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It's been three weeks since I have been in the hospital. Once I was released I went to Gran and Gramps house for about two and a half weeks. They understood exactly how I felt. After all they had lost their only child. They knew that something like this is better not discussed. So they let me deal with my grief in my own way. Then when I thought I was ready to go back to school I went to stay with Kim.

School was a nightmare. It was almost more painful than this whole mess. Everyone I saw whether I knew them or not stopped me and expressed their sympathy toward me. All I wanted was to move on with my life. Bury myself in school work and my friends. Mainly Kim and Adam. But I could hardly focus on school since every five minutes or so someone would either give me a sorrowful look or start crying. I mean it's not as if they just lost their family in a freak accident. Even my teachers couldn't focus on the lessons properly. In history, my teacher was talking about how some war hero died a tragic death, then all of a sudden he stopped turned white glanced at me and quickly changed the subject. This was the last straw. I just couldn't take this anymore.

"Why did you change the subject?" I blurted out accusingly.

"I—I—I um…" my teacher was stammering, turning whiter than the whiteboard next to him.

"Oh wait! I know why you changed the subject!" I stood up to face everyone at this point. "Because we can't talk about the 'D' word in front of poor little Mia! Saying it might upset her!" at this point I was shouting as loud as I ever had. "Well I don't care! DEATH! Do you see me bursting out into tears? Just because my family is DEAD doesn't mean you have to tiptoe around me like I might explode at any minute! All it does is PISS ME OFF!" I shoved my notebook into my bag and marched out of the room, leaving my dumbstruck teacher standing there not knowing what to do or say.

I marched down the hallway to my locker. I quickly grabbed my stuff and shoved it into my bag. I almost felt bad for my teacher for yelling at him like that. But my thoughts quickly switched back to how I felt. I slammed my locker shut. I decided I wanted to see Adam. i texted him telling him to meet me at our park place. Our park place is a little clearing in the woods on the edge of the park. No one ever goes in there because it is so dense and big you can easily get lost in there. Just about 100 yards in there is a clearing with a pond in the middle. Adam and I discovered this after he dragged me on an exploration trip into the woods. I'm glad he did. It's the only place I can go to escape from people.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on the edge of the pond. I could hear Adam gently slide up behind me. I started silently sobbing. The tears just slid down my cheek soundlessly. Adam wrapped his arms around me and rested my head against him. I was still crying. Adam knew that it was always better to let me cry myself dry then try to talk to me.

Having Adam holding me made me feel a little better. Slowly my tears lessened and when they stopped I turned to face him. He straightened out my hair before he started to speak.

"so what happened to school?" He smiled at me telling me he didn't really care about the fact that I was ditching but he only cared about why I was so upset.

"Screw school. I just want to move on with my life. I mean I can't forget what happened but with everyone at school reminding me every two seconds…" I broke off. I looked at Adam hoping he had understood.

"it must be hard." He stroked my arm. "But they can't understand how it must feel. They don't know what to do or say around you. They do care Mia. They just can't express it properly."

"I guess you're right. But I sometimes wish they didn't care. You know?" Adam nodded. " I wish they would just treat me like they did before the accident."

We sat in silence for a moment. I thought about how much this really is affecting the people I love. Adam and his band weren't going to go on their mini-tour because of me. They had a rule that the relationships always came first. When Liz broke up with her girlfriend for a while the band put itself on pause to help her through the breakup. That's exactly what they were doing for me. They paused so Adam could help me.



"I want you to go on your mini-tour."

"Mia, the band is fine not going on the tour I mean there are always other tours we can go on."

With that I could tell Adam did want to go but I was holding him back. I dint wan to do that to him.

"Adam, I will be fine for two weeks. I have Kim and my grandparents to comfort me. Besides I think I might take a break from school. I'm not quite ready to go back to all those people. Honestly, right now I just want you to go on your tour."

"You mean it?" I could see the joy in his eyes which just confirmed my decision.

"Yes. I really mean it." I smiled at him. He kissed me so passionately I could tell this meant the world to him.

The weeks following however were disastrous. Just the opposite of what I had thought would happen.