Title: Desk
Rating: R
Pairing: Batman/Gordon
Word Count: 588
Written for: lj user mcqueens_queen, prompt "something pr0ny with Batman sneaking into Gordon's office and smuttyness ensuing."

It's past midnight, and Gordon just wants to get away from his office. Away from the damn paperwork that comes with being Commissioner now. Away from new responsibilities that he's not quite used to yet. He sighs, and rubs his eyes with the heel of his hand, pushing his glasses up.

The dark shape that appears at the corner of his vision should not surprise him as much as it does. After all, Batman has always gone where he wants, and appeared when he wants, and apparently being on the run hasn't changed that.

"You shouldn't be here," he tells the man in black. "It's too dangerous."

"I think I can handle a little danger," Batman replies, voice low and rough as ever. He comes up to Gordon's desk, a shape that would be menacing if Gordon didn't trust the man as much as he does.

"Maybe," he tells him, "but I'd rather not see you in Arkham with the Joker."

"I didn't know you cared."

Gordon finds his throat growing dry. He wants what they used to have, wants the clandestine roof-top meetings and the hot, heavy sex cloaked in the night, wants their old relationship back. But that's not going to happen, not with things the way they are. They can't risk it.

"Gordon," Batman says, low and soft, just the way he knows it turns Gordon on. "Just because I'm running from the police, doesn't mean we can't still have this."

He opens his mouth to protest, but instead finds the Bat's soft lips against his own, and that oh so insistent tongue licking at the corner of his mouth, asking for entrance. He can't help himself; it's been a long time. Barbara left him after Harvey kidnapped his family, and he's missed this.

Batman strips him of his shirt and pants quickly and efficiently, leaving him gasping in the cold air, his skin prickling up. He growls and moves the kisses down along Gordon's jaw and onto his neck, letting his teeth lightly bite into him. It's good, oh, it's so good. He writhes as Batman's hard body presses into him, still wearing the armour, and his fingers grip the solid black plates desperately.

"Oh God," he whispers into Batman's ear. "I've missed this... missed you."

Batman nuzzles into his neck, and reaches down to unclip that piece of the suit and let his cock free. He rubs against Gordon, fucking delicious friction, and Gordon can't hold back a moan. It's late anyway, there's no-one else around. No-one to barge in and see this. Batman's big calloused hand wraps around both their lengths, rubbing up over the heads to collect the pre-cum and slick his palm with it. Gordon's breath hitches. Fuck. It's been long enough that it won't take much to make him come.

"Batman," he moans, head thrown back, "please!"

The Bat grins against his neck, and speeds his hand up. Gordon thrusts up into his hand, moaning, and spills himself all too quickly over the dark armour of Batman's belly. He lets himself relax against his desk, panting, while the Bat finishes himself off. He cleans his hand with a tissue plucked from the box on the desk, wipes the Batsuit off, and presses a quick kiss to Gordon's lips before he leaves, nothing more than a shadow in the night. Gordon watches him go with a rueful smile, and starts to dress again. He's not sure if this encounter was a mistake yet, but he enjoyed it all the same.