With the war over, humanity began the long and painful job of rebuilding. Though the destructuion had been great, mankind would emerge greater then ever before as a result of their trial by fire.

The Foster's Friends returned to what was left of their home and began re-building, like so many others. Though she had suffered a terrible loss, Madame Foster remained unbroken, and her passion for lost Friend's burned brighter then ever. With time, a new, grander Foster's would stand, it's doors wide open for those who need shelter, and a simple stone statue of a heroic rabbit would stand in the garden, surrounded by blooming flowers. A memorial to a death, surrounded by the life it had allowed to blossum. Herriman would have considered it appropriate.

The Eds had been changed by their experinces. Eddy, humbled by the evil his greed had created, joined the KND with his friends, hoping to atone for his sins. Double D had a spark lit inside him, the burning passion for life that drives one to protect it where ever it may be. He has vowed to use his genius mind only for selfless reasons. And Ed? He was just happy to reunite with his friends.

Without a navy, Negative 4's island soon fell to a blockade. Trapped on the ruined capital of an empire that never was, Yllaw and Evil Jimmy choose to abdicate the throne, and used all the islands power to flee into another dimension, abandoning their followers to the cold and the dark. They surrendered within a week.

The Doctor returned all the other worlders back to their homes. Most of them would never encounter the Time Lord again, save one, Finn. On a distant day, far in the future, Finn and Jake were knighted by the Princess herself. Amongst the cheering crowd was The Doctor, accompined by a strange, silent man in a white robe wearing sandels and a katana, who only allowed a quiet smile to adorn his Asian face. The mysterious man bowed, while The Doctor gave two thumbs up.

Although many monsters escaped to other worlds, those universes had their own heroes, who would defeat the abominations in time. Heroes like Ness, Sheperd, River, Chrono, Mario, and many more, would continue The Doctor's work across all of creation.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the sea, in the charred remains of Bikini Bottom, a tiny, almost microscopic being floats out of the ash covering the sea floor, ready to begin again.

On a high cliff overlooking a setting sun, Dib Membrane remains trapped in his metal exo-skeleton. He finally had the truth (the video and audio was safely recorded in his laptop at home) but he had no way to enjoy it, as he would be trapped in constant pain until the end of his days. The sound of metal on piano wire caught his attention, and The Doctor walked to his side shortly after.

"So, you've finally got the truth. Aliens do exist." The Doctor stated. "What do you plan to do with it?"

"Tell the world, I suppose." Dib replied. "I may not be able to enjoy it, but I've come so far. I'm not gonna abandone humanity just because I'm mostly machine."

The Doctor smiled at this. "Well then, President Membrane, I think I can help you with that."

"What are you?" Dib began, but stopped when he noticed he was suddenly, inexplicably, back to normal. "How did you..?" He asked, looking down at his now normal hands.

"Basically," The Doctor said while slowly strolling back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. "I cheated. When you meet Torchwood, say hi to Captain Jack for me!"

"Doctor, wait!" Dib cried out, causing him to stop. "Are... are people going to remember? Not me, but... the truth. Will they remember The Truth?"

"Oh Dib..." The Doctor stated warmly. "They are never going to forget. Say hi to the first lady as well!" And with that, he was gone.

Shortly after, in a Tri-State area, a pair of boys plan to help the world. Just as they finish a blue print, a blue box drops out of the sky.

"Say, aren't you boys a little young to be designing a line of robots to clean up the Earth?" The Doctor asked.

"Yes, yes we are." Phineas replied.

"Just as well." The Doctor replied. He then reached into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and pulled out a deactivated G.I.R. "Listen, you may want to reverse engineer this, then redo your blueprints. If nothing else, it will add... personality." As he walked back to his time machine, The Doctor spun around and tossed them something. "Also, you'll need this!"

It was a blue sonic screwdriver.

"Thanks mister!" Phineas replied as the T.A.R.D.I.S. disapperared into the folds of time. Just as he left, someone opened the gate.

"Watcha doin?"

"We're building a new line of robots to help clean up the world. We decided to name it: WALL-E."

"One last stop." The Doctor mused while punching in some coordinates.

Inside her room, Kuki Sanban goes about her business. Then, she hears her mom call. "Kuki! Some boy is here to see you!"

She leaned out her door and yelled, "I'll be right down!" Just as she was about to leave, something caught her eye. A new Rainbow Monkey was sitting on her bed. It had velvet red robes, a golden cap, and a strange headset, with three pieces of golden foil behind its head, like a circle that had three slivers removed from it. It had a small, handwritten note next to it.

"Freinds across time and space Rainbow Monkey?" Kuki read aloud. She then turned it over and saw more writting on the back. "See you on the Rainbow Monkey planet?"

Her joyful squell could be heard for miles.

And so it was that peace fell across the Earth. A bountiful new age was approaching for humanity, and though there would be struggles, Earth's heroes stood ready to battle evil from without or from within. The dark and endless night was over, and the sun was finally ready to rise.

Recoarding over...

"And that is the story of the begining of the first great and bountiful human empire." Finished a teacher. This was no ordinary teacher, however. Well, by our standards, he is not. In his time, he is just another educator working aboard the Eleventh Elementry Space Education Low Orbiting Station, a place where the children of human space colonists go for education, named in honor of one of the many incarnations of The Doctor. "Any questions?"

"Oh oh OH!" Cried a short girl with blond hair with a Rainbow Monkey identical to the one recived by Kuki all those years ago. It had become a rather popular varient as mankind took to the stars. "So THAT is when world peace began?"

"Yes. In the aftermath of the Night Invasion, the destruction was so great that war between nations was impossible. By the time the Second Renaissance began twelve years later, world peace had been achived, and humanity was free to put all its resources into space expansion."

A boy with slicked back purple hair wearing a black jumpsuit raised his hand next. "So, next class we learn about first contact, right?" When the teacher nodded yes, he became visibly overjoyed.

"Alright then, class is dismissed. As I just said, on monday we cover First Contact, and your papers on The Day of the Moon are due. You may also turn in your extra credit space elavator drawings, but as far as I know, only Donna and Rory even attempted it." He said while jesturing to a brother and sister. The girl had red hair and wore a pink ribbon in it, while the boy had black hair and had a bow tie. "Have a good weekend!"

Once the classroom was empty, the teacher smiled and stated. "They raised some good kids." His smile disappered when he found a drawer he needed to open was jammed. Checking to make sure no one was around, he pulled out a green sonic screwdriver and jimmied it open. He reached inside, kicked up his feat, and popped a jelly baby in his mouth. As he chewed, he muttered, "I can't believe I still like these things."


At long last and after significant delay, it is finished. Hope you guys like it!