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Ginny, Hermione, Pravati, and Luna were all headed down to the Great Hall, when the news came. "GINNY, HERMIONE!" Both girls in question looked at each other, than ran down the rest of the way. Ron who had shouted for them, was in the process of nearly fainting and trying to hold his breakfast down.

Harry, even looked worried and shot both girls desperate looks, "What is it Ron?" asked Hermione failing to notice how certain girls in the Great Hall were running and leaving the Great Hall in teams. But Ginny noticed and grew even more concerned, Pravati and Luna both arrived at the Gryffindor table.

"Is something going on?" asked Pravati, looking mainly at the groups of girl's who were now congregating in groups and then leaving. Ron finally calmed down enough to hand Hermione a newspaper article, weakly as if his hand was carrying a bomb.

Hermione raised an eyebrow but proceeded to read the article, with both Pravati and Ginny trying to read over her shoulder. Hermione's eyes widened and then thinned into slits, 'Oh I can't believe it! Are they really that thick?" Hermione demanded of thin air. Ginny snatched the newspaper clipping and read out loud. "This morning, the Ministry of Magic decided on arranged marriages between witches and wizards who are of age. "It is mainly the witches who will be chosen for their marriages to a suitable wizard who will be able to support the witch and any offspring off of their union" says Minister Fudge. It is so far unclear how the Ministry will choose suitable suitor's for each witch who is of age, but the results should come for the witch as of next week. The marriages will be legally binding, and must be consummated within a month or two of the wedding."

Ginny finished looking as if she had just eaten something rotten, and Pravati and Luna exchanged glances. "PRAVATI!" Came a loud voice, both Luna and Pravati turned to face Lavender who was dashing down the aisle at an alarming speed.

Lavender barely missed hurtling into Luna who at the last second dodged Lavender. Finally when Lavender was able to stop she took a deep breath, "You'll never believe what I've just heard." She trilled. Pravati actually sighed, "If it has anything to do with the arranged wizarding marriages then, yes I have."

Lavender's face sank, "How did you find out?" she asked gloomily, Hermione looked downright amused at her expression. Pravati gestured at the Daily Prophet which rested on the table, where Ginny had placed it after reading it.

Lavender quickly scanned the article, and then nodded in satisfaction. "Well, I'm surprised the Daily Prophet was able to get this on the front page for today. But oh well, what do you think of it?" she asked, Pravati exchanged a glance with Ginny who was biting her lip.

"To be honest, I don't think most witches will be pleased to be married off like cattle to the slaughter. " Ginny answered, looking gloomily up at the high table where she noticed Professor's Mcgonagal and Sprout having a whispered conversation.

Ron still looked pasty, "They're bloody mad, they are!" he whispered looking at Dumbledore who for once looked somber. Harry looked thoughtful, "I wonder why they've only just now decided to pass the law. I mean, they've had decades to pass it why now?" he asked, at his musing all of the others also nodded, "It is strange, isn't it?" asked Hermione while sitting down and staring at the goblet that rested in front of her.

Ginny looked grim, "It's probably the pureblood's doing, I mean they don't want to spoil their bloodlines." Hermione snorted, "It would serve them right, seeing as how most of them were on You-Know-Who's side." She snarked.

Luna who had been quiet up until now perked up, "I wonder how they'll decide who gets married to whom?" At this question they were all stumped, "Maybe a truth telling potion to see how honest each spouse is?" Ron mused. Hermione gave him an incredulous look, "Oh honestly Ron, not only would that be a waste of potion but the results are expected next week. "

This left them all to their own thoughts, as it was a Sunday no one was headed to classes and they were free to their own devices. "But they can't have Ginny get married to anyone." Said Ron hopefully. Ginny sighed, "Actually they can, my birthday is next month." She muttered quietly.

Ron actually looked like he might have a cardiac arrest his face turned a deep maroon to match his shirt and his ears flared a bright red. All in all it was an interesting color combination that clashed horribly with his ginger hair.

Harry edged carefully away from Ron, as if afraid he might explode. Ron started to breath heavily like a pit bull and it didn't help that he was starting to turn red, Ginny wouldn't have been surprised if he had a red haze through his vision.

Hermione looked alarmed and then Luna's voice broke the tension, "You know Ron, I think I see some wrackspurts around your head." And to couple what she said, she waved her arms around like she was some sort of odd human windmill. This caused Ginny and Hermione to snort with laughter, while Ron slowly came out of his fury ridden haze to see Luna waving her arms around.

"Did I miss something?" he asked, stupefied by Luna's behavior. At his words both Ginny and Hermione giggled even harder. Harry chuckled at Ron's rather oblivious self, and seemed to realize that it would be safe enough to sit closer to Ron without fear of being cursed and scooted back.

When they slowly stopped laughing, Ginny sighed "With our luck, we'll be married to wizards who hate us." Hermione shuddered, "Imagine being married to a Malfoy, I think I would kill myself first." Pravati suddenly looked horrified, "Or Snape." She whispered, at her words all the girl's groaned in unison, "Urgh, I just had a nasty mental image of him." Lavender muttered looking pained.

Both boys just shrugged, not having to worry about being married to a Malfoy or Severus. "I pity the girl who get's landed with that man." Ron said, eyeing the high table where Snape sat eating his breakfast calmly but his eyes darted around the Great Hall.

"I think I'll head to the library to research anything about marriage laws, hopefully I'll find a loophole somewhere." Hermione said and without much ado she dashed off. Ginny stared down at her plate, "Well I think I'll owl Fred and George and hope they have better suggestions on how to get out of this mess." But even Ginny seemed to know that they wouldn't be any help.

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