Title: "No Regrets, Just Love"
Chapter: Three: "Too Much Too Soon"
Author: StJimmyHasSinned

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Same disclaimers, same warnings

A very thoughtful Kurt sat at the head of his bed, laptop resting on his covers, typing away at an essay that wasn't due for another week. Kurt could be quite the studious pupil at times like these, but that all depended on what his social life looked like, often putting it before his schoolwork. But here he was on a Friday afternoon, in his bed doing homework in advance, although he somehow couldn't keep his eyes fixated on the bright screen in front of him.

When Kurt could finally get himself lost in the essay once again, his cell phone began to vibrate and ring "Teenage Dream" from his pocket. And Katy Perry could only mean…

"Blaine Warbler 3" was calling!

He quickly reached for the phone and answered without hesitation. "Hello?"

"Kurt, hey, it's me," the Warbler started nervously. "Do you want to hang out?"

The countertenor stumbled, only because the question was sprung so fast. "I, uh…sure. My house? Or Dalton? Or the Lima Bean…" he trailed off, waiting for a reply.

"No, no, I'll come to you…if that's okay. Is it?"

When Bella abruptly hiccupped, Kurt looked down at her, reminded that they had no choice but to hang out at the Hummel-Hudson house. Confused, yet smiling nonetheless, Kurt answered, "Sounds great- it's my Bella day anyway. See you soon?"

"Perfect," Blaine replied hastily.

When the 'disconnected' sound came from the phone, Kurt shrugged, continuing what he was doing. Why was Blaine acting awkward? Possibly because their last talk consisted of Blaine getting upset and walking out on Kurt?

But let's face it, how could Kurt focus of something as trivial as an English paper with an infant crawling around on the bed next to him? Excepting defeat, he saved his work, shoved the computed aside, and scooped Bella up into his arms.

Blaine was right- how could anyone kill off an innocent child that had no say on the abortion? The whole concept of destroying something you created just didn't make sense to Kurt. Bella was now able to say "daddy" and "mommy" for the most part, and began to learn to walk on her two stumpy feet. Every step she made- even if tumbling and falling followed- excited Kurt to the highest degree. He wasn't exactly proud of what he'd done with Brittany all that time ago, but he certainly was proud to call the tiny toddler staring up at him his own. Bella would, sadly, never have a completely normal life considering the circumstances, but for a teenage pregnancy things were going better than neither Kurt nor Brittany could have predicted…


The baseball cap; the plaid; the jeans that weren't even the slightest bit skinny; the girl…the blonde cheerleader on top of him, planting kisses all over his face and neck…This was everything that was so not Kurt Hummel.

Kurt was trying to feel all over Brittany, trying to soak in everything about what he was doing, trying to actually enjoy what was going on. He would admit, Brittany was pretty and had a nice body, but Kurt just wasn't into her.

He pulled away for a moment, to Brittany's dismay. "Your lip gloss tastes like root beer…It's weird."

Brittany shrugged, continuing to place kisses all over Kurt. She didn't want to talk, no, that wasn't what usually went on during her regular make-out sessions.

"Can I ask you something?" Kurt asked curiously, pulling away again. "What do boys lips taste like?"

Brittany thought for a moment…not that there was much 'thinking' really ever going on in her head. "Usually dip…Sometimes they taste like burgers…Or my armpits."

Kurt glanced up at her curiously.

"Kissing my armpits is a really big turn-on for me."

The boy rolled his eyes, continuing to brush light kisses on Brittany's lips. He then heard someone walking down the steps, but decided to not even acknowledge anyone. He actually hoped for the person to not be Carole; that wouldn't do him any good. Finn, maybe- at least then Finn could spread what he saw to all his football friends. But Kurt really wanted his father to be the figure standing before him.

And all it took was a gruff throat being cleared for Kurt to smile against Brittany's lips, because, yes- now his father would think he's straight…or something. "Whoa...am I interrupting something?" The voice of the older Hummel rang through the living room.

Kurt spat, removing himself for the girl. "You sure are."

"Okay, I'm confused…" Burt started, looking at his son questionably. "I came home to find this note on your doorknob: 'Do not enter under any circumstances- I'm making out with a girl.' I just thought it was the start of one of your murder mystery dinners."

"Dad, I really need you to respect my privacy. Brittany and I were just, uh, having sexual relations."

"Hi…"Burt said, nodding awkwardly as Brittany waved at him. He motioned toward his son to get up.

Kurt's poker face remained perfect as he nonchalantly walked over to his dad, although his heart was pounding deep within.

"Hey Kurt, I've been sort of dealing for months with you being gay and everything; now you're telling me that's not the case?"

The boy exhaled loudly, replying, "Dad, you and I have more in common than I would have thought: the flannel, the Mellencamp, the ladies."

"Okay, well, you're free to be whoever you are. Just let me know when you make up your mind, and I'll do the best I can, but I'm good either way." Burt didn't really know what else to say to his son. Deep down, he knew this was just some sort of wacky teenage phase, but also didn't want to say something wrong to set Kurt off.. "Nice to meet you," he said, smiling at the girl who was dressed in clothes that seemed a bit too risqué for his liking.

Brittany smiled, once again, blankly.

"You kids be…careful, alright? And you have to respect her- these things get serious."

Kurt nodded, impatiently waiting for his dad to leave him alone.

"Use protection." Burt added in finally, disappearing up the stairs.

Kurt turned back to Brittany, flashing an uneasy smile. Really, his dad knew how to embarrass him, and made good use of that when he wanted to.

Confused, Brittany asked, "Does he mean like, a burglar alarm?"

Kurt was speechless. This is why I'm gay, he thought. He honestly had no idea how to reply, so instead decided to continue what he was doing. It seemed silly…Now that Burt had seen him with a girl; he should have let her go home, right? But instead, his curiosity got the best of him, and he decided to experiment a bit more- it's not like Kurt would get many more moments like this to experiment, at least in high school, even if he did have to settle for a girl…

As the kissing continued, Kurt let his hands run over Brittany's arms. "Do you…Do you want to…?" Kurt felt uncomfortable asking for such a request as sex. It was weird…He was gay, totally gay, but he felt that his dad wasn't convinced enough.

When Brittany nodded eagerly, it was officially settled. After all, having a perfect record meant a lot to her…

Kurt's heart pounded furiously as he led Brittany up the stairs…


Kurt dazed off for a few minutes, remembering back to when all the baby craziness began.

What also seemed off was the fact of why Blaine had taken that conversation to heart.

Then it occurred to Kurt. Blaine. They had barely talked that whole week, and didn't even make weekend plans with each other. Was the curly-haired boy still mad at him? Why was he even mad to begin with? All Kurt did was voice his opinion, which Blaine pretty much agreed with.

The next thing Kurt knew, when he returned from his daze, the doorbell rang.

Shit, Blaine.

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