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Sofia shifted slightly in the uncomfortable chair in the interrogation room. Her arms were now shackled to the table in front of her. Her eyes remained on the wall right about the detectives shoulder. It has been almost 3 hours since the cops burst through her door. Sofia kept her face expressionless, even though her ass had gone numb an hour ago.

"Where were you yesterday afternoon?" Sofia's eyes counted the bolts that secured the two-way mirror to the wall. "If you talk to us, this will go faster."

"I have to pee." Sofia said. Detective Vega pushed off the wall.

"Answer some questions and we'll let you go to the bathroom."

"Let me go or I'm pissing all over the floor. Either way I'm peeing."

Det. Vega sighed but opened the door. "Officer, come here." A female officer came to the doorway. "Take her to the bathroom. She's not to be by herself and she is not to talk to anyone. Understand?" The officer nodded. Sofia was unhooked from the table. As the officer drags her along, Sofia almost tripped.

"Easy, bitch. I'm pregnant." It slipped out so easy this time.

"Go to the bathroom."

"It's a little hard to do with my hands cuffed behind me."

"Leave the door open." The officer said after taking the cuffs off Sofia.

"You really want to watch me take a piss?" Sofia huffed and did her business while the officer watched.


Happy cut the engine to his bike outside the police station. It took him three hours to get a hold of Ally Lowen and let his brothers know what was up. As he flung the door open to the station, three officers stood up, and put their hands at their guns. Unser came out of his office and stopped him.

"She's still in the back with the detective."

"I want to see her."

"All access to her has been denied."

"I'm her fucking husband. I want to see her."

"Sit down and I'll see where they're at." Happy stalked outside. He pulled a pack of cigerettes from his pocket. Just after lighting it, Happy pulls it from his mouth. Realizing he'll have to cut back. He looked up as the sound of motorcycles became clearer. Several of his brothers pulled into the lot.

"She still in there?" Jax asked

"Yeah." Happy said, "Where is Lowen? I called her two hours ago."

"You think they have anything?" Tig asked

"Nothing concrete. Sofia's good at what she does." Just then a black Lexus pulled up next to the bikes.


Sofia was once again chained to the table. She shifted her weight in the uncomfortable metal chair. Det. Vega had yet to come back into the room. Sofia arched her back, letting out a satisfied sigh when she heard it crack. She sat still when she hears Det. Vega's raised voice.

"You can't go in there. I'm running an investigation." The door opened.

"And you're questioning my client without her attorney present. I will have your badge."

"Try it lady." The detective growled

"I'd like a moment with my client…in private."

"You have five minutes." The detective growled before slamming the door behind him.

"You alright?"


"Here." Ally pulled out a bottle of water from her purse. "What has he asked you so far?"

"Just where I was yesterday."

"And what did you say?"

"Nothing. I was just silent."

"Good. Has he presented any evidence that could tie you to the crime scene."

"No. He just repeated the same question."

"Which means they probably have no solid evidence. They ask what happened." Ally pointed towards Sofia, then her own nose.

"I snuck up behind a friend. Got an elbow to the nose." Sofia let the lie slid off her tongue.

"I hope you get her back." Det. Vega barged back into the room. "Just in time. Unless you have some evidence to show us or you're charging my client. We're leaving."


"Look who it is." Tig yelled out as the door to the station opened. Sofia stepped out of the station to thunderous applause. She shook her head at the group.

"Knock it off."

"What's going on?" Happy asked

"They had no evidence to tie me to being there. I am free to go."

"Drinks on me?" Tig yelled. Happy and Sofia's eyes met.

"I think I'm just gonna head home. I'm tired and my back hurts. I need some sleep."

"Aww come on. You avoided jail time. We celebrate that around here."

"Not tonight." Sofia put on her helmet. Happy started his bike and they were off. Sofia let her body melt into Happy's as they drove towards home. Happy watched Sofia as she entered the house, heading into the kitchen.

"We need to talk." Happy said. Sofia nodded her head but didn't face him.

"I didn't plan this." She turned face him.

"I know."

"I never even really thought about having kids. I mean, I'm a killer for fucks sake. I take lives. I don't know how to take care of baby." Sofia took a seat on the couch.

"So get rid of it." Sofia shot up from her spot.

"Excuse me. You want me to get an abortion?"

"Your body. You do whatever you want with it." Sofia looked down at her flat stomach. She ran a hand over the t-shirt covered skin.

"I need to know what you would say, if I said I want to have this baby." Happy walked over to her, meeting her brown gaze with his own.

"Then we're having a baby."

"Don't. Don't just agree with me. This affects you too."

"I never thought about kids. But ours couldn't be too bad." Sofia nodded her hand. She watched as a tan, work roughened hand covered hers that was over their child.

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