Nacrene was a Pearl of a Place, a city established in restored storehouses built a hundred years ago. Despite the bulk of buildings being storehouses, it was beautiful, especially as dusk turned to night like now, with the drifting tune of an accordion wrapping its tune around the whole city and setting it alight with wonder. The Café Warehouse was the source of the harmonious melody, orange lights glowing from within the building where folks of the city sat at chairs at the counter, warming their hands on their scalding tea and coffee.

Outside on the wooden platform attached to the Café stood a navy-haired man, his hands working rhythmically on the keys of his accordion, swaying as he compressed the instrument together and then out; this was where the beautiful tune arose from. Two tables were based on his left and right, chairs surrounding them; two green and white parasols ejected from the centre of the tables.

To the right of the Café Warehouse was the cities' museum and Gym; the Pokémon Gym was built into the museum, based at the back. Within the museum were prehistoric bones that were fascinating to see, and brought you back to another age altogether to the one people and Pokémon now lived in, one where humans didn't have access to bridges and transport, large amusement park attractions and the technology they harnessed today. The Gym at the back was a mystery to those who had not faced its challenge.

A young girl named Skye lived in Nacrene, having grown up there her entire life. She'd spent an awful lot of time at the museum, learning about fossils and the ancient Pokémon, and even longer dreaming; she wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer. She wanted to unearth mysteries and discover phenomenon's beyond anyone's comprehension, working alongside the mystifying creatures that shared the earth with them.

Pokémon were a man's best friend, acting in more ways than one; some researched them, others kept them as their friends to live with, people even performed shows with them, and the majority became Pokémon Trainers, capturing and training Pokémon and building them up to their full potential, taking on Gyms across the land and striving to be the best they can be. In the end they would take on the Pokémon League, where they faced the four toughest trainers in all of Unova, and then finally the Pokémon Champion, who was supposedly stronger than them all combined.

At night Skye would come to the Warehouse Café and sit at a table outside on the wooden platform, listening to the peaceful sound of the accordion as it weaved through her ears. She'd stare up at the hues of blue, pink and orange melding together as night took hold, watching the stars begin to twinkle, and wonder what her journey would eventually be like. What Pokémon would she catch? What would she do on her adventure? What friends would she make? So many questions, and she could only imagine.

Today she'd arrived five minutes before seven, entering the warehouse to get her cup of piping hot tea. Before she'd gone in she'd noticed her cousin and best friend, Jet, sitting on the platform outside. She knew by the look in his eyes that he wasn't in this world, but his realm of thought, so instead of bugging him she left him be, entering the Café. Minutes later she emerged, but Jet was gone. Shrugging her shoulders, she sat down where he'd been minutes ago.

Skye hummed along with the accordion this night, feeling happily content with the world. Next to a steaming hot cup of tea on the table she sat at was her white and pink baseball cap, a peach-coloured Pokéball adorning the front. Her chocolate brown hair hung with two bangs down the left and right side of her face, the rest flowing in a bushy pony tail. She wore a white vest top and a black overcoat that ended just above her hips, and sky blue shorts with white tufts at the edge. She also wore black boots with dark pink laces and soles, as well as, on her wrists, black and pink wristbands and her Xtransciever.

She'd been educated enough at the museum to know there were special Pokémon. Gazing at the twinkling of the first stars, she wondered if any of them were Pokémon, lost to the Earth but roaming the galaxies, exploring places no man would ever see. It made her head spin, but it fascinated her. She settled back further into her chair, a soft sigh escaping her lips, and then she heard a noise.


Her aquamarine eyes snapped upwards towards the sky, and her breath was snatched from her. For up in the heavens was a cascading comet, a bright, alabaster globe rocketing across the tangerine hues of the sky. A streak of pure energy followed behind it, its whole presence splashed artistically across the atmosphere. Its tail smudged lines of white behind it, leaving a trail as it raced forward. Skye watched it in awe, unable to look away from the phenomenon.

Finally it completed its circuit within Skye's eyesight and disappeared over the tops of the thriving forest that surrounded Nacrene. In the distance she could see the looming figure of Skyarrow Bridge, but the comet had even surpassed that and shot on. The thing was though; to Skye it looked like the comet was headed down.

Skye was alight with incredulity and amazement at the marvel she'd just been witness too, but it was making her think. She'd learnt at the museum that the ancient Chinese regarded comets as Gods or other supernatural beings that appeared in the sky as astrological omens. She was excited to think something regarding the Gods was going to happen, but was scared it meant something bad for them all.

