Kagura's vision, which is filled with various pictures of wildlife hanging on the various parts sections of the wooden corridor, contorts as if space time had been ripped apart. Her head pulsates in unison with the sensation as if her fragile, yet sturdy skull had come in contact with a blunt object moving at a high velocity. As Kagura's Picasso like vision begins to construct itself in to scenery that is more realistic, soft thuds enter into her ears in unison with the sound of muffled groans. Pushing through the mind bending pain that ravages her young head, Kagura uses the corridors partition to stand herself up. Her vision finally adjusts itself to where she is able to distinctively make out objects, however; upon this happening she is met with the sight of an older woman, with a white kimono. The midsection of the garment is decorated with various flowers ranging from roses to violets, all outlines with a trim of red, she possessed long, black, silky hair which holds a red hair ornament in it, and she also wore a pair or red sandals. Kagura's eyes fill with stars as she stares at the magnificent design of the woman's kimono, however; her star struck demeanor is shattered when she realizes this woman is firmly gripping a weapon of instant destruction, a gun. Kagura jumps in surprise of the seeing the instrument of doom drawn in her presence. Gazing at the glistening, black barrel, Kagura uses an imaginary line to follow the firing path of the weapon. The young woman turns paler than the color of the woman's kimono as she notices her sister crumpled on the hard, wooden, floor clutching her shoulder, with her blood soaked hand. A loud groan erupts into the air forcing Kagura to move without thought to her sister's aid. Another thunder crackling sound erupts into the air causing Kagura to halt in her tracks.

"Move," the woman says pointing weapon at Kagura motioning for the back up as she walks forward.

The solid wooden sensation of the corridor's partition caresses Kagura's back as she is forced against it as she watches the woman slowly make her way over to her sister who now has been able to make it to her knees. Withholding the need to do anything dramatic, Kagura watches on as the assailant places the weapon's barrel at the top of Yomi's head. The woman's eyes had gone wide in excitement twists the weapons point side to side as if she was attempting to drill inside of Yomi's skull. Heat builds within Kagura as she watches the sight of Yomi begins abused. It only takes moments before Kagura had reached her boiling point, as she observed the event unfolding in front of her again. Without thinking Kagura's feet had taken her closer to the where the gunwoman was holding her friend down. Fear hits her like a sack of bricks as the woman once again turns the gun onto her, and this time holds it in position not waving to her to get back to her prior position. The redness in her face still remains as the thought of ending the woman's life runs through her head, however; seeing that she has no weapon or the thought of negotiating may be the next best thing at this point.

"Why are you doing this Rei? We haven't done anything to you," Kagura says standing in place as the woman's gun is still focused on her.

The woman lowers the gun slightly with her eyes transforming from insanely sadistic to devilishly squinting. The woman's soft footsteps do nothing to soothe Kagura of the immense fear that the owner posed to her, as she stops in front of her. Kagura flinches as a sudden rush of pain shoots through her head as her attacker forcefully takes a hand full of her hair jerks her head back. Time seemed to stand still as Kagura's heart skips multiple beats as heated metal barrel of the woman's gun place forcefully under the exorcist's gentle chin.

"Haven't done anything you say? She's the reason my husband isn't a live right now," the woman says jamming the weapon upward causing Kagura's head to jerk upwards slightly. "She seemed familiar, but it wasn't until that other girl said her name out loud that everything clicked."

"I'm sorry to hear that, but she didn't do those things," Kagura says with her eyes focused on the woman's devilish grin.

"Not as sorry as she's going to be in a minute," the woman says with her grin becoming more devilish than before. "You seem pretty attached to her, what is your relationship to her?"

"I'm her sister," Kagura says loudly as if she was proclaiming a title of nobility.

Gone is the sadistic grin that the woman once had. Kagura's tenseness begins to relax as the woman removes the gun from under her chin and places it at her side.

"Go to your sister," she tells her as she moves away from the girl and dropping it to her side.

The rapid beating of Kagura's heart begins to slow down as the woman steps away from her. Taking those words for what they were, the brown haired Kagura runs her way over to her fallen sister, and takes her body into an embrace.

"Are you okay," she asks holding the girl's shoulder.

