Dear Puberty,

Hello there, my name is Allen Walker, I believe we have not met before. I know this because I have been measuring 'me' and 'myself' since I was 10 years old. (The age puberty is supposed to hit most average boys and girls.)

I would like to let you know I HAVE been drinking my milk every night. Light 1% milk actually. But it's not helping ! BaKanda still teases me for being shorter than Lenalee now and he still calls me Moyashi !

I'm not here to just yell to you just tot let you know, I just want you to come to me and ...evolve me...?

AND I WANT *cough* wet *cough* dreams *cough*.

Lavi says they're really HOT.

Lots of Love&Gayness from,

Allen Walker.

(A/N):This was written When I was on a sugar high so forgive me. You can burn me in the pits of hell.