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Everything was a blur after that. To Ashitaka, all he could think was 'yakul, yakul, yakul.' All his friends could think was 'poor Ashitaka.' Every single samurai Ashitaka fell under his lethal sword, sometimes silently and other times screaming as they died. When all the samurai were finally dead, he stood in place, his sword hanging loosely by his side.

Kazuki gently took the sword from his cousin's grip and waved his hand in front of his face. "Cmon buddy. Come back to me."

Ashitaka blinked slowly and looked at Kazuki. "What?" he asked, as if in a daze.

Taking Ashitaka by the arm, Kazuki led him to the prince's house and sat him down on the bed. "You should sleep," he said helpfully.

Ashitaka just sat on the bed, as stiff as a iron rod, his eyes again looking blankly ahead.

Using his pointer finger, Kazuki pushed the dazed prince into his bed and drew the covers around him. "No matter how gross it is that your going to bed in your dirty clothes, you need to rest."

Ashitaka gave no answer, but turned his head and closed his eyes.

Tiptoeing out of the house, Kazuki went back to the others. "I dragged him into bed," He said.

"Thanks Mother Kazuki," Tisha teased half heartedly. None of them were in the mood for humor at that moment.

"So did you, you know." Kazuki said.

Tisha bowed her head. "We did." Stepping back, she revealed the body of Yakul. "San and the wolves retrieved him."

Stepping toward the great elk Kazuki was startled to see that all the blood was gone from the body and the wound was clean.

"I took the liberty of cleaning him up." Tisha said.

"I see."

But even more surprising was instead of looking fearful, there seemed to be a look of peace in Yakul's eyes, as if he felt that his destiny had been fulfilled. Kazuki gently stroked the elk's neck and murmered, "You will be greatly missed Yakul. May you be happy in Elk Heaven." Stepping back he stood and bowed his head in respect. If any other non Emishi had seen this, he would have been startled or amused, but to the Emishi, their animals were as important as the people themselves, and deserved equal respect. "Where should we bury him?"

Tisha shrugged. "Where all the rest are buried I guess."

A voice from behind them interrupted their conversation. "I know a perfect place."

The group spun around and were startled to see Ashitaka standing there.

"Good job at putting him to bed Mother Kazuki," Tisha said sarcastically.

"Where Ashitaka?" San said, surprisingly gentle.

"There's this place we always went together," Ashitaka responded, sounding a little choked up. "There is where he should be buried."

"As you wish." Tisha said.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~TIME PASSES~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Ashitaka scooped the last bit of dirt onto the grave, his brow wet with sweat. He had done the job alone, as the others had watched and, after a time, left. He was the only one there. The spot he had chosen to bury Yakul was undoubtedly beautiful and he was glad this was where Yakul would lie for the rest of eternity. The grave was under a flowering cherry blossom tree grove and a small waterfall that fell, churning, into a small pool. The cherry trees were flowering and some of the beautiful flowers had fallen on the freshly dug grave, their gentle beauty relaxing the pain in Ashitaka's heart a little. As a child, Yakul and he had often come to this spot together when he wanted some quiet time, away from his duties as the last prince of the Emishi. Those had been the best days of his life and he would never forget them.


The ten year old Ashitaka rode through the forest, occasionally sneaking glances behind him to make sure no once was following him. Many a time, his annoying just turned 7 year old sister followed him everywhere and sometimes his cousin and best friend Kazuki did as well, even when he told him not to. Reassured, he rode on confidently, even when the elk jumped from boulder to boulder to the secret entrance of his place. He had put complete faith in his lifelong friend from the beginning. Reaching the cherry tree grove, Ashitaka settled onto a boulder by the waterfall in the sun and lay down, basking in its warmth. Sometimes he swam, other times he climbed trees, but today he felt like reading his scroll. Taking out the piece of paper he unrolled it and started reading the exciting adventure of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

After about an hour, Yakul, who had been grazing peacefully at the side of the waterfall, grew bored with his grazing and decided to have some fun. Leaping into the pool, he created a large splash that drenched Ashitaka along with his reading scroll. Then, with an excited whinny, Yakul took Ashitaka by the scruff of his tunic and dragged him in.

"Yakul!" Ashitaka screeched. "What was that for!" A mischievous grin flashed on his face and giving out his most furious war cry he leaped at the elk.

Yakul easily dodged and the two began a game of tag. This continued for about 30 minutes until both young creatures became tired and lay in the sun by the pool.

Ashitaka rested his head on Yakul's body and closed his eyes. He felt like this day could last forever.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~End Flashback~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Ashitaka touched the weather worn stone with his hand and resisted the urge to tear up. The sun had gone down and the stars were starting to come out. I miss you Yakul. Why did you leave?

Suddenly a flash of light appeared as a shooting star streaked across the sky.

Ashitaka smiled. Thank you. I will never forget you my old friend.

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