Raven was scared. More scared then she'd ever been in her entire life.

A child. A child was growing inside of her. Garfield's child.

She knew it was true; she was two months late and staring at three positive pregnancy tests.

She had to leave. She knew she'd be able to use Beast Boy's powers because of their unborn child.

So, while the others did their thing, she packed up her things and left.

She wrote the words "Goodbye. I love you." on a piece of paper for them.

She left Jump, and went to New York. She changed her name to Rachel. Rachel Roth.

She dressed in jeans, a long sleeved loose fitting black shirt, and her boots.

She kept her cloack and leotard in a chest. She bought a house, and kept the chest in the basement.

As her child grew, she prayed to Azar the infant wouldn't be green!

When she was 6 months pregnant, she learned her and Beast Boy were going to have a daughter.

Her name was going to be Jayda Logan Roth.

Jayda was born exactly 13 weeks later at midnight in Raven's house.

She had pale gray skin, viloet hair, and dark green eyes. She was a very beautiful child.

Especially in her mother's eyes. A few hours later, Raven went to the hospital to make sure Jayda was healthy.

She was. On her third birthday, Jayda turned into a chipmunk. But instead of being green, she was blue.

A few weeks later, Raven decided to move to Texas until Jayda could control her powers.

Four years later, Jayda asked about her father. So Raven answered all her questions.

After that, Raven told her about Azarath and Arella, her Grandmother.

She taught her how to control her emotions, and gave her her own meditation mirror.

A few months later, she met her emotions. They scared her. Especially Happy.

On her 15th birthday, Raven and Jayda moved back to Jump.

By that time, Jayda was wearing the samething her mother was 16 years ago.

Except it was black.