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Love Is Lovely, but Gives You a Lot of Trouble

Chapter 6

When Callahan and Hightower got to the beach, the party was already going full speed. They goy out of his car and Debbie was looking out over the beach, trying to see anyone else she knew. Ah, yes. There was Nick and Jones… what were they doing? Well, it looked like the bird dance or something influenced by to much drinking. There was North, talking with a few of the female cadets. But where was the ones she needed to see the most but for totally different reasons. Hooks because she needed to talk to her and Eugene because she wanted to avoid him.

She stay close to Hightower while they go down towards the beach. When they got close to the bon fire they stop.

"I´m going to the bar, anything you would like?" He asks her in his dark but friendly voice.

"No, thanks anyway" she sais and gives him a little smile. He really was a kind man but no, she didn´t want anything to drink. Drinking obviously made her do things she would regret. She had a recent example for that…

Hightower made his way over to the bar, leaving Callahan on her own. She started to walk a little along the beach. Thinking.

Suddenly she heard a to familiar voice calling her name. "Debbie!" She turned around. Better facing your fears than trying to pretend you didn´t hear. And of course was it him, her fear, Eugene Tackleberry. He was walking up to her looking like a strange mixture between happiness, sadness and curiosity.

"Debbie. Why did you just leave? Please, talk to me…" He started before she cut him of.

"Don´t start that, Eugene Tackleberry! I really don´t want to talk to you. Not about what happened, not by anything for that matter." She said, not shouting because everyone didn´t need to know about their dirty laundry. She started to walk past him, back towards the bon fire. He grabbed her arm when she walked past.

"But…" She just pulls her arm away from him and starts to run back towards the parking lot. She must find Hightower, she needs to get home.

When she gets back to were she left Hightower she can´t see him anywhere. Not by the bar either… hm… where the hell did he go? He can´t just have vanished into thin air.

She looks out and realize that if Tackleberry wants to find her again she was in a good place for him to see her. So she walked towards and behind the bar. No one was there, thank god! Suddenly she felt sick. She sat down leaning her head against the back wall of the bar. She closed her eyes and hoped for the nausea to pass. It didn´t. She felt even more sick and she felt that it would come up.

She leaned over and puked.

It felt terrible like it always does when you are sick. But that feeling and the feeling of guilt and sadness she constantly felt because of the Tackleberry situation she felt the worst she had felt for many years. She started to cry. The emotions washed over her. How could she just be so cruel to Tackleberry? He had confessed during their 'truth or dare' that he loved her. She loved him as well.

She had instead of telling him that (and lived happily ever after or whatever) she actually slept with him and left. She abandoned him after making love. Omg she was so cruel, so terrible. But she knew why she had done it. To protect their careers, because if she hadn´t left and told him her feelings the happily ever after wouldn´t come. Their lives would be hell and both would lose their jobs and their lifestyle.

"Callahan?" She heard a soft voice said. She opened her eyes and looked up into the friendly dark brown eyes of Hooks.

"Yeah" she said very shaky.

"How are you doing? What´s going on?" You could hear the worry in her voice.

"I met Eugene. He wanted to talk, I left and got here. Then I felt sick and terrible." She was still crying.

"Did Hightower drive you here?"

"Yeah. I can´t find him. I just want to go home now."

"Of course. I´ll take you home. Okay?"

"That´s great"

Hooks took Callahan by her arm and helped her to get up without someone stepping into the puke.

When they got into Callahan´s apartment Hooks let go of her. She had hold on to her all way over, if you just count when they were walking. She didn´t hold on to her during the car ride.

"Make yourself at home." Callahan said before going into the bathroom to take a headache pill.

When she got back into the living room Hooks had sat down on her couch. Callahan sat down on the couch as well but in the other end. She took a pillow and hugged it closely.

"How are you feeling?" Hooks said after a few minutes of silence.

"Not so sick anymore"

"No, I don´t mean the sickness." Callahan knew exactly what Hooks meant.

"Not that good. I mean… I slept with him and left. That was so cruel. I know how he feels about me and I hurt him like that. I feel so guilty but I knew why I did it in the first place, it´s just so hard…" She said and the tears started to run down her cheeks.

