Sam was asleep on the couch and I was lying next to him with my head on his chest and arms wrapped around him. I found it ironic that the tiniest bit of cold used to trigger something inside him but he was always so warm and cuddly. He shuffled slightly and his yellow irises peeked through his drooping sleepy eyelids. He gave me a small little closed mouth smile and leaned in to kiss my forehead. Then I arched my head up and kissed him on the lips. I smiled back at him. He rubbed my arm lightly as if trying to warm me up and held me close. I scooted up the couch until I was sitting up straight leaning against the armrest and he his neck resting on it too. I reached my neck down and my lips pressed down on his, after a minute or so he, for once, took the lead and ran his tongue along the ridge of my lip. I complied and opened my mouth letting his wet, warm tongue slip in and massage my own. That lasted about… I don't know but it lasted a while.

I rubbed my palms up and down his chest and he groaned. It took a lot to turn this boy on. He was always so hesitant, so… I-don't-want-to-do-anything-you-wouldn't-want-me-to-do. If only he knew what I wanted. Him. All of the time. He's awful that way. He's so seductive but when I'm too turned on to take it anymore he says 'no'. Ah! But he's not going to win this time and so far it doesn't look like he's going to put up a fight. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my finger nails over his pecks. I pulled the sleeves off his arms and threw it on the floor. He did the same to me. He rolled over so that he was on top of me, bracing himself on either side of me, straddling me. He slid his arms beneath my back and unclipped my bra and pulled it off as he brought his hands back out. I flipped us over again and he groaned. As I arched my back and threw my head back, I heard the door clip, signaling its opening.

Well, my parents were home but their room is on the way here so they probably won't even come this way. So I got more into it, bringing my shoulders and twisting my torso and flipping my hair. His hands rested on my hips and my fingers ran through his hair. I heard another door snap shut and I was confirmed with my relief. But then I forgot that I had two parents. My dad walked into the room and leaned against the kitchen counter with his back to us. He rubbed his hands up and down his face and poured some alcohol into a clear glass. He chugged it down in one gulp and made that refreshed sound. As soon as he turned around and saw us, he threw his cup halfway across the room in surprise. "God" he exasperated.

We broke apart and I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, looking embarrassed. Sam was speechless, apparently I was the only one who was aware that he entered the room. "Just get out." he told Sam, exhausted. He obliged and kissed me once more on the forehead before throwing his hoodie on and headed toward the foyer. "Wait," my dad interrupted, "were you here alone with her when we were on vacation?"

"Um, yes, sir." he knew where this was going. Not looking forward to the consequence or whatever the next thing coming out of my dad's mouth was.

"What were you doing here, alone?"

"Um, just kickin' back." He shrugged.

"Oh, okay, well, if you were hangin' just now, I assume that kickin' takes a lot more effort."

"Oh, no, it wasn't like that, Mr. Brisbane." He pulled his hands up, all defensive.

"Dad," I jumped in, "we didn't do anything." We had done it before, once, back when he was fighting for his humanity. That night after we went to the candy shop. That was a good night.

"Alright, than answer me this, are you a virgin?" He looked me right in the eyes.

I hesitated and the look on my face was defeated with a fake hope that this will turn out innocently.

He gritted his teeth and slowly pointed to Sam as if asking the silent question Was it him?

I nodded slowly and embarrassed. Dad punched him square in the face. Sam didn't fall but he had to steady himself on the front door. Dad grabbed his sweatshirt hood and threw him out the door and he tripped on the stoop and stumbled across the walkway. I watched him leave until the door slammed. I stormed to my room in rage with tears rolling down my face and slammed the door behind me. I could hear my dad coming after me, "I'm not done with you yet."

I packed everything I had and stuffed into a duffle bag. I texted Sam to stay outside and ran out there. My dad jogged after me from inside the house and called, "Where do you think you're going?"

I didn't answer, I just pulled Sam's head out of the car window and thrust my tongue straight into his mouth. I made sure that anyone watching would see my cheeks cave in and immediately get a boner. I pulled out taking his lower lip in my teeth. He still had a really cute confused face on while I watched the string of saliva make abridge connecting our mouths. I strutted over to the other door and threw my bag in along with myself. Sam knew not to go further into what I just did- actually, scratch that, he's just too turned on to talk. That is one hell of a hard on.

His breathing was rough and husky, I liked it. He drove forward in silence until Beck's house pulled up on the left.

In his room, he cleared out some drawers to make room for my stuff. When I was almost done, I bent down and looked through my legs discretely. He had been sitting there quietly for an hour, and I had begun to wonder what he was thinking about. Now when I looked at him, beads of sweat threatened his hairline. His chest heaved heavily. His hand rested casually in pants. Nice. When I turned around he froze and looked at me with intensity. I was unlike Sam to put his hand in pants right in front of me like this but the Sam I knew didn't seem like one to masturbate at all, but I guess this Sam is just really hot right now.

I stepped to Sam and stood before him. I cross lifted my shirt off and I still wasn't wearing a bra from before. His breath roughened. I slowly and put a hand on the arm that led into his jeans. And I slowly and gently pulled it out; as soon as it was, I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him at the waist. He rested on his forearms and planted a lustful kiss on my lips filled with passion and love. His tongue pretty much told me let's just take everything off in Parseltongue. So I did. His shirt. My pants. His pants.

He had flipped us so he was on top and stuck his hand in my panties. I moaned and he stuck one finger in… then another. His fingers curled and thrust. He pulled out of me and I gasped before he brought his mouth to mine again. He kept it there for a while and I felt his boner press against my thigh, and I reached down to tug on his waist band. He looked so hot in his tight black boxer briefs, it's a shame they have to go. Just as I got s hold on them, the door creaked open and Cole looked in, "Oh!… Looks like I'm interrupting something."

"Hey Cole" I poked my head out from under Sam's arm.

"Grace" He nodded his head awkwardly. Pause.

"Cole." I pointed out that he was still in the room, the only place in this house where he should not be.

"Oh! Right. Don't break the headboard, Sam." He left.

Picking up where I left off. Goodbye underwear.

Hello. There it is, Sam's seven incher. It pressed up against me only a thin fabric between our privates. I just thought of how Rachel asked me if I couldn't live without his luscious boy fruits. I laughed at it then, but now I know that its true. Sam gently slid down my panties and threw them on the floor. I reached into his nightstand and pulled out a condom. He slid it on and planted another long kiss on my lips while he entered me. We moaned into each other's mouths. We liked to go slow, it felt more right and romantic. He nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. I could see his weight shifting slowly back and forth out of the corner of my eye. I stretched my neck farther back onto the pillow and ran my hands over Sam's sweat slicked shoulders. Slowly he thrust in and out and he dove farther in every time.

His weight rested on his forearms which he used to brace himself on either side of my torso. His hips moved from side to side a little hitting a very nice spot. I groaned and he did too only his was more of a growl than mine. He started panting along with me and I was so close and he sounded like he was too. My walls started to close around him, cradling him. More moans. Cole knocked on his floor/our ceiling and yelled, "KEEP IT DOWN. PLEASE."

Sam let out a shaky, breathy laugh and breathed more heavily. I did too. It felt so good without going like a jackhammer into cement. And finally Sam and I came together letting out a finally pleasured sigh as he rolled off me and lied next to me. I could hear a faint 'finally' coming from upstairs. We both grinned at each other; I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. He tilted his chin forward and kissed my softly and gently. He made out in bed until I fell asleep followed by him. Promising smooth sailing for at least the next few days.