joke about ramen. Ever. And with this understanding coupled with the annoyed look on Sasuke's face… Iruka understood that they wouldn't be too hard to convince.

His smirk was well hidden when he sat down beside Naruto, but flaunted his face when it turned into the smile, once seated beside the blond. Naruto – and Sasuke, but he was standing so Iruka couldn't see his reaction – immediately forgot all about ramen, Ichiraku's and Kakashi when they saw that. Naruto stared warily at his foster-father, as he slowly started to slide off the couch, inch by inch.

"Naruto…" Iruka still kept the smile on his face.


"Stay right where you are." The blond froze, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, he didn't even dare to dart his eyes to Sasuke. The Uchiha had also caught a glimpse of the smile, and was starting to make sighs for a quick teleportation out of there behind his back, when Iruka's voice stopped him.

"Sasuke… stop making signs."

"Yes sir."


"He forced us to it I swear! We didn't mean any harm by it Iruka, I promise! We just wanted to help you guys out and then there were the waking up and the interruptions in the middle of sex and then the llama came and - wait - no I dreamed about the llama but still! Oh please don't kill me Iruka-sensei, I'm too young to die and I promise I'll behave and I'll brush my teeth and-"

"Naruto. Zip it." Naruto immediately shut his mouth, tears of terror streaming down his face while he gave Iruka his best puppy-dog-eyes. He could almost feel the Shinigami breathing down his neck! The chunin just smiled wider and glanced briefly at Sasuke, who was as pale as a ghost, and seemed to sweat profoundly. He was still doing quite a good job at looking indifferent, though.

"Firstly, I congratulate you, Naruto, for catching on so fast and Sasuke… come over here and take a seat. I've got a suggestion for you two", the brunette said and rose to his feet. A very reluctant Sasuke sat down beside his blond, both teens looking like they were before their executioner.

Iruka stood rigid in front of them with his hands clasped behind his back, staring with a stern face. They feared that expression even more than the smile, because while the smile usually indicated a little emotional distress... that stern look promised severe pain if not doing as you were told. Immediately.

"Now boys correct me if I'm wrong", the older man began and nailed them with his gaze, making them feel quite insignificant and bug-like where they sat. "If I'm not mistaken you were approached by Hatake Kakashi two days ago?" They nodded silently and pretended not to notice the beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads.

"And he wanted your help with something?" Another nod. "I must be doing great. All right, so you helped him with setting me up, making me go to his apartment?" That was confirmed and Iruka cheered inwards. This was going a lot smoother than expected, and he thanked himself for being scary enough to be feared by Naruto's generation more than the following one. It helped quite a bit in these kind of situations.

"And he's been approaching you again with different suggestions?" A third nod. "I see…"

"God, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah… Ramen! I'm ready for you now…"

"Dobe… God, Jehovah and Allah are all the same god."

"Whatever! I've made peace with my maker…s. I'm ready to die." Iruka cleared his throat, interrupting the squabbling with that and gave them another glare. That actually managed to make Sasuke envious, and he wondered if Iruka would be willing to teach him that glare. Could be good to know in the future.

"I won't hold this against you though if…" Naruto and Sasuke glanced at each other with mirroring expression when the last word was out, having a sinking feeling that they should've just stayed out of this whole thing to begin with.

"If?" Sasuke gently asked, bracing himself on the inside for the retort, while Naruto wanted to cry again as Iruka's mouth parted in a very evil grin.

"If you're willing to… help me out a little." A long silence later the two boys sighed, their heads dropped and their shoulders slumped.

"All right… we yield."

"Great! Let's get to it then!"

Two hours later Iruka cursed his stupid pride, his stupid sense of justice and the world in general for even thinking about the crazy idea of getting even with Kakashi. Why you ask yourselves? Well it so happened that Iruka for the moment was standing inside of the great Copy-nin's apartment, suppressing his chakra like a madman with his back pressed to the closed bathroom door, trying not to breathe because of his predicament.

