A/N: Hi there! Another Blazblue Fanfic from me. This one takes place after Continuum Shift, too.. only differently from the rest.

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Oh, and in case you´re wondering: The title basically pinpoints to the good ol "Wheel of Fate", only that Ragna broke it by doing something he totally shouldn´t do.

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Hot, damp air surrounded the place that separated this world from the borderline to hell, the Boundary.

For some people, the Boundary was a gateway to a higher form of existence, a sacred place of mysterious powers.. but to realists like Ragna the Bloodedge, it was hell itself.

He knew little of its exact whereabouts, but he had been a part of the Boundary for a good portion of his life. He knew the powers that it possessed came with a price... it have someone power, but at the same time, it took something back from you.. something you would never be able to retrieve.

Whatever it was the Boundary took from you, may it be your humanity, your essence of life or your sanity, it was gone forever.

More than two thousand years ago, humanity came to a similar conclusion. Nobody knew what it was, but one thing was sure... they didn't bury the original units and cauldrons so deep without a reason. They knew what would happen if the humans would ever find them. Unfortunately, whatever happened became a lost memory over the ages, and curious scientists dug up Pandora's Box once more... the Black Beast followed in its wake, and four hundred billion people payed the price.

Today, Ragna the Bloodedge was about to seal this deed, as he descended down through the misty clouds of something other than air towards the cauldron underneath Kagutsuchi.

He smirked. Any other time, he would be on his toes, he would shake in silent fear or even tremble, but right now, he was completely relaxed. He knew something he wasn't supposed to know... He knew what was going to happen here.

Fate had decided that Ragna should fight, and he would loose, and he would die.

But Ragna the Bloodedge hated Fate more than anything else.

Slowly, the heat increased and as he approached the Cauldron, a gigantic sword shaped object came out of its smelting pit, its chains releasing the creature known as the Murakumo to the world.. and slowly, Nu-13 lowered herself to the ground.

„Loading... Loading... Loading... Complete. Initiating.. Scanning... analyzing..."

Ragna sticked his sword in the ground and approached her with a smirk, as her eyes widened with glee.

„Ragna..! I haven`t seen you for so long! Shall we kill each other again? Or do you want to become one with me this time?"

„Don`t be silly, Nu." Ragna replied, approaching her with his arms spread out.

„...huh? What are you saying? Don´t you know what our purpose is?" Nu cocked her head to the side, wondering what was going on. This was odd. „You want to become one with Nu...?"

„We've got plenty of time for that later, Nu." Ragna said, smirking, before he wrapped his arms around her, giving her a hug.

„Wha...what... what are you doing..?" Nu was confused, although positively surprised, she was at a loss for words for once.

„Shh. Shut it. Just enjoy it, will you?" Before there was any further protest, he kissed her directly on the mouth, passionately and and as intimate as young lovers would be. His arms supported her firmly, which was good to begin with, because due to strange situation, Nu felt like she was going to faint. Slowly, very slowly, she was starting to give in and wrap her arms around him, returning the kiss, slowly adjusting to everything that was happening at this moment.

He broke up the kiss, solely to slip the Azure Grimiore off of her left eye, looking her in the eyes with a smile. „That feels better than trying to kill each other, doesn´t it?"

„,..Yes..." Nu was still confused, but she had grown a liking to this. Her black eye seemed just as happy as her normal one, and a cheeky smile formed on her lips as she kissed him again, more intense and wild than the soft approach he did. But it was just right for his plan... as she nearly knocked him over, he casually tossed the Azure into the Cauldron, where the Black Beast`s heart was lost in the vast spaces of the Boundary.

Next, he ran a hand through her hair, stroking her head and her back slightly, before removing the sword that held her braid in place and tossing it over the border to the Boundary as well. This thing wasn't going to stab him in the chest.

Now that he was safe from her trying to kill him, he went for her neck, where the bodysuit she wore was attached, but before he could open it, Nu left his mouth once more.

„Ragna..." she said, slightly whispering.

„Don´t talk, Nu. I know what you were going to say." Ragna managed a smile. He knew more of it than she did right now. He had seen it all before this time.

Noel had saved him from dieing in the Cauldron, he had saved her from becoming Terumi`s slave, who in turn rebuilt Nu and killed Noel before she could save him this time.. Rachel had no other choice other than to intervene and send him back in time as he was.

But he had seen what Nu was really like, outside of Terumi`s devious programming, outside of her purpose. She might be just a clone, but she loved him beyond his wildest imagination.

If someone was willing to give his own life for someone he loved within the next second, then this was probably the strongest form of love there was.

