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Outtake: Practical Jokes (BPOV)

It was just over a year since I first met the Cullens. Since I was married to Edward I now lived at the house, but I kept my apartment for appearance sake.

It was a long weekend and everyone left except for Emmett and I. We stayed behind saying we wanted sibling time; when in reality we were executing our practical jokes on everyone.

"This is going to be awesome." Emmett rubbed his hands together, gleefully.

"Just remember, Emmett, it's supposed to be a joke. We aren't supposed to hurt anything," I warned him.

"I know, I know," he mumbled, stepping into Jasper's study with his bag of Union paraphernalia. Our prank on Jasper was to take all of his Confederate things and change it out with Union.

I headed into Alice's closet. I took out all of her clothes and packed them away to hide in the attic. In their place, I filled her closet with sweatpants, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The prank on Esme was fairly simple. Esme was too much of a dear to do anything too mean. I ended up replacing all her drawing pens and inks she uses for drawing with disappearing ink. This prank might be the last one discovered.

Bear and I worked together on Edward's. Again, it was nothing that would harm anything, just probably annoy him. I didn't particularly want to prank Edward, but Emmett was adamant because he was never able to pull off a prank before on him. This prank involved not only switching the CDs in their cases, but also messing up his strict order.

The prank on Carlisle took a bit to accomplish. We took all his furniture and nailed to the ceiling of his office. We made it look like the whole room was upside down when you walked in.

Our prank on Rose was probably going to seem like the most harsh. We put her BMW in storage and replaced it with an almost identical model, only this one was lime green. The seat covers were purple leopard print. On the review mirror was fuzzy dice. Emmett added something to the car that made it hop up and down as it moved. He also made it so the radio station played only rap. Not only that, but the horn now played the "La Cucaracha" while the headlights blinked in sync with it.

"She is going to kill you." I shooked my head as Emmett showed me it proudly. He just shrugged his shoulders.

After all our pranks were set we spent the remainder of the time, playing games. Rose was the first one to notice as they must have walked through the garage.

"Emmett!" She screeched. We went running out to the garage where she was fuming beside the car. Most of the others are desperately trying to smoother their laughter.

"What did you DO?" She spoke each word slowly, getting louder with each one.

"I thought your car could use a change. Did you see what it could do?" Emmett started it up and hits the horn. Everyone bursts out laughing except Rose. Rose pretty much has smoke coming out of her ears.

She threw the hood up, then glanced down. She gave it a confused glance, then goes to check the VIN number on the car.

"This isn't my car. Where is my car?" She hissed.

"In storage in Port Angeles," Emmett told her looking afraid. I told him he went over board. He told her the address as she storms out ordering him not to follow her.

"I guess it is too late to say April Fools," Emmett muttered.

Edward's arms snaked around my waist and pulled me to him.

"I missed you, Love." I spun around so I could wrap my arms around his neck.

"I missed you too," I whispered as he leaned in to kiss me. This weekend was the first time we have been separated since we were married.

Our kissing quickly got more aggressive, until Edward pulled back. He chuckled when I pouted and tried to pull him back.

"Don't you think this would be better if we take it to our room?" He whispered kissing my neck tenderly.

"I suppose." I sighed, unwrapping my arms from his neck to grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the house to get him to the room.

"In a hurry, Love?" Edward teased, I turned and frowned.

"You know what? I have other things I could be doing." I dropped his hand and started to walk away. I don't make it more than a step before I was up in Edward's arms, bridal style. His eyes were black with lust.

"I don't think so. I am taking you to our room and reminding you that you are mine over and over again until you learn you can't walk away from me." He growled. He leaned in and bit me softly on the neck and then kissed it, causing me to moan out loud. He pulled back and smirked.

"Quit your smirking and get a move on," I ordered as I started to lick and kiss his neck. I was only vaguely aware of Edward running. He came to a sudden stop when we heard Alice scream, followed by Jasper bellowing for Emmett.

"You and Emmett have been busy," Edward smiled in amusement. I hoped he kept the same sense of humor when he sees his CDs. I saw a flash of Alice appearing before us in anger. I immediately solidify my shield.

"Where are my clothes?" She hissed. Jasper passed us and tackled Emmett and they started wrestling in the living room.

"Bella, please," Alice whined.

"Don't tell her they are in the attic." Emmett yelled. I shook my head as Edward started to laugh.

"Okay, I won't be the one to tell her." I bit my lip, slightly annoyed he told her.

"I also wouldn't tell Jasper that his stuff is in the same place." I rolled my eyes as Alice shot up the stairs like her life depended on it.

Edward continued up the stairs when Carlisle's office door opened. Edward poked his head inside and chuckled again.

"Amusing, but please fix it by tomorrow." Carlisle winked at me. Then he yelled for Emmett, who was getting beating badly by Jasper.

Edward hurried up to our room and shut the door. We made it about two steps before he sets me on my feet. He flied over to his shelves.

"My CDs are out of order." He looked angry, suddenly I really regret this trick.
"Wait!" I grabbed his hand to stop him before he moved them around.

"Don't be mad. It was just a joke. We didn't hurt anything" I pleaded with him. Edward's temper has never been directed to me before. He doesn't say anything, but glared at the shelves. I took a chance and step in between him and the shelf and started kissing his neck. I felt him relax.

"Edward, please don't get mad. It was just a prank. I will fix your CDs," I pleaded with him. I started rubbing his chest up and down and slowly make my way down to his pants. "Aren't you supposed to be teaching me that I am yours?" I whispered suggestively into his ear. His arms wrapped around my waist and he buried his face in my hair.

"In a moment. I have to fix the CDs first." He kissed my cheek again.

"Wait." I stopped him again. "The CDs are in order we just switched the cases. That way if you switched them back without looking they would then be out of order. It was Bear's idea." I bit my lip and look away expecting him to get mad again. After a few seconds I look back at him. Relief filled me when I saw him looking amused.

"That is actually, pretty diabolical." He shook his head.

"Let me. It will be faster." I started moving the CDs back into place.

"So you pranked everyone, but Esme?" Edward chuckled as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall as I worked. I glanced at him and he raised an eyebrow. I lowered my mental shield. Actually, she just hasn't found hers yet. We replace all her drawing pens with disappearing ink. Edward laughed.

"You do know that you opened yourselves for war." Edward eyes were twinkling.

"Bring it," I challenged.

"You asked for it." Edward grinned evilly then launched himself at me. I squealed as we fly through the air to land on the bed. Edward hovered over me as he starts to tickle me. I squeal and squirm under him as his fingers ghost over my body.

It doesn't take long before the tickling becomes caresses. Soon the laughter dies to moans and purrs. Our passion ignites into heated lovemaking as we make up for the last few days apart.

A/N: So this concludes the end of our story. I didn't include this as a normal chapter in the story because it didn't seem to flow with the rest of it. I was inspired for Carlisle upside down furniture by Sheeijan's idea to put it on the roof.

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