After scaring Sasuke and Naruto into submission he sent them out to locate Kakashi, giving them headsets while putting his own on and then proceeded to set up shop outside the silver-haired jounin's home.

His minions found Kakashi, reassured the brunette that he was at the Memorial at the moment and got ordered to stay put and report to Iruka immediately if Kakashi made any move. So while he had his guard dogs tailing the source of his burning urge for revenge, Iruka broke into Kakashi's apartment. If anyone would ever say that it would be easy and swiftly done and Iruka caught word of it… he would kill them.

It had been like trying to break into freaking Fort Knox, traps littering every inch of the Copy-nin's home. Apparently he lived after the words: 'My home is my castle' and Iruka growled as he tried to disarm the traps around the window he had chosen to use as his entry.

All the time doing that, he silently vowing to burn each one of Kakashi's precious book because of the hard time he gave a fellow shinobi. The fact that the fellow shinobi was anything but a happy camper thanks to himself, was nonchalantly ignored.

When he finally had been able to make his way in he had been stuck with setting them up again, before he could go after his first and foremost goal: Kakashi's masks, only to wind up empty handed. What-the-hell?

And just when Iruka felt like starting to panic - because he searched high and low without setting any traps, cursed a lot, wiped the sweat on his forehead and cursed a little more in his search, the thought struck him… maybe they were all dirty and was lying in a laundry basket somewhere?

So just where exactly did Kakashi store his dirty laundry? The bathroom. Said and done, Iruka went into the bathroom, quite right found the hamper, rummaged through it… when he became aware of a panic-stricken voice in his ear.

"IRUKA! He's on his way, get out of there!" Naruto yelled, threatening to make his foster-father go deaf from the volume but he had to give Naruto some credit, he had managed to get him out of his frenzy at least.

"A-all right!" he responded back over the radio, turning around to make a quick exit, shoving the headset in the pouch at the small of his back but was stopped when he felt the unmistakable presence of Sharingan no Kakashi nearby.

"Shit!" Iruka cursed, slammed the bathroom door shut and leaned against it, trying to calm his racing heart and his hyperventilating lungs; at least having enough presence of mind to suppress his chakra.

So that's how he ended up in there, making an effort to avoid being detected, standing with his senses on high alert as he heard muffled sounds of the owner of the apartment moving around on the other side.

Iruka prayed like he had never prayed before, taking after Naruto when he begged Buddha, God, Allah, Jehovah and any other deity he could think of for mercy. He sobbed in his mind that they would grant him his wish and make the floor swallow him but of course… they felt like being total bitches – all of them – and instead made Kakashi walk towards the bathroom.

'NO NO NO NO!' Iruka's mind yelled, at least the part of it that wasn't perverted and randy. No, that part cheered the Copy-nin on, singing and dancing around in a frilly dress while quivering of anticipation.

'Traitor' Iruka growled to it.

'Hey I'm a part of you, you closet-horn-dog. Quit blaming me for your thoughts.'

'Well… when you put it that way…' He wasn't allowed to keep bickering with himself though, not when he felt the door open and forced him to move with it, until he stood with his face and palms pressed up against the wall behind it; for the moment hidden from view.

He heard the sound of shuffling feet, rustling of clothes and then… the shower started. Iruka held his breath while glancing over his shoulder, catching a cut off view of the shower curtain and the shadow behind it, the door blocking most of the view both to his immense relief and disappointment. Aaaand this is where the stupid part of his brain kicked into gear again.

'What if… I try to sneak a little peek? If I move very slowly, very carefully… I can get away with it.'

'But what do you do if he discover you?' the more rational part of his mind chided in, trying to fit in between the perverted, happily singing voice and the stupid part.

'I-I can always think of an excuse…' he tried to reason meekly, trying not to flinch when the voice crossed its arms and glared at him.

'Riiight. And just what kind of excuse where you thinking of?'

'Errr… housekeeping?' The voice sighed, closed its eyes and pinched the bridge of its nose, slowly beginning to get the feeling that it was surrounded by morons.