He kissed her again. And he enjoyed every moment of it.

He unclipped her collar, before gently helping her out of the suit.. he was about to panic as he heard a shriek, but as it turned out, that voice wasn't Nu.

„R-r-ragna the Bloodedge! What on earth are you doing to that... that person!" Noel Vermillion was standing right before the pair, near the stairs. Her face was cherry red, her knees trembling.

Ragna blinked, turning to the Lieutenant who obviously couldn't cope with the situation right now.

„A Little late there, aren't you, Noel? Any other damn day and i`d be dead right about now. Thanks for coming after me, though."

„What... what are you talking abo... Captain Hazama?"

A clapping noise was heard from a catwalk above the Cauldron.. but before he could start to badmouth Ragna, the Bloodedge spoke first.

„Terumi.. your plan failed this time..!"

„Yeah, and aren't i glad it did. Can you imagine what trouble it would be to get rid of the beast... again? You probably would, Rags, old boy.. in another life." Hazama grinned and hopped down, holding onto his hat while he landed perfectly in a crouch. „Risky maneuver, i have to say.. throwing away your sword while handling a Murakumo unit? Not the best possible choice."

„I don`t need a sword to calm her down." Ragna said, growling. „And i don´t need one for you, either." His Azure Grimiore glowed in a fierce red, ready to activate. However, Ragna knew better not to loose its power yet due to Terumi`s intervention.

„Hah, that's rich, Raggy! You know it all from the vampire bitch, yet you´d fight me in hand to hand combat, without your Azure Grimiore? My my, i've seen plenty of balls in my lifetime, good sir, but never ones as large as yours! Oh wait, that's your mouth."

„Shut it! I`m gonna tear yours off right here!"

„Why so serious, Ragna? I don´t intend to make your life more miserable yet, you know that, don`t you? What were you doing with Number 13 there, anyway..? Taking out some stuffed up desires on that worthless machine? Only she seems to have broken down just now.. just change her batteries, she`ll be fine!"

Ragna`s fist connected with his jaw, throwing Hazama across the room.

„You know how she feels like! You know what she really wants.. yet you don`t care about that either!"

„Hahahaha, stupid little dog... of course i don´t care! An artist doesn't care what happens to his paintbrush, does he? Take her, fuck her, i don´t care if you take the other twelve with her... the only one i`m reaaaally interested in is little Miss Noel here." Hazama approached Noel casually, only to get shot in the hand by Bolverk. „Oh my, what did i do to get hurt by a lady?"

„Captain Hazama... what are you doing? You`re... you aren't the Captain, are you?"

Hysteric laughter boomed across the room, as he took his hat off and his tie ripped under his bulging neck.

„Stupid little girl, of course i`m not! I never was to begin with! 'Captain' Hazama never existed, only Hazama.. the right hand of the Imperator Librarius..!"

„Terumi." Ragna said, clenching his fist. „Not Hazama. Terumi Yuuki."

„I`m flattered, Rags.. you actually remembered my name for more than five minutes! I see hints of intelligence growing in your head yet..!" Terumi turned as a spark of lighting filled the room, along with a black void out of which Rachel Alucard errupted from.

„Terumi, leave at once. Your time is over."

„Heh, what do you know about that? I might as well just kill you right here, ever thought of that? But yes..." He took his hat from the ground and put it back on. „I`m leaveing. For now. I have some things to do, stuff to prepare.. before we`re ready to smelt, Miss Vermillion."

„Get away from me!"

„Oh, i will. But we`ll see each other again soon... Bye bye..!"

He teleported away, not the same way Rachel did, but in a yet unknown manner, completely disappearing into thin air.

Rachel looked displeased towards Ragna.

„Haven`t you learned anything, Servant? You cannot hope to defeat Terumi just yet..!"

„Yeah.. and i`m not supposed to hate him either, or else he´ll get stronger. Keep talking your bullshit." Ragna growled, pressing Nu tightly against his chest. „I know what i need to do. I need to get Nu fixed up.. and i need to protect Noel with my life at any given time. Terumi should never get his hands on her again... i don´t think i can stand that once more."

Noel fell to the ground, crying silently, her pistols disappearing back into her sleeves.

„What do you intend to do, 'Grim Reaper'?" Rachel asked, being unsatisfied with the situation.

„The things i want. And right now, i don´t want anything more than Nu`s and Noel`s safety."

Without looking at her any more, he took his sword, Nu`s clothes and headed out, takeing Noel`s hand on the way and holding it tight, tight enough to make her feel better.

Rachel simply shook her head, before going back to her dimension.

„What a fool."