Kagura's body goes as stiff as a wooden plank, when she hears the loud cock metal coming from behind her. Slowly turning her head, she observes the image of the Rei holding the weapon directly at her, with a huge smile plastered on her face. Kagura's eyes tremble in fear as that her life could come to an end at any moment now.

"You shouldn't be so gullible," the woman says adjusting her aim at her target.

Kagura's body gently floats backwards as she Yomi's arm forces her back. The Tsuchimiya girl looks at her injured friend as firmly places her arms on the hotel floor and bows her head with her long black hair covering her face and sprawling out on the solid, wooden surface.

"I beg you. Do to me as you will, but leave her out of this," Yomi's says in a hastened tone.

Laughter erupts in the hallway as the assailant is amused by the request that the raven had girl had just made.

"You shouldn't be wasting your pleading with me because it's not going to get either one of you anywhere. She had the balls to defend you, so that makes her your accomplice." the woman says firing of a shot from her gun.

A muffled groan is fills the air as she clasps down on the deep, grazing wound. The blood from Kagura's wound begins to quickly stain her hand as she lies with her back pressed against the wall.

"This next one is for you head girlie," the woman says adjusting her aim so that the bullet would strike Kagura in between the eyes.

Kagura eyes zero in on the index finger positioned tightly around the trigger of the weapon. Her body shakes in anticipation of the final attack putting an end to her life.

"I was glad to have killed that sorry husband of yours," a voice creeps out of Yomi's mouth as she stands to face her attacker.

The woman quickly shifts her attention and the weapon over to the standing girl. Her heart skips a beat as she stares into the red snake like eyes of the girl she had first assaulted. As she begins to advance towards her target, black waves of energy squirm off of her body like streamers in the wind. Her razor sharp teeth glistened in the darkness like newly polished blades. Her body jerks backwards as the thunderous impacts of high velocity projectiles strike her body ripping through the soft flesh of her shoulder, chest, and arm, spitting blood into the tense air. Yomi's feet continue to move even though her body is pierced in multiple locations. Yomi now stands directly in front of their attacker causing Rei to pause as her body trembles as if ice water had been thrown on her causing the female to hesitate on firing more. Within those moments of that hesitation, the woman's hand floats across the room, slamming to the ground and rolling in front of Kagura. Kagura looks down at the loose appendage and her eyes grow wide in shock. Moving her gaze to cover the of the Yomi and the woman who shot them, Kagura's eye's grow wider , as she stares at the woman pinned against the hard, wooden wall of the corridor with Yomi's fingers lounged into her shoulder, blood staining the edges of her face. The sharpened fangs of her sister flooded her vision, causing Kagura relate this picture to that of a beast about to destroy its prey.

"I asked you nicely to leave her out of it," the words escape Yomi's mouth in her typical voice as she stares into Rei's trembling brown eyes."

"YOMI! STOP!" Kagura screams, but to no avail as killing machine moves closer to her victim.

The amputated hand of the assailant is still warm as Kagura's picks takes the gun into her hands as scrambles to free its grip from the weapon. A thud accompanies the limb as hit the floor confirming that Kagura had succeed in freeing the weapon from its grip. She winces as she lifts the weapon with both hands and points it at Yomi. The thunderous sound of the gun discharging rips through the hotel once again. Yomi halts her advance on the woman as she feels the bullet whiz past her head. She turns her head and stares at Kagura with her ominous eyes and is met with the image of the injured girl pointing her newly acquired weapon at her.

"You would raise a weapon against me after I saved your life," she says with a hint of hatred in her voice.

Kagura plants her hand on the wall to help herself stand, while keeping the gun pointed on the new threat.

"I won't stand idly by and watch you kill someone."

At that moment, Yomi notices the feel of cold steel pressed against the side of the throat as well as the sensation of a gun barrel roughly smack the back of her head.

"And neither will we," two familiar voice accompany Kagura's declaration in their respective kimonos.

The body of the Yomi's victim hits the floor with a loud thud after she rips her fingers out of her body. Placing her hands in the air, Yomi slowly takes a step back, with Kensuke and Shizuru holding the position of their weapons relative to her position. The dark squiggles extending from her body disappears, as well as her eyes and teeth turning back to normal. Kagura drops her weapon and makes her way to Yomi and the others. Suddenly, Yomi's body quickly jars, causing her to drop her head. Thick droplets of blood hit the floor, as her body begins to lose all feeling in her legs. Kensuke moves his blade, letting the girl's knees hit the floor with a bone crushing impact. Her breathing labors as blood streams from her mouth and onto the floor.