'...Just go for it…' the voice said when it finally gave up, much to the perverted and stupid ones' delight. Said and done, Iruka moved with absolute silence from behind the door, going for the little opening in the curtain to try and get a glimpse of Kakashi's face.

His heart beat loudly, it felt like it would thump straight out of his chest, his hands were sweaty and his lungs ached from the strain he put on the by not breathing. He closed in, inch by inch with fantasies of how the older man would look flying around in his head and nervousness pooling in his stomach.

He was close enough to touch the curtain when… his right foot got stuck in the pile of clothes lying on the floor, the pile Iruka hadn't noticed, the fucking pile that destroyed it all. Because he was so into what he was doing – and his bearings wasn't quite right at the moment – Iruka's balance was thrown out the window.

He yelped as he lost it, scaring the crap out of the man behind the curtain when he felt the pull of gravity. His arms flailed like windmills in order to find leverage, found it in the closes thing - which happened to be the stupid curtain - and took the whole, damned thing with him when he fell flat on his face into the shower.

Iruka wanted to die right then and there, lying entangled in the damned drape while beginning to get soaked from the onslaught of hot water. The silence was deafening, thick with curiosity, suspicion and… amusement.

'I'm such an idiot…'

"Iruka?" Kakashi asked and crouched down beside the fallen chunin, trying his hardest to swallow the roaring guffaw trying to break loose. Besides from being scared half to death, he couldn't suppress the desire rising inside of him when he saw the slender body lying on the floor of his shower, the wet clothes clinging to it in a very alluring manner.

"Ka-Kakashi…" Iruka mumbled into the curtain and thought that his facial skin would burn up, the heat radiating from his whole face enough to vaporize the water washing down over him. He dared to turn his head ever so little, the hope of getting to see the silver-haired jounin's face refusing to go away.

He wanted to cry though when he realized that the water was so hot it formed a thick mist that now filled the small bathroom, making it impossible for him to clearly outline the illusive form of Kakashi's damned face!

"Iruka… if you wanted to see me that badly all you had to do was ask", Kakashi then said, making the chunin on the floor come out of his internal agony with a mental jerk. Wait-what?

"Err…" was all he could say, trying not to yell when big, strong hands suddenly and very slowly started to slide up the backside of his legs.

"If I'd known you were this eager I wouldn't have waited for so long", a husky, seductive voice murmured quietly, stunning Iruka into flabbergasted delight, until he noticed something… Kakashi's hands were reaching for his belt, crept around his waist to unbuckle his pants.

"W-wait a minute", he tried to protest but yelped when Kakashi flipped him over so he was lying on his back and staring up at the barely visible ceiling. The Copy-nin didn't waste time though; no he took advantage of Iruka's momentarily stupor with zipping the flak vest open along with the fly of the pants.

When the brunette's mind started to work properly again he was half-naked, lying exposed from his chest down to his knees before Kakashi's heated and appreciating gaze.

"Damn, every time I see you I just can't help myself", the older man muttered and got down to business.

"H-hey! Just what are you-"

"Wasn't this the reason you came?" Kakashi cocked an eyebrow – not that Iruka could see it that well but he got the point from the amused tone. This was beginning to spin out of control faster than expected. Iruka's mind began to shut down, his body turning into submission-mode under the ministrations from Kakashi's oh so skilled hands as they caressed the hard plane of his stomach.

"W-ell… err… y-you see…"

"All right then. Let's get to it", the Copy-nin interrupted, bent down and crushed his lips against the chunin's. All Iruka's thoughts – the stupid, the perverted and the rational ones – shut down simultaneously, leaving room for pleasure and desire only to flood his senses.

The sensations from roaming hands over his wet skin was enticing erotic, the slick feeling of the tongue probing his mouth with a heated gentleness driving his lust into overdrive in three seconds flat.

When nimble fingertips slid up the plane of tanned abdominal muscles and heaving pectorals to tease two sensitive nipples… well that's were Iruka lost the battle. He cried out as Kakashi caressed them, teasing the hard nubs until the only thing mattering was the Copy-nin and the control he seemed to hold both over Iruka's mind and body.

