World 687 - Noble Phantasm...go?


Our hero, Archer, found himself glaring hatefully up the steps to the Ryudou Temple at his opponent. The woods burned around the two, but could not match the fierce, hungry fire blazing deep within the eyes of the Princess of the True Ancestors.

Her stark grey skin looked mottled, veins popping out out of her cheeks as blood dripped down from her fanged maw.

"So you turned on her as well, didn't you?" Archer asked the creature, which was lost deep within the madness of the Berserker class. The being that had been formerly known as Arcueid Brunstud merely flexed her hands, claws at the ready to mow him to the ground.

However, there was one chance he had glimpsed might save his life. It was stupid as hell, but it was the only thing he had to work with.

He was sure it'd at least briefly distract the unholy sentience which was now rising high over the lake behind the temple, at least.

Zelretch was drawn with a flourish, causing the True Demon that Arcueid had become to hiss angrily at Archer. However, for a moment, a look of recognition and deep sadness entered those eyes.

"Accessing records..."

Which was all that Archer needed for an opening as he knew exactly what he needed without a need to search.


The crystal sword's form wavered before shrinking into a red and white spherical object.

"Pokeball...go!" Forged as the item was from the magic circuits of Archer, the creature within was converted into his Familiar as it erupted from the depths of the technological wonder.

The Grand Holy Grail, detecting that a magus which had been acknowledged by the system had summoned within its territory, swiftly hunted through the system for an appropriate class.

"Metapod! Use Harden!" Archer commanded the green and brown hued creature, even as the remaining Command Spell he had long ago been left with shone with new power as it acknowledged the addition of Servant Defender to the War. Defender turned large, wobbly eyes to briefly to acknowledge Archer. It let out a cry as its carapace began to shimmer with a golden, shiny hue as its body began to increase its defensive abilities.

Berserker howled angrily as she used her abilities, offended the creature had gained a slightly higher defense stat than her. Invoking one of her abilities, she raised her abilities so she'd match and exceed Defender by thirty percent.

"Metapod..." Archer ominously began, and snapped his finger out to point at Berserker, "Use Harden again!" He quickly reached into his mantle and drew a cellphone out. Dialing Rin's number, he waited while Defender and Berserker began to repeat their previous actions.

"Rin. Summon me to your side now." Archer put the phone on speaker and set it on the step immediately above Defender while Berserker began to enhance herself again. Moments later he vanished from the site of battle, but Archer's voice continued to be heard from the cell phone.

Up above, explosions began to go off.

"Metapod, use Harden!" Archer sounded distracted, and the sounds of metal clashing could be heard, but Defender proudly did its part to save the world.

In its own special way.


Wise up!


[Battle Conductor of the Gods]

Owner: n/a

Type: Support

Rank: n/a

More of a foci than a Noble Phantasm. The Jewel Sword of Zelretch is wrapped in the long history of the devices. Due to their infamy in the current world and their widespread use and history in World #151, the Grand Holy Grail accepts the image of the mechanical device as a valid focus for summoning.

Just like the Stone Pillar of Herakles in the Fifth Holy Grail War, all it takes is a symbol to get your desired choice.

However, it symbolizes the strange and wonderous creatures, and due to the nature of the Second Magic inside Zelretch, the appropriate being can be summoned quite easily. Be warned though not to summon above your level of experience though. The creatures will rebel and lash out against you.

Rumors say this simple foci can bind even the divine spirits of their race. Woe be to any magi who attempts such a feat.

However, due to the seven original classes being taken, a new one had to be accessed from the depths of the Operating System. Therefore leading to the birth of the Defender class, much like Avenger was forged in the Third Holy Grail War.

This was a good match, though. For these alien existences from another world define themselves through their selfless and silent deeds to protect and watch over the human race that they so love.

Still, though...


World 2 - The Miracle Never Happen


Einzbern Castle began to collapse all around Archer and True Assassin. On some level it deeply saddened Archer to see all the fine art hanging on the walls and antique furniture being consumed. Yet another part of him only wished for Ilyasviel Einzbern to burn for killing the naive daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya.

This time around the Servant had manifested as a slender, dark man with a bandaged right arm. Fortunately EMIYA's suicidal fighting style and his Mind's Eye were allowing Archer to survive as True Assassin occasionally slipped in its precision attacks to try and go for one of Archer's exposed vitals.

However, this was taking too long. While the white haired man was dancing away the night with Kanshou and Bakuya, Shirou and Arturia were in the main foyer desperately trying to take down Herakles and Ilyasviel Einzbern.

It galled the man.

Fortunately the Mind's Eye trait kicked in for him with an obvious solution. Archer flung the brighter of the two swords directly at True Assassin. The shadow leapt backwards to avoid the strike, and in that moment he acted.

'Access records...'

