I've done it again… Getting into something else when I should be working on Speak Now… I can't help it. The ideas, they come, and they don't go away until they get written down. I've got a little notebook with a bunch of ideas in them. xD

This isn't really an idea, though. A lot of people have done it. I did that thing where you put your iPod on shuffle and write a little drabble on a character based on that song, but you have to stop writing when the song ends… I cheated though. I kept writing for a little while after the songs ended. I wanted to finish the drabbles, so… yeah. Enjoy! :)


Dear Lonely: Why are you such a stalker? I don't like you. Never have, never will.

Love, Renesmee Cullen.

Ever since Jacob chose Leah and broke the imprint, it's come to my attention that I'll probably never find anyone as perfect for me as he was. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that he's happy, but… I'm kinda miserable here.

Lonely seems to follow me everywhere. It's my best friend nowadays. The only friend that wants to share my pain.

At first things were okay. It was normal. But now, Lonely's getting a little annoying and clingy. I wish it would just leave me the hell alone. Just when I think I'm getting over it, and I'm gonna be okay, there it is, right beside me as usual.

Really, Lonely, I won't be offended if you decide to go hang with someone else for a while. I think we need a break.

Its suckish. Really suckish.

Oh, hey, Lonely. What a surprise. Ah, you've brought a friend? Heartache. Nice to meet you. I'm Ren. Don't worry. If you're anything like Lonely, you and I will be great friends.


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