The mouth moved from his to slide down his jaw, nipping and sucking its way down to the column of tanned skin with a heat that threatened to set Iruka on fire. He couldn't help it when moans of longing spilled from his lips, the fingers on his chest increasing the aching desire pooling in his stomach and loins.

Iruka was so far into it that he was only dimly aware when Kakashi undressed him, his clothes landing in a wet pile beside the one that was his reason for lying there in that moment. Kakashi – his mind quite clouded with desire for the younger man – had to lean back for a moment when Iruka was completely naked, reveling in the faint sight of his desire lying on the floor beneath him with the steam swirling seductively around them.

The silver-haired jounin had to swallow when a lump of something undefined seemed to form in his throat, but he quickly forgot all but the brunette when said man whimpered as he let one hand travel down over the toned form, until he reached a very eager and throbbing hard-on. At the first touch Iruka moaned, arching his back while his hips jerked in order to get more contact, to feel even more.

Kakashi didn't disappoint him, going along with the chunin's desires as he took a firmer grip on the leaking cock in his hand and started to move. Iruka's reaction was beautiful, the tanned body tensed and arched like a tight rope; muscles bulging and relaxing in time with Kakashi's movements as Iruka's body moved with them.

Iruka moaned, groaned, writhed and in general didn't know what to do with the increasing heat inside of his veins that was slowly but deliciously driving him to the brink of insanity with its intensity.

He reached out to find leverage when the world seemed to spin around him. He wanted to feel Kakashi against him so badly, seeking for something to hold on to when it felt like he was about to fall.

The only thing Iruka knew was that he didn't want to fall alone, so he blindly searched until his hands met wet, soft skin stretched over taut muscles. Kakashi gasped at the contact, leaning into it the more Iruka tugged at his arms until he was forced to let go of the younger man's member, but Iruka didn't care.

In that second he didn't even bother with the faint loss he felt when the older man's grip on his flesh disappeared. When they rested chest against chest Iruka finally let go of Kakashi's arms, letting his hands glide up the slick arms while reveling in the feeling of smooth, slightly scarred skin underneath his fingertips until he could tangle them in wet tresses of silver.

The water cascaded down on them when their eyes closed and their lips met in a deep kiss, embracing each other with burning touches and twisting tongues. Without being conscious about it Iruka spread his legs so Kakashi could lie between them, the silver-haired jounin supporting his weight on his left elbow while caressing the wanton man beneath him with the other.

They pressed against the other, their cocks pressed between their stomachs and the slick friction made them both moan. They moved, slid their bodies against each other in an intoxication mimic of what they really wanted to do, their mingled moans echoing off the tiles until it seemed as they were surrounded, almost caressed by the sound.

There was no need for words; they both wanted it so Iruka just tried his best to relax when Kakashi slid further down, his hands releasing their hold in Iruka's – now – loose hair, gliding down until he held the firm buttock in his hands.

They could barely see the other in the thick steam, going only by perception of touch when Kakashi positioned himself and started to push into Iruka's hot, welcoming heat, a place he craved to be in more than the next breath of air.

It did hurt a little, Iruka couldn't deny that but as soon as Kakashi was all the way in – their pelvises resting against each other – the pleasure took over, overflowing his mind and body with the hunger after more. Kakashi was shaking, trembling as the need to claim Iruka roughly coursed through him but held himself back, didn't want to cause any pain to his lover if he could help it.

Iruka didn't want any of that though, no he was burning with impatience but when he was met with no response to his small whimpers of frustration, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He withdrew until he could roll over, turning to face Kakashi, who wondered if Iruka didn't want it anymore but was surprised though when he felt two pair of hands on his chest, pushing him down on the floor while slender legs straddled his waist.

"I like the way you're thinking", the Copy-nin grinned when Iruka was above him, gasping when a soft hand grasped his cock to guide it inside the tight heat again.