"I failed to get my revenge," the woman says with her bleeding stump wrapped in her kimono. "I guess the police will have to take over at this point," she says with a small chuckle.

Kagura, Kensuke, and Shizuru stare at the woman's crumbled body with their minds racing about what they should do right now. As Kensuke looks at the women in the drenched kimono. He then shifts his glance to Kagura's friend who is beneath him bleeding from multiple areas of her body, along with the sound of wheezing due to the gunshots to her chest. Using reasoning, the fact that Yomi is present, this woman is on the floor bleeding to death, and the possibility that this woman would associate them with Yomi through involvement with Kagura Kensuke comes up with the only logical path that the group could take.

"We need to get the hell out of her!" he yells motioning for the girls to start moving.

Kagura kneels down to assess her sister's damage. Kagura's ear is bombarded with slight gurgling sound along with wheezing pattern as she looks down at the multiple drops of the blood dripping from Yomi's mouth, chest, shoulder, and arms. Placing Yomi's arm around herself, Kagura hoists her up attempting to keep as much pressure off of her own injury as she could. Just as the two stand, the door to the women's spring slowly creeks open revealing the Yomi lookalike as she cautiously enters into the room upon seeing her three friends standing around. The shy, female surveys the scenery which causes her jaw to drop upon seeing an amputated hotel owner, wounded Kagura, and blood soaked Yomi.

"What happened in here," she asks placing her hand over her mouth.

"We don't have time to go over that right now. The cops are coming and unless you want to be caught up in this you may want to come on," Shizuru states turning her back to the girl.

The adrenaline in the room increases as everyone storms down the corridor as fast they can to reach the front entrance of the hot springs hotel with Shizuru holding point. As the group makes it to the front entrance of the building, she slams to halt as the sounds of sirens bleed trough the solid walls. Everyone turns around as her hands motions for the group to turn around and head the other way.

"There should be an exit at the rear of the building," Kagura says struggling to keep her balance with the full weight of Yomi's body weighing her down.

Heading back the way from which they came, they round a series of corners, and travel down the narrow corridors of the hotel, they finally make it to the back exit. An ear shattering siren blares as Shizuru's foot forces the entrance open revealing a descending stone staircase that leads into a dense forest below the hotel property. Shizuru and Izumi make it out of the door first, however; just as Kensuke brushes past the entrance he is stopped by the loud pound of bodies hitting the floor behind him. Turning around to check out the noise, he notices that Kagura and Yomi lie on the floor meters from his position. Racing back inside the building the redhead swiftly advances his way to the fallen girls. As he bends down to check on Kagura he notices that she is favoring her injured shoulder.

"I need you to get up Kagura, you just have to get a little further," he encourages the girl while taking her uninjured arm and roughly picks her up causing her to release squeals of pain.

Kagura begins her advance towards the exit, when she suddenly stops in her tracks. Turning around, she sees Kensuke hoisting Yomi and placing her body over his shoulder. As the weight of her body descended upon his shoulder, he takes a deep breath before placing his hand around the girl's legs and continuing to catch up with the rest of the group.

"I'm sorry," leaks out of Yomi's mouth and into the two exorcists ears as all three of them exit the building together.

The green tops of the gigantic plants stand still as to provide cover from the eyes of the twinkling stars overhead. Fallen leaves as well as twigs snap under the unbearable weight of the escaping humans. As the teenagers careful, jogging pace begins to the decrease, tiny beads of sweat trickle down everyone's face and bodies as the warm climate within the forestry causes their sweat glands to pour liquid out onto their skin. The thick trunk of a fallen tree makes a decent spot for the girls to rest as Kagura, Izumi, and Shizuru chest frantically rise and fall as they attempt to catch their breathes from going at their pace for almost two miles through the darkness ridden woods. Moments after the girls had found their place to rest, Kensuke finally arrives at the position, his body almost on the verge of collapse as he is almost at his limit with carrying Yomi on his shoulders. Sweat devours his body as he lightly places the most injured of the group softly against the backside of the tree being used by the other girls.

"Finally," he says dropping onto the ground motionless besides for the movement of his chest.

"Do..you think…..we lost them," Izumi asks not able to make the sentence flow in her present condition.

