I will always choose you, Damon said to Elena. But will she choose him? Bonnie finds out a prophecy about Stefan, Elena and Damon, but who is her soul mate?


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Bonnie Bennett watched the storm outside gain in power and she shivered. Lightening flickered across the sky and thunder rumbled around her. Rain lashed heavily against her bedroom window and the lights flickered a little bit.

This was the worst storm that Mystic Falls had seen in a while. Being a witch, you would think that storms wouldn't even bother her at all. But she had been scared of them since she was a child. And just because a week ago, she had pretended to die in a fight with Klaus to protect her best friend, using all the magical power she possessed didn't mean she still didn't want to dive into her bed and pull the covers tightly around her and over her head, hoping to block everything out.

But she was a witch now and she had to deal with it. Her powers were a part of who she was and she couldn't deny it any longer. She had given up on ever having a normal life. Her best friend, Elena Gilbert was in a relationship with a vampire, whose vampire brother had a thing for her as well and she was part of some old curse where she was the doppelganger of the evil vampire bitch, Katherine, who had turned the Salvatore brother's into what they were now.

Add to that, her other friend Caroline, was in a relationship with Matt, their friend who they had all known forever, who knew nothing about the supernatural at all, but a boy in their class Tyler, also liked Caroline and he was a werewolf! A part of her wanted to call Jeremy, have him come round and put his arm around her and tell her it was all going to be ok, but mostly she wanted to feel strong all by herself and not have to rely on anyone else. Like her grandmother.

She reached for her spell book. Well, it had been her grandmother's, but it was hers now. She casually flipped through the pages, this always made her feel calmer somehow. Like the power of all witches before her who had written in this book was helping to influence her. Suddenly, her eyes widened. What she saw in front of her couldn't be possible, but it was their in black and white. It was a sketch that was perfectly drawn of Damon, Stefan and...Elena. It was definitely Elena, because underneath was a prophecy written by Emily. Had Emily been able to see into the future?

Bonnie didn't know what to do with this information at all. Should she call Jeremy? He would want to know. He'd gotten the hang of getting her to open up to him. But did she want Elena to know this yet? Should she go to Stefan? Either Jeremy or Stefan would be the first ones to tell Elena. Stefan because he was her boyfriend. And Jeremy...even though he loved Bonnie he would tell Elena. Even if she asked him not to she just had a feeling that he would. He and Elena may not be true blood brother and sister but they were still close family.

There was only one person she could tell. It was someone she really didn't want to see...especially on a dark and stormy night just like this. But she didn't have a choice. She grabbed her Book of Shadows and placed it in a bag to keep it out of the harm of the rain. Of course their were several ways that this could go wrong. She didn't trust Damon as far as she could throw him...which wouldn't be that far at all, because he had his vampire strength. He would use this information against her at some point. He would blackmail her with it or something. It was just a part of his character. But he was an important part of this strange puzzle and she knew one thing. If it would cause Elena pain to tell her what bonnie had found out, Damon wouldn't tell her. Stefan and Jeremy would feel she needed the truth, but Damon would keep it from her to protect her. And right now, Bonnie didn't think that Elena could handle the truth.


The storm raging outside perfectly matched Damon Salvatore's mood. He felt restless and angry and frustrated! How could he have been so...vulnerable to Elena. Saying all of those things to her? It made him look weak and if she ever said any harsh words to him again like they had fought in the past then he would look like a fool. Even though she had had perfect reason to hate him. It was all his own damned fault.

Elena had looked shocked and surprised by his confession that he would always choose her first. It had been a long pause before she had replied with a shaky thank you. Could she really not know just how far his feelings went? Stefan and Bonnie and...hell, everyone in town would have her believe he wasn't capable of any feelings. But he wanted to believe that Elena knew him well enough to know that wasn't true.

He had been an idiot to admit anything to her. He would never make that mistake again. He would protect her of course, and in a fight he would give his un life for her. But he would leave all the touchy feeling stuff to his brother, Sain Stefan! If that was what Elena wanted.

Frantic knocking on the door of the Salvatore home echoed around him, trying to compete with the sound of the thunder. What the hell? Who would be dumb enough to be out in this weather?

His super vampire hearing managed to pick up Bonnie's frantic shous of "Damon, Damon please let me in it's an emergency!"

He groaned and huffily walked towards the front door, flinging it open with a very unfriendly "What do you want?"

Bonnie stepped back in surprise but then barged her way into his home without waiting for him to invite her in. She was human after all. She could do what she wanted!

"Yes. Perfect. Come in and ruin my night why don't you?" He slammed the door shut behind them and they stood face to face, vampire and witch, always enemies.

"Damon this is serious. There's something important I have to tell you. It's a prophecy that I found. It was written in 1864 by Emily. It's about you and Stefan and Elena."

He stared at her, letting her words sink in. "Ok. I'm listening."


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