World 2, Variant -, Future – And Your Rewards Are TYPEs

0̷/N̡ot̴e̛s͜ ͠f͏rom ̨an ̢An̡g̢el͡

My name? Why'd you want to know the name of such a useless guy like me? Don't you know-

Look, lady. . . I know you must have heard a lot about me, but I'm just a normal human. Yes, one of those humans – and damn proud I haven't allowed myself to get modified yet too! Just let me get back to my dri- why are you laughing?

That isn't isn't funny.

Or cute.

Fine, if you're going to be that way about it-gah, "Fine, if you're going to be about it that way, Anahita." I'm going to get the hell out of here.

. . .

Can't you read the mood?

You're an A-ray and I'm me.

It won't even work out that way.

At all.

. . .

Geez, you're a persistent angel. Do you have some sort of fixation with endangered species?

Answer me this, do aardvarks make you horny?


Geez, you definitely should've been born as something else besides an angel lad-

No, aardvarks do not make me horny.

Tch! I can't believe you! You're making my beautiful and pristine image of the divine shatter into a thousand pieces with each breath you take!

No, that isn't a thinly veiled hint – keep your top on.

Huh? A job?

Haa... if it'll let me get away from you quicker, I'll listen. I reserve the right to scream for help if this crosses into territory where you try to commit bestiality, you lewd heretic.

...bounty hunting, huh? So, you A-Rays got sick and tired of all that shit too? So how much cash are you all thinking of throwing down this poor, penniless human for me to put a pound a hole in that Type's head? Exoskeleton? Whateverthefuckems?

That many zeros? No shit?


Now you're talking my language. One me and ol' Black Barrel here can agree with.

FFFFFFFFFF-! I did not turn you down back in that bar because- oh god no! Me wanting to pound a hole in - You just don't understand the love that comes between a man and his gun!

No, I do not have an obsession with my father's penis, you goddamned winged harpy! Get back here so I can show you my rifle!

No! Not that rifle!

. . .

Haa...haa... g-goddamned deviant. Lewd heretic is too good for her! S-she... she's just a perverted harpy!

Still that is a lot of money...