Lauren's POV:

Another Monday morning. Only this time it was so different. My alarm had been set for 7 so everything would be ready for half eight. I dragged myself out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a skinny white t-shirt with a purple and pink butterfly printed on the front and grabbed my school bag out of one of the wardrobes. I put everything I thought I would need for the day in there, like my phone, a handful of pens and a notebook. As I was getting all this together I saw Ash stumble out of bed and make her way towards the other wardrobe. She pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a long-sleeved red and black striped t-shirt, which clung to her body, so the tiny waist was the first thing you saw. I pulled on a pair of socks as she walked out the door softly. I heard her opening the door to Luke's room to go and wake him up. I walked out, following her, and sticking my head round the door, where Ash was kneeling on the floor pulling a blue t-shirt over Luke's head. "Need a hand?" I asked, giving her a smile. "It's ok," she said, getting him into some trousers as well, then letting him put his socks on himself. "I'll go get breakfast ready then," I laughed, as Luke almost fell over trying to stand on one leg to put his socks on. "Thanks," Ash smiled softly. I could tell she was finding it hard, and she would probably be calling her dad by Thursday to tell him to come and look after his own kid. She would have done that, but then again, she was Ash. Luke was pretty much her life, and I remember how annoyed and upset she had been when her dad moved him in. She had stayed behind for a year without him, so she was probably making up for lost time, I thought, as I put bowls, cereal boxes, spoons and a bottle of milk on the table. Ryan and Scott were still asleep next when I gently pushed the door open and checked. I pulled it back until it clicked shut again, and turned around to see Ash grinning in the doorway, with a squirming four year old in her arms. He was giggling hysterically and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. "What?" she laughed, "he didn't want to come downstairs, so I made him," she laughed, placing him carefully on a chair, and pushing him in. "Ha! Now you can't escape," she said to him, sticking her tongue out at him, and placing herself on the chair next to him. She poured some cereal and milk into a bowl and pushed it towards him, placing a spoon in his hand. "You ready to go after breakfast?" I said, looking at my watch and noticing it was already eight o'clock.

"Yeah, I think so, just got to shove a few things in my bag then we can go," she said, pouring a load of milk onto her cereal. We spent most of the rest of breakfast concentrating on eating, rather than talking, apart from when every so often one of us would say something about starting a new school and what we thought would happen. Ash finished before me and gave me a look across the table as if to ask if it was ok if she went to go and get her things together. As if to answer her I just said that I would watch Luke if she wanted to go back to our room and sort herself out. When me and him had finished I collected up the bowls and took him over to the front door to get his bag that had been packed the night before and put his shoes on. I checked my watch and saw it was twenty-five past. "Ash, you ready? We're going to be late!" I shouted up the stairs, almost as the doorbell rang. I opened the door, still without shoes on, to see Frank there, grinning, and the other guys waiting out on the path. "Just give us a minute," I laughed, opening the cupboard in the hall and pulling out a pair of battered Converse, which had been faithful friends for about three years now. I shoved my feet in them, pulling the backs up as I did, and grabbing my bag. I rushed towards the door, about to shout again for Ash, but then saw her running down the stairs, her bag in her hand, and a pair of hot pink canvas shoes on her feet. "Sorry," she said, slowing when she got to the doorway. "It's ok," I said, keeping an eye on Luke as she shut the door behind her and locked it. She placed the key in her bag and turned to us, smiling. "Shall we be off then?" she said, walking down the porch steps, then taking hold of Luke's hand so he could jump down onto the path.