I'm probably annoying a lot of people with these author's notes but you might as well read them if you are to understand what is going in my head.

Kilts, Lambs and Drunken Brothers - Over one hundred reviews

Weddings, Babies and Romantic Brothers - Over one hundred reviews

Do you guys see a pattern here? Now I have to write fan fictions within this series just for people to take notice. It's really disheartening, consider other one shot fan fictions that I have written took so much more time and detail to write. I pour my heart and creativity into other fan fictions and no one takes notice.

The point here is this - I don't want to write anymore.

It's gotten to this point, where one of the things that I really enjoyed doing is being ruined by this fact. I used to think I was a good writer, my mum said that I was a good writer. I've had stories published in books. I've written poetry as well. Yet, seeing that people will only read basically fourteen pages of fanservice instead of stories that took me time and effort to write, it saddens me.

Another reason why I was hesitant to write the Doctor Who/Hetalia fan fiction - I would become passionate with that fan fiction and then no one would read it. It happened with Follow Me down - I got passionate, I had a whole plot planned and no one took any notice.

This may just me becoming depressed with my exam results coming in soon, or returning for my final year at school. Don't you dare call me childish, as some of you already have in reviews no less. I'm posting this because if I didn't, again, no one would take notice.

So that's what I have to say. I don't know whether I will write any more fan fiction. This site has made me question my own skills as a writer and has filled my mind with doubt.

It's made me realise...I must be a terrible writer.

Sincerely LadyCaledonia