Lauren's POV:

We must've laid there for hours talking in the dark, huddled up in our different beds. I looked forward to living with Ash, just because it meant being able to talk to someone all the time and staying up late chatting. We talked about loads of things, but mainly my day with Frank and arrangements for tomorrow about Hayley and Will going home. It was well after one before we finally got to sleep, and the house around us had seemed deadly silent. An alarm had been set for half ten, just in case we weren't up by then, and knowing Ash she would need it.

I woke up at about ten the next morning, sitting up in bed slowly as I realised Ash was still asleep. I climbed out from under the covers and went through my clothes, deciding to wear a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with free hugs printed on it. I pulled them on and stuffed my pyjamas back in my bag. I walked over to the door slowly and pulled it open, making sure it didn't make too much noise as it closed behind me. I made my way downstairs, dreading what I would be faced with. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the living room and found everyone sitting around on the sofas, watching Lord of The Rings together. "Morning Lauren," Scott piped up, giving me a grin. "Morning," I said, dozily, flopping onto the sofa next to him. "You going to eat anything?" Hayley asked, her eyes moving from the screen to my face. "Not just yet, I'll wait until Ash gets up," I laughed. I was thinking that this time tomorrow me and Ash would be facing a new school with new people together. At least Frank and the guys would be there though, and she would have Gerard as well as me. The thought of that comforted me a little, but I knew she was going to find it hard, I knew she hated school as it was, but Frank had told me that high school was just plain vicious.

I heard her footsteps as she walked down the stairs and walked into the living room. She hadn't changed out of her infamous Green Day tour t-shirt and pyjama bottoms, but she still had the drop dead gorgeous looks about her. She went up to the mirror on the wall and started trying to sort out her hair, but gave up and came to perch on the side of the sofa.

"You want to grab something to eat?" I asked her, she still looked half asleep, but I knew it would wear off soon and she would be wide awake. "Yeah, sounds good," she smiled, walking with me into the kitchen. I pulled out a box of cereal, two bowls and some spoons as she got out a bottle of milk from the fridge. We both heard laughing from the other room and smiled at each other. We both knew that we had crazy friends, but we loved them for it. It made them fit in. Hayley walked in with a serious expression on her face, her hair all messed up, but the look quickly faded and turned into a grin as she giggled. "Me and Will were thinking of making a move soon, because we don't want to miss our flight," she smiled, although I hated that we even had to talk about it. I wanted her to stay here, be part of our messed up little family, but I knew she couldn't. "Sound's like a good idea," I said, eating a spoonful of cereal. "Yeah, can I borrow the phone so we can call a cab?" she asked, looking from me to Ash. "Yeah, it's just over here," Ash said, reaching over to where the kettle was and grabbing the phone from its cradle. She passed it to Hayley who looked at the number she had written on her arm. She dialled it, and then we watched as she waited for someone to pick up the phone. "Hi, I was just wandering if someone could pick us up and take us to Belleville airport?" she asked, rolling her eyes at me as the person on the other end of the phone took their time. "It's 49 Summer Boulevard," she said, trying not to laugh. "Ok, 15 minutes sounds great, thank you," she burst out laughing as she hung up and passed the phone back to Ash. "He had such a weird voice, it was so hard to take him seriously," she giggled. I placed the empty bowl of cereal on the side next to Ash's and we all walked back into the living room. "How long you looking to wait then?" I asked, perching on the side of one of the sofas.

"He said ten to fifteen minutes, which isn't too bad." We stood around in the front room talking, and the fifteen minutes seemed to go so much quicker than I had expected. We heard the taxi beep its horn outside and we all walked to the front door, where the bags had been piled that morning. "Bye bye you guys," Will said, hugging each of us in turn then grabbing her bags to go and place them in the taxi. "Yeah, I had an amazing time, hope we can do it again sometime soon," Hayley smiled. She enveloped us all in tight hugs as she said her goodbyes, and then they both walked over to the taxi as I held the door open. We all waved frantically as the taxi started off, and only then did we begin to realise that would be the last time we would see them for months.