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Setting: About 7 years in the future…possible tiny AU who knows…xD

Story Notes: Blaine and Kurt are hitting on their 3 year anniversary after getting back together after 2 years of separation when Blaine went to college in London. The two of them are happier than ever and with every day they become more certain of the fact that they want to spend their whole lives together. But not everyone is happy about that. When Blaine proposes to Kurt his parents disown him. The young couple doesn't care much, assured of the support of the Hudmels and their old Glee friends. But when Blaine gets seriously ill and it becomes evident that they can't afford the treatment Kurt is forced to go to the Andersons and ask for their help to save Blaine's life. They agree, but they have a condition…

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Drama

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I. Prologue

Blaine Anderson was sitting on their bed in their flat in New York. Theirs. His and Kurt's. His hear still fluttered a little at the reminder that the gorgeous countertenor was indeed his, even after 3 years.

Well technically it had been more. Yes they had broken up around 5 years ago, under tears, when Blaine's parents had forcibly shipped him off to London to go to college there. But after 2 years of separation and trying to get over each other, 2 years of being 'just friends' and trying to find their luck with other people they had finally realized that they'd never.

Now they were back together. In New York. And right now Blaine was waiting for Kurt to get home from his latest rehearsal for a musical at his university. And he couldn't help but remembering some moments of their life together.

He remembered that moment on the stairs in Dalton when Kurt had asked him where everyone was going. He remembered the moment Kurt had confessed his feelings for him after the 'GAP attack'. He remembered their fight after the 'Rachel Berry Trainwreck Extravaganza'. He remembered Pavarotti's death and confessing his feelings to Kurt.

He remembered their break up. He shuddered and closed his eyes as the memory flooded him.

Kurt was standing in front of him in his room, eyes brimming with tears.

"Blaine please don't…" he cried softly.

Blaine felt a pain spread through his chest, felt the need to reach out and pull the younger boy in front of him into a tight hug. He gave in.

Blaine closed his arms around the shaking frame of the countertenor, holding him tightly.

"I have to…" he said softly.

"But…b-but I love you…" Kurt sobbed.

"I know…" Blaine planted a soft kiss in Kurt's hair "I love you too."

"But then w-why are you doing this?" Kurt wanted to know desperately.

"I…I'm going to London…I can't do this to you…my parents…" Blaine pulled back a little and looked into Kurt's eyes, willing him to understand.

"But,…" Kurt started slowly, but he broke off as he saw the determination in Blaine's eyes.

The slender boy backed away, the hurt look on his face nearly breaking Blaine's heart. He could tell that they were both crying.

"I will miss you…" Blaine confessed softly.

"L…likewise…" Kurt said lowly. "Friends?" he asked weakly.

"Always." Blaine replied. "You have to go now. My plane…"

"I know…" Kurt tried to smile but it was in vain.


They had hugged again, promising each other to stay in touch before Kurt left. Managing to keep up a straight face until they were oth alone they both broke down crying for days. Blaine shook his head at the memory. He had thought breaking up would have been best. Boy had he been wrong.

A smile spread on his face. He also remembered the day that they had realized that they were nothing without each other. The day that he and Kurt had moved together. The day that they had begun their life together.

"Hey." Kurt beamed as he found Blaine at the giant airport.

"Hey." Blaine replied, a responding 1000 watt smile spreading in his face.

They stood in front of each other for a moment, unmoving. The Blaine dropped his luggage and Kurt jumped at him. Blaine pulled Kurt into his arms and kissed him deeply. After they pulled away to breathe neither of them let go.

"This feels so right…" Blaine whispered into Kurt's hair.

"I'll never let you get away again." Kurt replied kissing Blaine's neck up to his jawline.

"I'm perfectly fine with that" Blaine replied with a smile kissing him again.

"Baby are you home?" a slightly tired sounding voice called from the doorway.

When Blaine walked out and took in the sight of his beautiful boyfriend he made a decision.

"Hey baby. Tough day?" he asked, pulling Kurt in for a light kiss.

"Not anymore." Kurt smiled, relaxing against Blaine's chest.

That night Blaine was lying awake long after Kurt had fallen asleep. He watched the pale chest rise and fall with the slow and steady rhythm of Kurt's breathing and he smiled, tracing his fingers over the soft skin. Kurt stirred slightly, unconsciously shifting towards Blaine.

The raven pulled him into a hug and closed his eyes. In that moment he just knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this man.

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