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Greetings fans, from Trickquestion Fan Fiction studio! A.K.A. one bored student in his parent's office! First, I would like to offer a sincere apology to all my fans, for the lack of quality and quantity in regards to my recent works. Besides the occasional bright spot of Toonbound, I fell my writing has taken a severe nose dive in terms of quality ever since Operation: J.U.S.T.I.C.E., and that the sequel story, L.E.G.I.O.N., is sorely lacking in comparison. So, I have decided that Operation L.E.G.I.O.N. is no longer part of the Trickquestion productions Fan Canon. That is correct, everything in that story has no longer occurred! I have decided that a new, superior sequel is in order, and felt that by re-mastering a number of good ideas from the old fic with better presentation to create a far better Fan Fiction I can formally apologize to all my disappointed fans. So, without further ado, Trickquestion Studios is proud to present, a new and improved sequel to acclaimed masterpiece Operation: J.U.S.T.I.C.E...

Codename Kids Next Door Operation: A.X.I.S.


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Codename Kids Next Door

Operation: A.X.I.S.





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With his signature battle cry, Nigel Uno, A.K.A. Numbah 1, mobilized his five kid team Sector V of the Kids Next Door. The child defenders of justice rushed for the personalized lifts that would ferry them to the hanger bay.

Numbah 1, the stylish commander of Sector V, proud English blood pumping through his veins.

Numbah 2, all American flyboy, mechanical genius, and the absolute worst comedian you'll ever meet.

Numbah 3, the ditzy but pure hearted medic with a hidden temper matching the angriest Oni found in the mythology of her ancestral Japan.

Numbah 4, the hard headed ruffian from down under who'd fight to the death for his friends.

Numbah 5, the sly, smooth stealth expert and absolute expert when it comes to the streets.

They make an interesting team, having been commended and reprimanded in almost equal amounts. Still, not one amongst them would trade their place among their comrades for anything in the world. When they combine their skills, no enemy can defeat them. They do sometimes have problems determining who exactly is their enemy from time to time though.

The elevators deposit the teammates in the hanger, and they board the nearest aircraft, the C.O.O.L.B.U.S., in a synchronized, practiced, fashioned. The children take their places as the aircraft rockets into the sky. "Locking onto distress signal captain. ETA one minute and four seconds."

"Numbah 1, this distress code is out of date. Could be we're walkin' into a trap." reported Numbah 5.

"I'm aware of that Numbah 5. Still, not everyone has recived the new frequency codes yet, considering the state Mandy left us in." The Leader reported back.

"If someone's dumb enough to set a trap for us, we'll take 'em down no problem!" Numbah 4 declared from the gunner's seat.

"Yeah, we'll show them!" Numbah 3 chirped in.

"We're here. Bringing us in for a landing." Numbah 2 announced. A few seconds later, the team jumped from the aircraft, all of them carrying 2x4 weapons and wearing face covering S.M.E.L.M.E.T.S.

The distress call had brought the children to a desolate, isolated forest. The only sound that could be heard was the faint chirping of birds. Directly in front of the squad was a wooden log cabin, a single puff of smoke exited its brick chimney. Numbah 1 gestured towards the roof, the door and the two windows.

Numbah 3 jumped to the roof and positioned herself near the chimney. Numbahs 4 and 5 moved over to the windows while Numbahs 1 and 2 moved to the opposite sides of the door.


The two at the windows chucked smoke bombs in before following them in. Numbah 3 did the same thing at the chimney. Numbah 1 kicked down the door while Numbah 1 added a flash grenade into the mix. The five spread out and secured the rather small cabin.

"Don't worry, the Kids Next Door are here to help... you?" Numbah 1 began, before trailing off at the sight of the cabin's sole occupant. It seemed to be a small baby wearing bright suspenders and a face concealing gas mask. He was sitting in an oversized chair holding a box of apple juice.

"It's about time you got here." The child retorted somewhat snarkily, while removing his gas mask to reveal that his head was in the shape of a football. "Duke Nukem got here faster then you guys."

Outside a game shop, several cold, aged gamers sit on a bench. Behind them is a poster advertising Duke Nukem's eventual release. The waiting fans sit in silence for several seconds, before one of them keels over and falls of the bench, laying unmoving upon the ground. The other ancient gamers blink several times, then go back to waiting.