"Shut up", Iruka breathed as he sunk down on the hard length, sighing in a pleasant mix of pain and delight. He didn't waste time once he was where he wanted to be and moved, drawing a gasped growl from Kakashi, whose hands flew up to clasp over slippery hips. They moaned simultaneously as Iruka rocked over Kakashi, grinding their hips together in a perfect rhythm that left them both breathless.

The position allowed Kakashi's hard cock to rub against the sweet spot inside of Iruka, making the chunin writhe on the flesh impaling him again and again. They forgot all about the surrounding world, it could've been a second, a minute or an hour; the only thing mattering to them in that moment was the next movement, the next peak to reach in their race against falling off the highest one.

Kakashi's hands roamed over Iruka's body, almost bruising the skin under his hands when he revelled in the arousing feeling of silky walls hugging his hard-on while he couldn't actually see it happening.

On some level – deep down in his mind – he was a little disappointed that he didn't get the satisfaction of seeing Iruka go mad from the pleasure he gave him, but still considered him lucky to be in the position he was.

Iruka increased the pace he moved with, slamming down on the older man with abandon and his vigorous movements forced Kakashi to grit his teeth and hold back, it was all he could do as he was literally fucked into oblivion.

Kakashi knew he couldn't stop himself from coming even if he had wanted to so he reached out to take Iruka's clenching and unclenching ass in his hands, helping the chunin to move with even more power. Kakashi came first, howling as in pain when wave after wave of mind numbing ecstasy crashed over him. He jerked and bucked beneath Iruka, who in response when he felt the older man fill him with his essence, moaned and crashed down one, last time.

He came hard while arching his back as his whole world narrowed down until the only thing existing was the immense pleasure he felt in that moment. Iruka collapsed on top of Kakashi, their heaving chests moving rapidly when they tried to catch their breaths.

Like the other times it was the Copy-nin who recovered first, moving his slack arms until he could hold Iruka in a tight grip against him and a sigh of complete bliss escaped his lips.

He would never have thought that Iruka was bold enough to seek him out, but was none the less very happy for it. He pressed a soft kiss against the chunin's forehead, both beginning to realize that the water now washing over them was starting to turn a little cold.

"I guess we have to move", Kakashi chuckled, getting a moan of protest from Iruka when he tried to move and was forced to remain on his back when the brunette slumped over him, pinning him to the floor with his weight.

"Not yet", Iruka mumbled and nuzzled the soft skin of Kakashi's pectorals under his right cheek, feeling way to content to move at the moment.

"It's starting to get cold", Kakashi pointed out but yielded and stayed put, slowly stroking the skin on Iruka's back until he came across a long and wide scar. He paused, couldn't help but take notice that the chunin turned rigid when he touched it, before he slowly began to explore it. It was bigger than Kakashi had thought; beginning in the middle of the shoulder blades to go way down to stop just about the small of Iruka's back.

The silver-haired jounin gently stroked the torn tissue, marveling that the small man could've survived such an injury at all and still have the ability to walk. All of Konoha's higher shinobi population knew about Mizuki's betrayal and Iruka's heroic courage when he saved Naruto, earning respect from even the most hardened veteran among their ranks with his durability and obvious love for the blond and the village.

Kakashi hadn't even known who Iruka was at the time for their argument before the Chunin exam years ago, but that one incident opened his eyes and… well from that moment he had desired the slender, sometimes terrifying chunin, had wanted to claim him and never let him go.

It took him a couple of years – only five but who's counting? – until he could muster enough courage himself to be able to act on that desire. And get some fun out of it while he was at it, but that was something no one needed to know.

"Iruka…" Kakashi murmured with a soft voice when the chunin started to relax under the gentle touch, preparing to spill his heart's content out to Iruka when faith once again intervened and disturbed them.

"MY ETERNAL RIVAL!" Gai's voice boomed from the living room, before a crash, yells of surprise, more crashes, a little more yelling - of pain this time - and a big boom reached them. Iruka jerked upright, making Kakashi wince as an elbow hit him in his stomach.

The Copy-nin realized that he could see Iruka clearly now, the steam evaporating as the hot water turned colder, but fortunately enough Iruka was staring with his mouth agape at the open bathroom door, his eyes wide and filled with horror.