"I….doubt it. They will probably….have the roads…..in the area blocked…..road blocked looking for us."

The silence within their section of the woods deepens as the no other words are shared amongst the group. Moments turn to the minutes, as the recuperation of the escapees is almost complete, at least in the area of their physical exertion. Suddenly Shizuru puts up her hands, signaling everyone to not make a sound. Silence is the only sound that can be heard as the blonde exorcist quietly studies her surroundings. The sound of barely audible voices, suddenly float into her ears causing her to jump from her position and focus on everyone else.

"We need to move." She says beginning her trek deeper into the forest.

Kagura and Izumi jump off of the trunk in and begin to make their way towards Shizuru's position. Kensuke stares at the motionless and unconscious Yomi as he maneuvers into position to place the young woman onto his shoulders. Having her securely on his shoulders, he makes his way around the fallen plant and continues.

"There's no way that this girl is worth all of this trouble."

The density of the vegetation thickens with bushy flowers, thorn covered vines, mushrooms and other unidentifiable plant life that the group can't determine due to the surrounding darkness that envelopes their environment. The members of the fleeing group rub and scratch at their sliced, skewered, and irritated skin caused the lack of caution as they progressed through their environment. Suddenly the forests, dense plants began to thin out causing smiles to creep across the fatigued faces of the escaping youths. Stepping over the last big of thorny vegetation on the ground, the Shizuru, Izumi, and Kagura burst out of the confines of the "jungle". The ominous night sky, filled with clouds at this point, hover block out the illuminating light of the moon, however; even without the light the girl's sprint several yards ahead of them. As they near their destination, Kensuke finally emerges from the lush forestry dropping to his knees and closing his eyes. Scars, purple splotches, and blood cover various parts of his legs as he had to focus more on keeping up with the group rather than dodging the surrounding peril of the earth. Fire coursed through his veins as his entire being had been pushed to its limits, with the carrying the injured Isayama on his shoulders.

"That had to be at least another two miles."

Kensuke is snapped out of his monologue as liquid splashes against his face, causing confusion to reign over him. Opening his eyes to the scenery, he sees a fatigued Kagura standing a few feet from his position, with the other two girls dunking their heads into a flowing stream.

"Are…you okay," Kagura asks pulling Yomi off of his shoulder and placing her on her side.

"Never better," he replies collapsing on his side.

Kagura's attention is focused on Yomi as her arms begin to show life. A smile creeps across Kagura's face as she gets on her knees and places her sister's head on her lap. A gasp of excitement leaves Kagura's mouth as Yomi's eyes open to reveal Kagura's reddened face to her. The reunion is cut short as the silence of the woods is disrupted by an unidentifiable noise overhead. Shizuru's expression goes from fatigue to anger as she stands and turns to Kagura and Kensuke.

"HELICOPTER!" she shouts as a white light begins to sweep several yards behind them.

"You're fucking kidding," Kensuke blurts out slamming his fist on the ground.

"Follow the stream!" Shizuru shouts as she Izumi's hand and leads her along the stream's bank.

The sensation of her upper body causes Yomi to wince in pain as she uses her own strength to stand. Kagura launches herself to her feet as Yomi upon seeing Yomi upright stance.

"Are you sure you're alright," Kagura asks seeing how much of a struggle it was for her to manager by herself.

"I'm fine. You should help your friend there," she says pointing towards the exhausted redhead still lying on the ground.

Nodding her head in agreement, Kagura gets down and helps Kensuke to his feet. His weight slowly causes her to buckle. A muffled shriek enters Kagura's ear as the position of the male shifts and the weight of his body lightens. Kagura looks over to find Yomi supporting the other side of his body, with newly spewed blood coming from her mouth.

"Come on," she weakly commands stepping forward as the search light draws ever closer to their position.

Like rats on the run from a cat, the five teenagers move forward as fast as they can, unfortunately, Kagura, Yomi, and Kensuke bring up the rear by several hundred meters. Beneath the sound of the whirling helicopter blade, another sound begins to fill the ears of the exorcists and company.

A gap in the earth now hinders the groups progression. The water below their feet rushes off the side ground of the level ground, dropping what seemed to be an estimated one hundred feet below them into a larger mass of water. Shizuru's vision looks off tot the right as she focuses on the cause of the other loud noise. A flood of water rushes down the more elevated section of the earth crushing down upon a series of protruding rock formations below them. Looking along the side of the earthen wall, Shizuru notices a series of rocky platforms that lead end near the backside of the raging liquid.

