Title: Capture/Release
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Batman/Gordon
Word Count: 239
Written for: mcqueens_queen, prompt "Batman/Gordon snoggage on the MCU rooftop"

It's been a long day for all of them, Gordon notes, drinking coffee from a cardboard cup. The Batsignal next to him shines strongly into the night sky. He can't say whether Batman will come or not, but he thinks he might. After the Joker's capture (again) today - though of course, it won't take him long to break out of Arkham again - the streets will be quiet, and sometimes Batman... well, Gordon guesses he needs the company.

"Arkham won't hold him for long," the growling voice says behind him. Gordon doesn't start with surprise like he used to. He's used to the Bat's ways now.

"I know. But what else can we do?" he asks rhetorically, turning round. The coffee is placed on the wall beside him for later.

Batman doesn't smile, exactly, because Batman never smiles, but his lips twitch in the barest hint of one. It has become... some kind of habit, between them, when Batman pushes him back against the cold brick and devours his mouth with a ferocity and passion that Gordon has felt from no other person in his life. It's good, this secret of theirs, all the better for being fleeting and hurried. Gordon kisses back, and shrugs out of his jacket. They don't have that much time, but he doesn't mind things being rushed. It gives it a sweet taste of danger that he's found he can't get enough of.