"Anyway, my names Stewie, Stewie Griffian." The boy introduces himself. "I called you guys here because of the alien crash." he stated simply.

"What alien crash?" Numbah 1 asked incredulously.

Suddenly a faint whistling sound could be heard from outside, slowly growing louder and louder. Numbah 2 looked through a smashed window to see a bright red light descend over the horizon. A few seconds after it vanished, an earth shaking boom split across the sky, and a giant shock wave leveled the trees as a fireball shot into the sky.

"THAT, alien crash." Stewie replied simply.

(KND symbol)

Numbahs 2-5 were picking through the metallic wreckage while Numbah 1 and Stewie stood off to the side. "So how did you know this was going to happen?" Numbah 1 asked.

"Well, you see, it all started when I was looking up at the stars through my telescope, plotting to kill my mot..." Stewie trailed off, suddenly realizing he shouldn't reveal his homicidal ambition, "Moth, my pet moth. You see, it's very old and sick, and I want to put it out of its misery as painlessly as possible."

"RRRRRRight." Numbah 1 drawled sarcastically, having noticed his slip up. "Do go on."

"Anyway, I was gazing out at the stars with my homemade telescope, when Rupert thought he saw a comet. Upon zooming in, I discovered it was in fact, an alien spacecraft, and I quickly calculated that this is where it would crash." Stewie continued.

"Wait, whose this Rupert?" Numbah 1 asked suspectingly.

"Oh, how rude of me! Rupert, say hello to the nice people!" Stewie replied while removing a nondescript teddy bear from his pocket and made it wave to Sector V. Only Numbah 3 waved back.

"OK... so how did you know about the existence of the Kids Next Door?" Numbah 1 asked.

"Uh, the Kids Next Door isn't exactly a secret anymore, not after that massive light show you put on up in orbit." Stewie commented sarcastically. "It's possible that you've even attracted the attention of aliens, like the ones who are now plastered all over this forest."

Before Numbah 1 could respond, Numbah 2 yelled "Hey Numbah 1, I think you should take a look at this." All six of them stood around some strange piece of alien technology. It appeared to be a screen with a red line running along it. The line suddenly spiked as harsh mechanical words vocalized.


"What do you think it means?" asked Numbah 4. "Doesn't sound good though."

"I agree. We should endeavour to learn as much as we can about these aliens." Stewie suggested. "But who could possibly know about real life aliens?"

Nigel narrowed his eyes. "I know who we can ask."

Meanwhile, Negative Numbah 4 was sitting in a dark command chair with dozens of screens in front of him, displaying security camera feeds, world statistics, various technical readouts, and the newest episode of The Yipper Show.

A door opened, and through the new opening stepped Bling Bling Boy. "I've got some, uh, bad news, mister Negative 4 sir. Cartman has stolen one of our boats and left with Jimmy, Ana, and Heinreich. "

Negative 4 gave a small sigh. "I figured this would happen at some point. Still, I can't say I'll miss him stinking up my base. His prejudice and stupidity will doom him, at least now we won't get burned when he self-destructs." He paused for a second. "Still, he only took two fatties and a swooning girl with him, so we certainly didn't loose out in that department."

Bling Bling looked relieved at his leader's positive reaction. "We've also begun our operation to recover the alien technology." he added.

"Keep me posted on that." Negative 4 ordered as Bling Boy walked out. Once he was alone, the negative boy let a cruel grin spread over his face. Soon the world would be his, and his alone.

In the quiet streets of the Cul-da-Sac inhabited by three boys with the same name, the manhole covering the sewers rattles and stirs and then pops up as the chubby body of Eric Cartman squeezes through. He surveys the area, then peers back down the hole while speaking. "You guys head to the junkyard and wait, I'll meet up with you once I've got us set up." With that, he replaced the manhole cover and headed off.

After a short bit of walking, the fat kid saw the Eds trying (and failing) to make money with another scam. He began to slowly approach them while muttering "and so it begins."

A/N: It feels so good to write quality fan fiction again! I'll leave Operation L.E.G.I.O.N. posted in case anyone still wants to read that dull old thing. Besides that, just tell me what you think!

P.S. I'll post a time line showing who the new cannon works.