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Hey guys! This is cindella204, and there are some people who I'd like to thank.

The Ice Within

Icy started reviewing somewhere around Part I Chapter 10. She went back and reviewed the first ten chapters, and has reviewed every chapter since. Having that kind of unwavering support has been...indescribable. She's also awesome to talk to, has good ideas, and really understands what I'm trying to do with my characters. Thank you for always being here, and also for being an awesome friend!


shieldmaiden19 also started reviewing around the same time and has reviewed every chapter since. She plays a very important role as someone who will give me constructive but frank criticism. Over time, I feel like her comments have made me realize some things about my work and make corrections. Thank you for putting so much thought into your reviews and really trying to help me improve my writing style!


sparklegem108 has been reading since...pretty close to the start (first five chapters?) and recently started to review online as well. She's my only consistent reader in real life, so I can call her or talk to her in school about my ideas, and she's always very helpful :) Thanks for sticking with me and listening to me ramble about stupid ideas every other day on the bus XD


BaileyRene's a bit newer to the party, but she's fast, consistent, and positive, which I appreciate a lot! Even just a quick, "Good work, looking for to the next one," can mean a lot when I post a chapter at 1 AM and I'm really not sure about it. Thanks for your encouragement!

So those are four really awesome people who have been really key to me finishing this story! Thank you all! I will be writing each of them a oneshot commission as a thank you present, so if you like my writing style be on the look out for those :)

A shout out to all the readers:

I started this story on 23 April 2011 on a whim. I had joined FF.N to put up a Maximum Ride story (which is no longer existent, I actually never got past chapter two), but then I saw that THG was a category and I just suddenly got the idea to write Finnick's Games. And then this happened. At the time I had never posted anything online, never realized what a commitment it was to have something online, and have people waiting for you to continue it...and it's been awesome. Through a school grant I'm actually going to get a copy of this story printed in hardcover, something to remember it forever after this computer's gone and the Scrivener doc is lost. I love all you guys, and hopefully I'll be seeing you on When Beauty Became A Curse in April. Thank you!

A shout out to music that helped me finish this:

Panic! At The Disco's Vices & Virtues, My Chemical Romance, 3OH!3's Streets of Gold, Ke$ha, Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine, All I Need by Within Temptation, Fall Out Boy, Green Day's American Idiot (The Original Broadway Cast Recording), Cobra Starship.

The bolded things are songs I actually like outside of for writing inspiration. You should look them up on YouTube or Spotify.


A shout out to YouTube videos/channels that helped me finish this when I was going through that creative drought:

Quitting YouTube by crabstickz

I'm Scared by charlieissocoollike


I recommend these things as well.


Shout out to my writing software, Scrivener. It's made by this tiny British company, but my writing process honestly wouldn't be possible without it.


When Beauty Became A Curse, the sequel, will be uploaded on 23 April 2013, assuming I don't have major airport drama. I will be arriving at my school at 4:30AM so I can fly to California for the DECA International Career Development Conference. Maybe I'll send it to my phone so I can upload it in the shuttle on the way to the airport...we'll see.


I'd like to end this with a shout out to everyone who has ever reviewed this story. I just went and re-read them all. From the most reviews to the least, every single one matters.

The Ice Within (x37)

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Thank you one more time! See you on the 23!


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