Wayward Souls

Based on the spoiler that Victor isn't happy when Maggie lets Chloe move in. A slightly more realistic moment. I don't own Days or its' characters.

"Victor. I know. Victor…" Maggie groaned. Julie raised her eyebrow. "You're being unreasonable. No, I don't consider…Victor…I'll talk you later…yes I love you, too…no not that much."

"Trouble in paradise?" Julie asked.

"Victor's a jackass."

"Yes. But you knew that before you decided to date him."

"Well, yes. I don't need this. All I need is…" Maggie trailed off.

"Is Ciara and Theo to be safe."

"Yeah but I need to do is to talk to Victor. Although we aren't talking now."

"Maggie, do you even like Chloe?" Julie asked.

Maggie stared at her friend for a moment. "You know, I actually don't. I don't even know why I'm doing this. She jerked Lucas around with Daniel and then she did the same thing with Phillip to Daniel. I really don't like Chloe."


"Why am I letting the girl who cheated on Lucas live with me? Oh, and Melanie's ticked off at me, too. Julie, why am I doing this?"

"Ah, because you're the rescuer of wayward souls, teenage girls and mustachioed rogues. You need to rescue people. It's a compulsion of yours, probably tying into the alcoholism" Julie stated.

"No," Maggie scoffed.

"Ah, example number one, Marty Hansen."

"Hmmm, well, that one turned out well," Maggie smiled at the memory.

"It did and I thank Uncle Mickey everyday for bring you into my life. Lucas?"

"Needed someone so the Hortons wouldn't eat him alive. And with Bill and Kate as parents, he didn't know unconditional love."

"And his Aunt Maggie favors him to the point of sending chocolate once a month," Julie said.

"You can't get Milky Ways or Three Musketeers in Hong Kong. It's impossible."

"Right. Lucas Horton- he can run a whole Titan office but when deny his chocolate…"

"O.k. I favor Lucas. So what? That doesn't prove anything," Maggie said.

"Mia and Melanie…."

"Needed a roof over their heads."

"Fine. But Chloe is a thirty-one year old woman who made bad choices. You don't need to rescue her from anything. She has a mother and you were finally getting a life, which including romance. Maggie, do you even remember sex?" Julie asked.

"Julie…"Maggie flushed.

"Sex's pretty wonderful. You really should try it."

"Mmmm." Maggie chuckled.

"Wasn't the point of you moving back to your house so you could be independent? No one to answer to, no one to cook for, no one to tell if you decided to sleep with Victor…"


"Honey, you kind of blew that thought when you invited a depressed, suicidal, opera diva to live here. Why would you do that?"

"I want to knock Victor down a peg," Maggie admitted.

"Why?" Julie was surprised.

"He always calls my bluff and the fact he wanted to define us…."

"Oh, poor Maggie. Her boyfriend wanted to make sure his girlfriend was in the same relationship he was and that made her uncomfortable."

"Julie…." Maggie groaned.

"Maggie, do you want to date Victor?" Julie asked seriously.

"Yes, of course, I want to date Victor!" Maggie exclaimed.

"Then throw Chloe out and date Victor! You make everything so complicated."

"She has nowhere else to go."

Julie rolled her eyes. "Have you considered Grandma's old apartment? Nathan moved out. If you want to help Chloe, you could help her without living with the woman."

"Julie, you're a genius!"

"A very neglected one," Julie smiled.

"What do I do about Victor?" Maggie asked.

"Talking is very underrating in these situations. So is just sleeping with the man," Julie said, with a wicked smile.