Well by popular demand, this is the sequel to 'Kilts, Lambs and Drunken Brothers'

This story will handle America and England's wedding, the brothers looking for love and other bumps along the way!

In this chapter, its really just setting up the scene...

Weddings, Babies and Romantic Brothers

Chapter One - The Question Mark

Alfred. F Jones knew that he was the happiest nation in the world right now.

How on earth could he not feel elated, brilliant and even fantastic? He had his health, a lovely country and he was engaged to Arthur Kirkland, the representation of England. What else could be so better? They would be married in three months, the time was almost there and the wait was killing him! What else could he do to kill the time, other than spend it in his lover's presence all the time?

Oh yea, because England decided that he had loads of work to do and hardly spent any time with America!

Who wouldn't want to spend time with the awesome America? He was a hero after all! Yet here he was, sitting on the sofa and playing some video games while stuffy England was in his stuffy office working on...something. He had no idea himself. He couldn't complain much, because these last few months after meeting England's trio of brothers their relationship seemed to have gotten a lot better. England seemed a lot happier just in general. And the sex! The sex was just amazing! Those few days in that hellish house with no way to release his sexual desires must be getting paid back for, because never had England been so eager! The Englishman seemed to be more willing try out just about anything that America asked about...like that one awesome time he got England to wear that sexy waiter outfit he found hidden under the bed...let's just say, he didn't mind drinking tea if it was England that was willing to serve it for him!

Of course, the rest of the world knew about their planned wedding now. Invitations had been sent and most of them had replied assuring that they would be attending. England had sent an invitation to his Queen as well, but she politely contacted back saying that they were also terribly busy what with the wedding of Kate and William coming up (England was adament that he didn't want their own wedding to fall on the same day as the Royal Wedding, he didn't want to overshadow his future ruler's day). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland usually visited England when they were discussing things like wedding cakes and photographers...America just sat with his games console. That was all kind of girly stuff to be honest, but if he was asked he did give his honest opinion...and was greatly ignored.

Not that America minded. After all, the actual day mattered to him. Hell, everyone could be naked for all he cared (though he rather hoped France wouldn't be naked...that would be weird). He did keep saying to England that he wanted to see him in a proper white wedding dress, though the Brit was keen to tell him the closest the man was going to get was him wearing a white tuxedo...though he did always tell America that if he behaved then he would perhaps get a treat on their honeymoon. He wondered what kind of treat...Arthur could get so creative when the mood suited him. Maybe he would finally wear that maid dress he had saw when they passed that costume shop...?

He lifted his head as he watched their two pet cats, Britabby and Americat snuggling closer together. They were such awesome pets! The two nations had gotten them shortly after their engagement. England just said he rather wanted a pet, and when America suggested a dog, the Brit went a little nuts. Something to do with Scotland having a dog or something...it wasn't exactly important.

Anyway, the point was, the two kitties were adorable. Americat was just as awesome as America, since he named him after himself of course! He was so quick and he could catch mice like a hero catching the villain! Britabby was just as grumpy as England was sometimes, but when the nights got cold the two cats would settle their differences and snuggle together. A bit like him and Iggy. Playful bickering, make up sex, then lots of snuggles. It was the best life ever!

If England would ever get his work done. Seriously, work could wait, when America wanted some loving. So with a sigh, America shut his Nintendo 3DS so it could go into sleep mode and placed the console in its cradle. He stepped over the two cuddled up cats so that he could wander up the stairs. England's office wasn't that hard to find, it was the first door on the left at the stop of the stairs. America knocked on the door quietly, waiting for that English accent to tell him to 'fuck off'. It never came though and he knocked a little louder this time.

"Hey...Iggy you in there...?" he asked, pushing at the door. It opened and with a shrug he slipped inside.

The elusive Englishman wasn't inside sadly, despite the fact the radio was playing on the desk that his lover would normally sit at. America gazed over the desk, papers were every where, a couple of pens and pencils...a sheet that had a cute doodle of himself and a love heart. Aww, even when England was doing his stuffy work, he was thinking of his most awesome hero, wasn't that great?

Something else caught America's eye though. Hidden under the piles of paper, there was some sort of plastic stick thing. Curious, America shuffled the papers over and picked it up, reading what was written on it...

With wide eyes, America dropped the stick and stared at it. This...this wasn't possible was it...? That one word, written there...it couldn't be true...?


End of Chapter

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Ok, chapter notes -

Royal Wedding - The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate will be next Friday here in the UK. It is going to be a joyous event (I don't care if anyone out there is anti-royal). My mum is throwing a party for my family so we can all watch the wedding together.

Americat and Britabby - This is a reference to Nekotalia. I thought America and England would be cat people~


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