"No other choice."

Upon the quick decision on the next choice of action, the blonde turns around to see that her other two friends are only a few yards back. As they make it to the edge of the road, she decides to tell them the plan.

"Use the rocks along the wall to get to the bottom! There should be a cave is a cave behind that waterfall!"

"Are you sure we can do this," Izumi says scanning the rocks and then the water at the bottom.

"It's too long a run to go all the way around, and there's an exit on the other side of the cave."

Everyone's eyes are on Shizuru as she delivers the situation to Izumi. Not wanting to doubt the girl everyone, decides to follow her, but the question of how she knows about their position, weighs on their minds. Taking the initiative, Shizuru stares at the first rock platform below her position. The burst of air hitting her face and the sound of her shoes hitting against the rock's surface makes her release a sigh of relief. Taking the confidence from her first successful landing, the blonde continues advancing downward via the rocky platforms. Izumi's heart throbs at an alarming rate as she jumps down to the first platform. A smile creeps across her face as the thought of impending doom begins to slowly dissipate from her mind upon landing on the first rocky platform. The last three of the group observer Shizuru as she is halfway down the wall, with Izumi slowly making progress.

"Are you guys ready to do this," Kagura asks, glaring at Kensuke and Yomi.

"Yea," both answer also giving a simple head nod.

"Let's do it then," Kagura says with a smile reaching from ear to ear.

The sound of the water crashing yards away from them is the only sound present in the group as everyone's nervousness and hearts begin to lower exponentially. The eyes of the individuals within the vicinity stare at the opening from which they entered as if it was going to magically disappear from their field of vision. The sound of footsteps echo off the walks of their hiding place, as Kagura drops to her knees in front of Yomi's face. The soft fabric of Kagura kimono takes the stains of blood into its fabric as Kagura runs the garment across the raven haired girl's mouth.

"I can't have you looking like a vampire," Kagura says giving her sister a friendly smile.

Kensuke, Izumi, and Shizuru stare at the couple as Kagura pulls down the top of her kimono to expose the top of her breast. The hole within her body, showing that the bullet had completely penetrated the girl's body and exited. Yomi points to Kagura's arm causing her to look at her wound.

"Oh, it actually grazed me. I just bleed easily," She says giving Yomi a small smile.

Heat rushes to Shizuru's face as the image of the two playing doctor is finally enough to break her silence on some issues that had been bothering her.

"I'm sick of this!" Shizuru says slamming her first on the ground causing everyone's eyes except for Yomi to focus on her now angered demeanor.

The blonde's body springs up like a slenkee. Focusing her eyes on the Kagura and Yomi, she opens her mouth to unleash her inner thoughts.

"This was to be an exciting outing away from work, and what happens, this bitch comes back and now we get mixed in with her shit! It's bad enough, we that we are going to be involved with the attack on the woman back at the hotel, but that's not the worst part! Fuck no! That's not the worse part! We have earth's number most wanted person with us, and we are aiding in her escape. That's sure to get us a seat at the torture rack!"

"That's not fair Shizu…" Izumi starts.

"Shut up Izumi," the girl snaps cutting her off. "Stop defending that murderer. All you keep doing is making excuses for her, and I'm sick of hearing it. Doesn't seem like much has changed about her psycho ass, as she was about to Hannibal Lecter that woman's face off. I knew I should have put a bullet in her damn head the moment I saw her."

"That's enough Shizuru," Kensuke says standing and staring the blonde with all seriousness.

"That's enough my ass. Now you want to defend her too. You just want to save face in front of Kagura. Don't think I didn't see it. The trembling with your blade when we were back there. You wanted to take her head off just as much as I wanted to."

The young man grows silent as he casts his gaze at the darkened earth below him. Kagura sees the sudden change in his peacekeeping demeanor to his present state and is taken aback which causes her to stare at the redhead with concern in her eyes. His brow flinches erratically as he slams his hand into the wall.

"She killed my brother and sister, and that's hard to forgive especially when their killer is in front of my face. Even though she did it, killing her won't bring them back to life."

