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I'm so happy that it's comfortable for us to do our whatever in the bathroom at the same time. I took a shower while he brushed his teeth or brushed his floppy hair. Sam is cool that way he can keep himself composed even though I was naked only a few feet away.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine now."

"Okay, well I'll see you in like an hour because I'm going to go for a run."

"Alrighty then. Bye."

He left the bathroom and I felt alone, but in a good way like you could do whatever however and not get judged. With that privilege I hopped out of the shower and blasted the iHome on the dresser. I danced around in my underwear and blew out my hair. Long and wavy blonde locks cascaded down my back forming a 'v' at the tip. Some streaks were still dark from the moisture but I liked it.

I jumped into some short jean shorts and a purple, 'Young and Reckless' loose long tank. Top it off with a pair a black leather booties, flats that is. Plus some light make up and I'm done and Cole and Sam head over. Cole who shares the same fancy towards music as I do, as opposed to Sam, says, "Oh, I love this song. 'Scotty Doesn't Know' by Lustra, right?"

"Yeah" I yelled over the bass. He strutted over to me and took my hand he spun me around and dipped me just for fun and Sam seemed to be entertained over in the corner. When the song ended I said, "Aww, Sammy feels left out." he smiled. The look on his face was kind of awkward and amused because the entire song is about a dude have hardcore sex with Scotty's girlfriend in the back of his truck when the girl said she was at church. I shuffled over to my iPod and turned to my 'Sam' play list. 'Truth' by Alexander came on and me and Cole, kiddingly rocked out to the whistling solo.

When the song ended I turned the volume down to background noise and Sam told me I look nice. "But not as sexy as you." He was a sweaty mess. He laughed.

"I'll make sure of it once I take a shower." and he headed toward the bathroom. "What time is it?" he yelled over the shower heating up.

"Five thirty" I yelled back "Hurry up"

"Will do"

I sighed and turned the radio back on Cole came in with a turkey sammich and he asked, "Where you guys going?"

"Beck, invited us for dinner. Casual. Then we're going to the fair"

"Oh, cool, im going later with Isabell, maybe well see you"


Twenty minutes later, Sam came out into the living room in a pair of ripped and faded light jeans and a tight stripped long sleeved shirt rolled up to the elbows. Apparently he still dresses for winter. Still, extremely attractive and I held out my hand and his hand brushed it as he walked by to get the keys and picked me up from the couch by my hand and escorted me to the car out front. "Bye cole" being his rude self he just grunted and twitched his head in our direction.

At beck's, he greeted the both of us with hugs and brought us into the kitchen where the table was. We sat down and he brought out the food and drinks he offered Sam a beer but he declined I mean how unusual is if for a father to give his 19 year old son a beer when no one else is around (a/n my mom does it with my 15 yo brother, but only when my dads not home)

"so, I hear you live together now. How'd that happen?"

I answered because I didn't think he could tell Beck what really happened without extreme awkwardness, "Once my parents realized Sam wasn't just a high school three month lasting boyfriend for whom I felt only lust and nothing else, they started to not like him so much anymore and Sam being in the house- chastely, might I add- just became supremely tense and not as peachy as it used to be."

"that still doesn't explain why you left."

"Well, after they caught us the first time they decided sam wasn't allowed in the house anymore, but.."


"But, when they went away for the weekend, he did come over and they caught us again"


"Not done. He asked me an uncalled for question that a dad doesn't ask their daughter about their activities, then beat sam, literally through him put of the house and chased me down the hall yelling. That's where I drew the line and left."

"Fair enough, I just hope you can see this from his standpoint and not only yours."

"yes, I can but if you were there you could've seen how out of line he was."

"Well, im glad I wasn't."

"Sam, anything to add?" he shook his head like the brother of Barry Gibbs and squeezed my ahnd under the table. I don't think anyone was in the mood to see the fireworks tonight. My second wind has passed and I feel like I had just recently stopped crying.