Kakashi didn't blame him but decided to act instead of being flabbergasted. He reached out with snake-like speed, snatched his mask from the pile just outside the shower and pulled it on before Iruka even noticed that he had moved.

"Oops, forgot to disarm my traps", the silver-haired jounin said, while internally wondering how the hell Iruka managed to get in without ending up like Gai.

The brunette blinked slowly when he heard that and looked down at Kakashi, gaping again when he saw the familiar mask and two eyes turned into happy crescents greeting him.

"Wha- when did you put your mask on?" he asked in an incredulous tone, not believing his eyes.

"Err… I had it on the whole time?" That was the best retort the silver-haired jounin could come up with, feeling a little sheepish when Iruka gave him a look that clearly doubted his mental health. He had forgotten all about that he had kissed the younger man quite passionately, something he would've been unable to with his mask. Damn, sometimes his rumored intelligence failed him.

"You shower… with your mask on?"

"Eh… always ready, that's my motto."

"Kakashi… that's the scouts…"

"Really? I always thought-"

"MY ETERNAL RIVAL! ARE YOU AT HOME?" Gai's voice, now a little winded and breathless once again interrupted them and Kakashi sighed, giving Iruka a tired look which made the chunin chuckle, before the younger man moved from his position, allowing the Copy-nin to sit up.

"I'm in the bathroom Gai!" He called, getting to his feet at the same time as Iruka. The chunin avoided to look directly at Kakashi's exposed body, feeling shy once the insane lust had dissipated and only stole quick glances at the pale, toned form of his love-interest.

His mouth watered at the mere glimpse of the well-defined muscles and the smooth skin. There were scars, of course, but they didn't ruin the beauty at all, no they only highlighted the other's perfectly sculpted form; hardened from years of training and battle.

"I'm probably being summoned to the Hokage's office", Kakashi told Iruka after he dried off and got dressed, smirking when he saw Iruka hesitantly stare at his own, soaked clothes. "I can borrow you some dry ones if you like", he then said, just as Gai appeared in the doorway.

Iruka eeped, blushed and jumped behind Kakashi to hide his nakedness, not noticing how Kakashi was choking on laughter at Gai's gaping, flabbergasted expression.

"Gai… once again your timing sucks", he told the Green Beast, who actually blushed and turned his back to them faster than anyone could say 'Youth!'

"My eternal rival, we are summoned to our Youthful Hokage's office", the black-haired man said with a strained tone while staring at the wall opposite the bathroom, nailing his gaze at it while trying to will his blush away.

"All right, be there in a sec." The Copy-nin then gave Iruka a look over his shoulder, chuckling when Gai disappeared. "You can come out now."

"I swear that man's gotta have the lousiest timing ever", the chunin grumbled while straightening up from his hunched position behind Kakashi, ignoring the faint blush on his cheeks when their eyes met.

"So… clothes", Iruka reminded when he saw mismatched eyes turning a shade darker, the lust clearly visible in them and snagged a towel from the rack to his right, wrapping it around his waist in an attempt at feeling less exposed. Kakashi shook himself out of the desire Iruka seemed to invoke in him just by being there but then again, he had been standing before the older man naked after all.

"Ah, right. Bedroom over there, uniforms in the top shelf in the dresser." Kakashi pointed before turning to get his vest and hitai-ate from the floor. "And Iruka…" The chunin stopped in the doorway when he was going towards the bedroom – as he needed to be guided, he had already been in there once – and looked back at the Copy-nin.


"Let's do this again soon." Kakashi felt his heart jerk a little when a seductive and secretive smile slowly curved luscious lips, feeling a tug in his lower regions in response at the smug satisfaction radiating from Iruka.

"We'll see", was the only thing Iruka replied before going, suppressing his smirk until he was inside the safety of Kakashi's bedroom. While Iruka was congratulating himself for the half-successful plan Kakashi was standing with his vest in one hand and the hitai-ate in the other, staring wondering after the brunette with a sinking feeling in his gut.