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"Mia?" he asks.

Adam squeezed my hand tighter filling my body once more with that warm feeling he always gives me. I used up all of my energy squeezing his hand back so all I could manage was a groan.

My eyes are closed but I am still painfully aware of what's going on around me. I can feel Adam's hand caressing my own, but that is the only good feeling. I feel ripped and crushed and bruised. My hair is wet and starting to get sticky. It sticks to my face but then Adam brushes it gently away. My face is stinging with pain. As is the rest of my body but I try to forget about that and focus on Adam and the Yo-Yo Ma Adam has playing through the iPod on my chest.

The nurse with the bluish blackish skin comes by to check on me. Adam tells her what happened. I feel the itchy tape being pulled off my eyes and a light being shined into them.

"She's responding to the light which is a very good sign." The nurse assures Adam.

The news of my recovering spreads faster than I thought possible. Adam stays by my side holding

My hand for the rest of the day. Willow parades my family through again by that time I have enough strength to open my eyes. Everyone is overjoyed too see me awake (and not dead) but the one who seems happiest (besides Adam) is Gramps. He starts crying when he sees me. This I can't stand because Adam joins in.

A month has gone by since the crash and I am recovering so fast. The only tube still attached to me is an IV so I won't feel any pain. Everything still hurts like hell. Especially the loss of my family. I haven't needed to go into surgery since I found out about Teddy…

But I am scheduled to get cosmetic surgery this afternoon. The surgeon agreed to come to the hospital so I could get out of here and get on with my life as soon as possible.

I moved out of the ICU three weeks ago. They figured I no longer needed intensive care… I much preferred the peace and quiet I got in my own room. Well as peaceful as I could get. Everybody kept visiting me and the only people I wanted to see were Adam and Kim.

"Are you sure you want the cosmetic surgery?" Kim was asking a bit skeptical of the whole process to make oneself look better. "I mean…" she trailed off.

"Well if I don't get the surgery then everyone will feel sorry for me and I'm already going to get enough pity when I get back to school." I pointed out, "Besides the doctor said I won't look any different than before the accident."

"Okay, if you're sure." We stopped talking about the surgery and started talking about what I missed in school. "I think the teachers will go easy on you considering the circumstances. I can catch you up on the stuff so you don't have to get one of those stupid tutors who think everyone is dumber than they are." I laughed at this. Kim was always so opinionated.

"Yea, I wouldn't want that." I smiled at her. Just then the doctor came in to give me the meds that would knock me out before the surgery.

"Just take these pills about half an hour before the surgery." The doctor instructed as he handed me some pills. This doctor was middle-aged and his hair was thinning. I took the pills and turned the bottle over in my hand.

"Thanks," I said. I could feel my stomach drop with worry. My mind started exploring everything that might go wrong in surgery. Kim must have seen this.

"Don't worry Mia," she said calmly, "everything will be okay."

"Thanks Kim."

Just as Kim had said everything did turn out fine. I took the meds and then went into surgery which went really well. I looked into the mirror afterwards and I saw myself the day before the accident. I lifted my hand up to my face. I couldn't even tell where my face was previously distorted. That doctor did a really good job. Just two more days until I could get out of the hospital. But where would I go?

Back to my house? No, that would be too painful. At least not yet. Maybe I could stay with Kim. Or maybe Gran and Gramps but they live too far away from school. Kim was right my family may be gone, but I do still have a family. People who care about me. I'm glad I stayed.

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