True Assassin began to scale the wall he had leapt to in an amazing feat of acrobatics. The white blade sunk into a towering inferno consuming one of the walls with a clang. While this happened, Archer quickly manuevered to the left of the wide hall towards a set of spiraling stairs in the center of the room heading down with golden railings to grip onto.

True Assassin followed as he somehow rolled and leapt along the roof of the ceiling. Now both fighters had the blazing fires to the left of them and a set of stairs leading down directly in front of Archer. However, True Assassin would allow Archer to rush himself However, he wasn't counting on his opponent flinging the second of the blades at him.


The assassin flung a series of Darks at Archer, and the Heroic Spirit had to dive out of the way of the knives. He winced as one of them tagged him in the back of the thigh, severely immobilizing him as he completed his forwards dive.

The greatest injustice was that True Assassin didn't even suffer for the attack as he managed to contort his torso in oddly alluring ways as the Bakuya spun past him like a high speed discus. Gods, Archer hated fighting hive minds.

Especially when the men used techniques the female assassins should have been using, goddamit!


True Assassin, smelling blood, dove for him. However, at the last moment, Kanshou lifted out into the fire to the side of the assassin and spun directly into his side in mid-air- seeking desperately to rejoin its brethen at Archer's mental command.

"Gah!" The glowing white discus continued to tear into his side for a few more moments before both True Assassin and the blade were knocked out of mid-air. Archer held a hand up, and Bakuya returned to his hand.

'World 1 - The Shield of the Relentless.'

The dark sword shattered, reveaing the core of Zelretch shining within. It's appearance caused Kanshou to shimmer out of existence, however. With the removal of the blade pinning True Assassin down, the Hassan-i-Sabbath invoked its Self Modification ability to prevent its death as vital organs were shifted along with mass.

"Zabaniya - Delusional Heartbeat!" The slimmer dark female spoke up in an angry voice as the bandages around her right arm snapped, revealing a hideously warped and deformed arm. One that still smelled like blood from its usage on …


Archer felt the effect of the curse begin to descend on him. Prana gathered around the woman's deformed arm as it formed into a perfect replica of his own heart. The curse synchronized it, and his own heart began to beat in synch with the clump of ether shaped into a replica of his heart. With that, the curse was completed as it tricked the World into believing they were one and the same.

The Heroic Spirit rapidly overlaid the image of the round silver shield over the sword and it appeared in a flash of light. He only had a blink of an eye to survive as prana instantly surged into the Noble Phantasm.

True Assassin began to crush...

The round shield flared brightly.

...nothing at all.

The silver shield was held out between Archer's chest and the killing arm - its bright light siphoning the curse and grief of the Zabaniya technique into it.

"How did you dispel my curse?" True Assassin demanded, shaking off her shock and fired another series of Darks at his vitals.



'Then again, they were made for slimmer arms than mine. Slimmer and simultaneously mightier arms.' Archer thought, using Alteration to have it fit correctly as he casually glanced up at the eight Darks that were frozen less than a foot away from him.

Archer glanced over at the grey and absolutely still surroundings of the burning castle.

"Let's do this." The power of the curse itself continued to feed the time stop as Archer grabbed a broken piece of wood and glanced at its sharpened point and then at True Assassin's chest thoughtfully. Spinning the stake, Archer jabbed it in True Assassin's heart.

She let out a shriek as time immediately resumed as the Grief and Curses of the Zabaniya technique shattered with the death of True Assassin.

Archer glanced away from the dispelling figure of True Asssasin and towards the silver shield. He would need even more power if he was going to aid Shirou and Arturia. It was time to get a Broken Phantasm.

"Fufu. You should be glad, oniichan! I freed you from that greedy demon. You can be mine now!" The dark skinned and white haired Master rode proudly upon the shoulder of her Berserker, Herakles. "Do you honestly thing you can defeat my Wishcraft and the greatest hero together?" She sneered.

"C-cowards." Saber huffed and panted, looking deathly pale as blood oozed out of her from multiple successful strikes which had pierced past the aura granted by her Prana Burst and into her armored dress in various points. In her hands, Caliburn and Excalibur shone like miniature stars as she stood protectively in front of Shirou.

Shirou was clutching at his left hand. Lines of kaleidoscopic light blazed along the surface of his skin as he trembled and shook in pain. If the blonde in front of him was looking like she had one foot in the grave, the redhead looked like he was lying in it with his eyes half open.

All around them, thousands of bronze tipped arrows stabbed into the walls, floor, and ceiling as Herakles and Ilyasviel loomed above the two invaders.

"Ilyasviel...why did you have to do this? There could have been another option..." Shirou trembled, hacking up blood.

"Ilya! Call me Ilya!" The dark skinned girl shouted down at the redhead. "I am the original! I am the true self!" Her bright eyes briefly turned dull as an older, more mature voice came out of the girl. "Makiri believes me, yes... we will go on together and discover the Root once you two are gone."