A putrid taste develops inside of Yomi's mouth as the effect of Yomi's actions, fill her ears. Her heart sinks inside her chest as gloom begins to envelope her being once again.

"Everyone please calm down. Now isn't the time for us to lose it," Izumi says as she walks to Kagura and Yomi's side. "We should be figuring out a way to get out of this rather than ganging up on Yomi."

The noise of the waterfall once again breaks the grim silence within the cave. Shizuru eyes the Izumi, Kagura, and Yomi. Kensuke has his head pressed again the wall. Yomi sits silently against the wall behind her and says nothing. Kagura goes back to messing with Yomi's injuries. The speechless atmosphere goes on for several minutes as the feelings inside everyone simmer. Shizuru's emotions simmers down as time elapses, causing her to slam her fist on the ground knowing what she has to do.

"Look guys. I'm sorry that I flew off the handle like that," she says taking another seat on the ground. "I shouldn't have said the things I did, nor should I have put Kensuke on spot like that. I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, we all…." Izumi starts to say.

"It's not okay," Yomi voice cuts Izumi off. "Why are you apologizing for how you feel?"

The teenagers once again fall silent as Yomi's words surprise them. Yomi moves Kagura's hand away from her and rises to her feet.

"I'm sure you've felt this way for a long time, and you are just in doing so. I am not sorry for my actions, however; I am sorry for negative reactions that they've brought upon everyone here. I have caused pain and suffering to everyone here and for this, I am willing to undergo any punishment that any of you deem fit after I have accomplished my task. If it is my body you it is yours to do whatever you want with it, or if it is my life it is your to ta…."

A thunderous slap bounces off the walls of the cave, as everyone stares wide eyed in Kagura and Yomi's direction due to Kagura's aggressive action.

"How dare you talk like that," Kagura says staring at the reddened face of her sister. "Don't you ever let me hear you speak like that again," she says pushing Yomi against the rocky wall of their domicile and giving her a stare that would chill the average person to the bone.

Yomi stands with her back against the jagged wall with her eyes facing the ground unable to look her younger sister in the eyes. Suddenly, the feel of hands pinning her hands to behind her raises Yomi's awareness. The sound of steel being unsheathed follows up Kagura's retreat away from Yomi as a the pale head of a bald male emerges from the wall to the right of Yomi's head as well as another head, with short spiky hair emerges from the left with their eyes staring in her direction. Suddenly an entity slowly rises from the ground like a plant growing in real time. As it emerges, everyone can see the its wild white hair, fiery red eyes, sagging pale flesh, and tattered white kimono which flows to the ground. Kagura trembles as she stares at the familiar entity in front of her.

"Mei?" Kagura whispers as Kensuke makes a move to cut the apparition down with the mighty Michael Revolution.

"Stop!" Yomi yells causing Kensuke to halt his attack.

Kensuke stands in position, not knowing why he halted at the girl's command. Mei places her hand on Yomi's face and gently caresses her smooth skin. Her nose gently glides over the soft skin of her captive as Mei slowly inhales the scent of Yomi's body from her soft lips down to her feet.

"What the hell is going on here," Kensuke asks inching his foot forward, still having Michael Revolution ready to attack.

Mei's body movements are similar to that of a stripper, as she moves her hands across every inch of Yomi's body she possibly could and runs her tongue over the any bit of exposed skin that is present. Everyone's eyes are mesmerized by the almost erotic moves that this specter is putting on it's captive.

"Leave her alone," Kagura shouts causing the dance to end prematurely.

Mei's devilish red eyes, focus on Kagura as if she now wanted to use her as its dancing partner. Mei's focus shifts to the pounding water at the entrance of the cave. A smile creeps on the specter's face before she and her vanish into thin air. Yomi's body slides down the wall, meeting the ground with a soft thud. Everyone's eyes focus in on her and Kagura as they are lost in what just happened. Kagura's knee smack the earth hard, as she took no effort into not injuring herself.

"What was that," Izumi asks.

Neither Yomi or Kagura answers the question, for neither one wants to fathom the fate that awaits the pact holder in the near future.

To Be Continued…

Yomi's past actions have weighed heavily on everyone in way or another. The group leaves their humble hiding spot to continue their escape from their pursuers. How will things turn out when the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division appear on the scene? Also, how will the others react when the first spirit beast rears its head and causes trouble amongst them?

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