Hooks moved closer and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"But your job? Are you going to give it up because of a man?"

"I don´t know right now. I need some time to think about this before I make any decisions."

"Yeah, that probably is the best idea. But what happened that last night? I just know you all left my room around one thirty or something. Then what?" A gossiper is always a gossiper.

"Well… you know we are the only ones going in the direction towards the stairs?" Hooks just nodded at this. "We reached his room before mine as you know" Hooks nodded again. "Then it was like the last dare. We just looked at each other and suddenly we were kissing up against the wall. Some déjà vu that was but this time no fishbowl carrying Commandant appeared so we continued in his room. I bet you can figure out what happened then."

Hooks smiled a little. "No, I have no idea. Did you play monopoly?" Hooks made that face. The face that she uses when she is playing dumb.

"Come on! Don´t make me say in…"

"Please, say it! Say it!" Hooks looked happy and a little bouncy at this last order, you would have to call it.

"Well… okay… we had sex. So, pleased now?"

"Yeah. Wasn´t that hard to say was it?"

"Neither was doing it either…" Callahan mumbled but Hooks caught it anyway and started to laugh.

"I bet. So… how was it? If you remember, you weren´t exactly sober" Hooks really was to curios.

"It was good." Hooks just gave her a look. "Okay. It was great, fantastic, mind blowing." Hooks smiled.

"Then you just woke up, felt bad and left?"

"You can express it like that if you really want to. But I got panicked and then I understood the consequences coming from it."

They just looked at each other.

"Oh! You mean getting fired and losing your entire career?" Why was Hooks questioning this, wasn´t that the obvious consequent?

"Yeah. What other consequences would come from it?"

"You know why sex was invited, right?" Hooks looked smug.

"Of course I do. To continue humanity. Why?"

"Oh my God! How thick are you? That would be the consequence. That you and Tackleberry did exactly that!" Hooks looked at Callahan like she was a alien, because she hadn´t thought about it herself.

"So, you mean… That I would get pregnant?"

"During sex it´s a possibility." What a standup comedian she was this night.

"I KNOW THAT! But I wouldn´t get pregnant. I´m pretty sure we used protection, you know!"

"Pretty sure… How sure?"

"I don´t know. 90%?" By the look on Hooks face you could say that wasn´t a good enough answer. "100% then"

Neither of them believed that, but no one said anything more about it.

"Well… When you had left. Like the morning after. Everyone when nuts! Now as I look back upon it I actually think it quite funny" She smiled.

"Oh? What happened?" She really was curious.

"First me and North went to your room to drag you down to breakfast. No one answered the door. Wonder why?" She had a glint in her eye telling her story. "We entered and no you and no things. Then we took of towards the mess. Running! Can you believe it? North almost fell down the second stairs, quite funny seeing back upon it" Callahan smiled.

"Anyway… we entered the mess and got over to the guys. We explained that you were gone. Then Tackleberry started saying that you were there at two am. Because you guys got in then. We just stared at him, I don´t even think he knew everyone could hear him. Then I called you. After that you know"

"Yeah. What happened after the call then?"

"I told them not to contact you. Tackleberry asked when you left. I answered that because I though it harmless but I didn´t answer any other of their questions." She smiled proudly at this. Callahan couldn´t help but to smile back.

"That´s everything?" Hooks nodded. "How did Eugene take it? I mean, how did he look when you said I was gone?" She really felt guilty and wanted to know how much of damage she had done.

"He didn´t look pleased, can´t say that. He froze like the rest. I don´t think he wanted to believe it at first. Then he understood he had to. The thing he said about you two getting in at two, I think he said to himself. He wanted to understand… I don´t think he still does." Hooks looked at Callahan, trying to read her expression.

"I was rather panicked that morning. I bet I sounded like totally freaking out on the phone, huh?" She said quietly.

"Kind of, but I understood you anyway. I understood your feelings." She said friendly.

"Thanks. What would I do without you?"

"I don´t know… but you would probably miss my fabulous looks" They both laugh together at this.

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