Both Saber and Shirou had hateful glares at they saw the slithering of something beneath the girl's skin.

"Herakles! You have to stop this madness!" Saber pled. "You know what will happen to the world if they succeed!"

"...I will protect Ilya until the day I die." Herakles stonily stated. In his hands a massive bow sized to his hands was swiftly drawn.

"Herakles! It's time to stop fooling around!" The young girl's eyes shone with fire again as she sharply shook her head. "Kill Saber before Archer rejoins them! Use it and take her down!"

The guardian of Ilyasviel winced. A look of true sorrow briefly flitted across his features as he gazed down at Saber in the eye. The blonde stonily gazed back at him.

"Shirou...use the last Command Spell." Saber called back to the redhead behind her.

"Saber! You can't...!" Shirou sounded horrified.

"Command me to victory." The blonde gripped onto the hilts of both of her swords tightly. "With the last trace of Ilya in our world."

"Nine Lives-" Herakles roared out as prana surged outwards from his body. A monstrous pressure exploded.

"Defeat Berserker!" The last bit of Ilya's Wishcraft vanished as the final Command Spell was consumed.

Both Excalibur and Caliburn overloaded with prana as they became existences even further above what they were as Noble Phantasms. They became Broken Phantasms. Saber let out a roar as she rushed in, glacial green eyes focused on the path ahead of her.

"The Shooting Hundred Heads!" Herakles completed his attack – unleashing an instaneous sea of arrows. Each contained the power to end Saber a thousand times over.

As Shirou's eyes began to clench closed, the world around him shifted for just one moment into a dark grey before he found himself more than thirty miles away.

As the Einzbern Forest and a massive chunk of the town bordering it just...vanished in a dome of light.

The surging kaleidoscopic lights burning through Shirou's body died down as he collapsed, completely paralyzed as his body began to shut down. The remaining energy flowing through out of him to Arturia promptly severed as it was redirected to Avalon.

The artifact swiftly began to pull him back from death's door as he stared up at the ruins.

"Shirou Urobuchi is the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War." Archer quietly called to Shirou from the side.

"...yeah." The redhead dumbly gazed over at Archer.

", let's do this the right way, shall we?" Archer stepped into Shirou's line of vision. Instead of clad in his dark and red outfit, the much slimmer looking white haired man was wearing a white lab coat and red shirt tucked into a set of black pants. Over his chest a silver breastplate rested and two silver pauldrons were resting on his shoulders.

Archer offered Shirou his left hand, and the left pauldron flowed down his shoulder and arm like quicksilver. In the distance, the dome of energy began to radiate further outwards and towards their position.

"We...we can do it?" The light of hope lit up in the redhead's empty sherry eyes.

"So long as there's Grief, the Shield of the Relentless will fight it." Archer allowed the right pauldron to melt down his right arm as Shirou clenched onto his left hand. Simultaneously Shirou's left arm and Archer's right arm gained identical looking circular silver shields.

"...just wait for me! I'll come for you all!" Shirou swore as Archer pulled him to his feet. Avalon went inert as the original owner's last wish was granted.

"Then let's go." Archer tightened his grip on Shirou's hand.

" our next battlefield!" Shirou's eyes blazed as the gears within both silver shields clicked.



Both vanished without a trace as the eruption of energy swept past them.

Wise up!

Shield of the Relentless

[The Eternal Conflict of Hope and Grief]

Owner: Homura Akemi

Type: Support

Rank: n/a

The Shield of the Relentless is a shield used by Homura Akemi, and the symbol of the contract she made with higher level beings in exchange for the life of her true friend. It's initial design was a round, silver shield with four curved edges feeding directly into a central spiral. The top and bottom curved edges also had red crystals embedded within them.

A Noble Phantasm with control over time itself, its exact control mechanisms and power source has been lost to the ages. However, due to the personal history of this unsung Heroine, which exists within the collective subconsciousness, resounds so strongly with the themes of Grief and Hope that its abilities were tied to those aspects.

Curses and witchcraft directed towards the shield are drawn to the gems in the center of the shield, negating them and granting access to the aria locked deep within the shield. This allows the user to establish a temporal boundary field around themselves and anyone they touch. This sheared off section of time continues to exist for the user until such a time that the shield finishes processing the energy or the source fades away.

However, its true power can only be awakened in situations where the wielder can still look forwards to the future with Hope in spite of sinking into absolute Grief. Tapping into the user's negative feelings and unvoiced regrets, the shield then shifts to its final mode.

The power to travel through time. This is an extremely taxing effort that would kill even the strongest of Magi if they were to attempt and power the magic alone, though. The World will not easily allow one to attempt to tempt Paradox.

However, miracles can come true if you only have the will and believe in others. There will be a turnabout in the future if you strive for it long enough.

"Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her...

You are not alone."

- U̕͜n̵͟͞͡k̶̨n̨͜͠o҉̶͢͝w̶͟ń̵͡