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Brother Bear

Here I was in lovely Forks, WA. Well, lovely to some. In this small rural town it rained more than other places in the U.S.. Why would someone love that? If you were a vampire living for nearly a hundred years it was the perfect place.

I've been on my own for years now. Ever since I lost my brother, I searched for him not believing he could be dead. It wasn't long after that I became what I am today.

Opps! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Isabella McCarty, I prefer Bella. I'm 17yrs old, or 87yrs, old depending on how you look at it. Oh and I am a mute.

Before becoming a vampire I was living with my older brother. He was the one who took care of me.

When our parents died, others wanted to put me into an institute, because I couldn't speak. Nothing else was wrong with me though. I did well in school and I was capable of handling most any normal task any other girl my age could. My brother refused to let them take me away. We ran off and had a cabin in the woods. We had always been close and he always took good care of me. He was the first in the family to learn sign language so I could communicate with him. He was my protector from all those who picked on me. No one dared to mess with him, he was built like a lumberjack, although he was a gentle and funny guy on the inside.

I sighed, I missed him. I searched for him for a long time refusing to give up. He would be about 90yrs old now if he was alive. Even if I found him now how would I explain why I look the same as the day he left me? He was out cutting wood that day and I followed with a picnic lunch.


I was sitting on a fallen log finishing packing up the basket from our lunch. I was debating whether to stay and read or go back to the cabin to do chores. The day was nice and I didn't want to go back just yet so I reached for my book.

My brother was back to his task of cutting down a tree to make sure we had plenty of wood for the winter. He was whistling as he swung his ax in a good mood. There was noise in the brush and he paused mid swing to listen. I paused too, letting my book rest on my lap.

"Baby doll, I didn't bring my rifle with us. Could you go get it, please?" He didn't take his eyes off the woods. I nodded and stood up quickly.

Just then a bear stood up on his hind legs not ten feet away, roaring in anger.

"Baby Doll, go as fast as you can," he hollered. I took off running down the path. I could hear the yelling behind me. I tripped over a root and slammed into the ground. I pulled myself back up and continued to run, ignoring the pain in my left ankle.

I got to the house and slammed open the door. I jumped up, trying to get the gun over the door but couldn't reach. Frantically, I grabbed a small chair and dragged it over. I jumped on it and retrieved the rifle.

I ran back not caring that I left the door wide open behind me. It scared me when everything was silent as I got closer to where I left my brother. Tears already ran down my cheeks.

I got to the spot and saw the dead bear, his head looked like it had been turned funny. At least, he was dead. I looked around anxiously for my brother, terrified he was hurt.

I couldn't find him. There was blood everywhere. If he headed back to cabin I should've seen him.

I had no way of yelling for him since I was mute. I was terrified that he was lying somewhere in the woods hurt and disorientated. I shot off the gun hoping her would hear it and call out, but still nothing. I started to sob in panic, how could he just vanish? I've never felt so lost or alone at that moment.

My brother was no where to be found. I searched for days finding nothing. Our cabin was far out in the woods with no neighbors near. We lived off the land with him only going to town once, maybe twice, a year to get goods that he could carry. I had no one to turn to.

Several months after he left, a stranger showed up offering to help me, which was the worst mistake of my life. Now I was constantly on the look out and on the run from him. I shrugged on my leather jacket over my deep blue, v- neck sweater and black skinny jeans and check the mirror. An average American girl looks back at me, only paler and with golden eyes. I shouldn't stand out too much, I hope. I left my small apartment and tucked my long brown hair up into my helmet then hopped on my blue bike, Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R, to drive to the high school.

Once there, I noticed people already staring at me as I got off the bike. When I pulled my helmet off letting my hair cascade down my back, I heard a few boys' remarks and girls scoff. I shook it off and headed to the office. I froze when I passed a silver Volvo. That scent… vampires? At least, five of them. I looked around to survey the area then pulled up both my shields. It wasn't his scent, but I wasn't taking chances. I would have to keep a look out.

I walked into the office to get my schedule. I pulled out my iPod Communicator with a speech program. The device allowed me to type and it would talk for me. It made it easier to talk to people. Not many understood sign language, so I had to use this or write.

"Hello, there. You must be Isabella. I'm Ms. Cope." a short red headed woman said as she approached me, I nodded. "You're mute I understand. Do you have a way to communicate with the teachers? I'm afraid most of them do not understand sign language."

I nodded again and held up my iPod Communicator.

"Yes, ma'am." I had the device speak out.

"Wonderful, it's amazing what they can do these days with technology. Back in my day they didn't have anything like this." she smiled at me handing me a map of the school and my schedule. I struggled to keep the smile off my face, as I thought what it was like when I was human and all the advances since.

