To quote a certain someone we all know and love ...

Dean loves Gummy-Bears; loves them a lot. Sam can see that this love affair is all going to end in tears …

Disclaimer: I don't own them, threw a penny into the wishing well. Didn't work.


"I told you so."

Sam wouldn't say it; he had his pride.

But, c'mon - fourteen packets in two days?

Dean lay curled up, a pallid, trembling creature groaning pitifully and clutching his fractious, distended belly.

Sam had tried warning Dean as he shovelled the candy down, he really had; but got only smartass abuse in return.

So fine; let Dean enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Actually, he kinda looked like he was in labour.

A violent gurgle erupted and Dean grimaced, whimpering as his grip tightened around his middle. When his belly finally fell silent, he groaned into his sweat-soaked pillow.

"Hate Gummy-bears."