"Please have all your teachers sign this slip and get it back to me at the end of the day." She smiled. "Do you have any questions dear?" I shook my head.

"Thank you!" I typed out.

"You're welcome, dear. Have a good day." I walked out of the room and headed to my first class.

This happened to be English. Definitely easy enough as I look the list of books we were going to reading. I have read all the books before, so it was going to be boring. The teacher, Mr. Berty, was nice enough to not make a big production of the new student.

I laughed inwardly, even though as time goes by some things never change, you always have stereotypical students, they were easy to spot. The jocks, queens, geeks, and etc. Other things that don't change, a lot of people who think just because you mute means you're deaf too. I had a few kids whisper, thinking I couldn't hear or try to talk to me by shouting. One of the ones who thought to shout was standing in front of me now. He definitely would be classified as geek. He was just missing tape on his glasses and a pocket protector. His name was Eric. He was over helpful trying to show me to my next class.

By the time I reached lunch, I was bored and annoyed. The mindless gossip was getting to me. Since I was new I was the hot topic of the school. Boys were betting who would get me first and girls were saying unflattering things. I heard it all even without vampire hearing, because no one bothered being quiet, thinking I couldn't hear them.

I kept my eyes peeled all day for the other vampires. Would they be red eyes, violet, or maybe and hopefully gold? Gold eyes would mean they were like me and stick to animals rather than humans.

Luckily, it seemed that I had chosen to sit with the school gossip queen, Jessica Stanley. She was one of the few who got it that I could hear without her yelling. She happily gave me the run down of who is who and what was what. She yammered on and on that funny enough I actually wished thought I was deaf too.

I heard them before I saw them, a loud familiar booming laugh. I knew that laugh, it was the sound I could never forget. I whirled around and spot their table. All five sat together with their gold eyes, a few darker than others. Three males and two females. One of the males has blonde shaggy hair and a firm built, his face looked slightly pained. Beside him is a small female, even smaller than me. She has dark spiky black hair. Next to her was a male that made me do a double take. He was handsome, not as firm built as the other, but he still looks firm and fit. His bronze hair is in a disarray on his forehead, which makes him look sexy. Sexy? What the hell, I am I thinking. I can't starting think things like that until I know if they are friends or foes. Even then I can't allow anyone to get close. But this guy was so captivating that I had to drag my eyes away. I look at the girl across from him. Even with her back to me I could tell she was drop dead gorgeous. Long wavy blonde hair and she has the looks of a supermodel. Instantly I felt more plain. The last male caught my attention. His back was to me, but his curly brown hair seems familiar and he was clearly the strongest by his muscles.

"Those are the Cullens and the Hales," Jessica spook up beside me. She must have seen me staring. The bronze hair boy's eyes shot up as he looked over, clearly he heard her and was checking out what she was going to say. I avoid eye contact hoping he would miss seeing my eyes. "Which is which," I asked her with my iPod. I heard the voice from the bronze hair one comment to the others "the new girl is asking about us."

"What is she thinking?" said a male voice. Thinking?...Hmm does that mean one of them is a mind reader?

"I'm not sure" he whispered. I smirked to myself, of course not, I have my shield up.

"Well, the blondes are Jasper and Rosalie Hale. They are twins. The others are Emmett, Edward and Alice Cullen," she babbles on, but I stop listening to her. It can't be. But the name isn't that common anymore.

Before I realize it, I was up and walking towards their table. I vaguely heard Jessica calling after me. The few that were facing me eyes widen slightly and were on guard. They knew I was a vampire by know but I ignored them though. I had to check to make sure. I doubt they would be too worried since I had golden eyes anyways.

When I get to the table I faced the boy who had his back to me. His eyes widen when he looked me. I couldn't help but stare at him. It was him. After 70 yrs he was in front me again looking almost the same as he did back then, except he was a vampire too.

My brother, Emmett McCarty.

"Can we help you?" the blonde girl, Rosalie, snarled coldly. But I was frozen looking at my brother. So many emotions and thoughts were running through my mind. Happy, that I found him again. Angry, that he had been alive this whole time and never came back for me. Which brought me to feeling abandoned. Maybe he thought this was his escape from having to take care of me. Maybe he was glad to get away.

He was staring back, looking confused.

"Do I know you?" he asked, he has forgotten me. I choked back a sob as I slowly backed away, turned and ran from the cafeteria. I ran into a girl's bathroom praying no one followed. My heart broke as I leaned against the wall and slid to floor. He doesn't remember me that's why he didn't come for me. I dry sobbed in the bathroom stall.

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