Her Grandpa, who was staying with her family at the moment, was very superstitious and raved about the Gods a lot. Most of the time he made no sense, but she and her cousin had definitely gotten the impression that there was something out there. Skye had a feeling Jet listened more to him than her; she didn't have the patience to watch him play with his moustache for several minutes, utter a few words, finally say something relevant, then go back to his moustache.

"Oh god, Gramps!" Skye exclaimed loudly, jumping out of her seat. Her tea forgotten, she grabbed her baseball hat off the table and slung it around and onto her copious brown hair. With that in place she sped off, leaping the few steps off the platform and pelting down the road. Her abandoned tea lay steaming on the table, where the accordion musician looked sideways at it, then at the speeding youngster, before continuing to play his melody as if nothing had happened.

Skye wasn't necessarily unfit, but she hated doing strenuous activity, and running full pelt to her house was strenuous enough for her. She knew she had to get used to it, but she really did hate running. She didn't know why Jet liked it so much. He was quite the runner, unlike her. The reason for her hurry was simply because of her grandpa.

"Hey, ye' scurvy dog, come 'ere! You and Jet've got to come here at dusk tonight, understood? I've got a surprise for ye' both. No, I haven't got three eyes. What? You asked why? Oh, errm, shush you. Just come!" His words rang in her ear as she glanced at her Xtransciever. Well, she hadn't overstepped the set time that much, only by a few minutes. Either way, she knew not to keep her Gramps waiting. He might go all Yoda on her, and they didn't want that again; last time he smashed several pieces of furniture, and completely missed her.

Finally she crashed through the front door of one of the renovated warehouses, stumbling in upon the scene of her best friend, Jet, and Gramps, who was stumbling towards his rocking chair, walking stick hitting the ground in no sort of rhythm. His free hand was behind his back, reaching to scratch his backside before he finally plonked himself down.

Bedraggled, Skye was panting, calming her heart rate as she lurched to a stop. She inhaled and exhaled for a few seconds before straightening up, a feral grin on her face. She looked towards her cousin, Jet. Jet wore your standard stygian black jeans, an alabaster white t-shirt underneath an ultramarine blue jacket, and a garnet red and white baseball cap tucking away his shaggy brown hair. His feet were adorned by black trainers.

"Well, look at what the Purrloin dragged in," Jet smirked, his face broadening into a grin. He sat down on a couch opposite Gramps' rocking chair, and Skye joined him, falling into the comfy feel of the sofa.

"Shut it, you. This is my house. I'll kick you out," Skye warned back, grinning straight back at him. Behind them both Gramps perked up.

"THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!" he shouted, waving his walking stick in the air. Luckily it didn't break anything, a miracle, but Skye and Jet ignored his words and continued to banter.

"Yeah, thank God it's your house. Personally I wouldn't want to live in such a shabby place," he remarked, casting a nervous frown towards Gramps who had settled back into his rocking chair; he seemed distracted by his moustache though, pulling it this way and that and looping the strands of hair over each other. He looked ridiculous, but that was Grandpa Edgar for you.

"It's better than the dump you live in. Last time I checked you were living in a dustbin out the back of some rubbish restaurant," she argued back, her fingers curling into a fist. She punched him on the shoulder, lightly, but it was enough to bruise. Jet was one of the easiest people to bruise ever, and Skye often took advantage of that. She also ridiculed him for it, nicknaming him 'Peaches'.

"Awwh, jealousy is a terrible thing, isn't it?" he mocked, shoving Skye back but seeming happy all the same, ignoring the fact he was probably already bruising. He then turned to Gramps. "So, as you were saying, Skye's real family were Hillbillies?"

"Hillbillies my arse!" Skye exclaimed with a hearty laugh. "More like rich millionaires who left me in the care of these people, else I'd explode of awesome!" She nudged Jet playfully at the end of her words. Gramps was fidgeting in his chair now.

"Come on, listen–" Gramps tried to interject, but was cut off by Jet.

"So you admit it, you're adopted! I knew you were different; everyone always told me you were different."

"Right, that's it." Skye ducked down and tackled Jet from the side, making it even more amazing seeing as they were both sitting down! She lifted him up, a testament to her strength, and managed to get him on her shoulder. "God, you're bloody heavy!" She was fake-panting, pretending to huff and puff and show how much Jet assumedly weighed.

"Must be all this muscle. It's heavier than fat y'know. Well, you would know about fat with those legs." Jet overstepped, and although Skye still took it as a joke, like they always did, it didn't mean she wasn't going to get her payback.

"Kids, kids," Gramps chided, but once more he was interrupted, this time by Skye. "Family shouldn't–"

"Ha! Hmm, you're right. Maybe I should take a look at that fat..." she said mortally, a devilish smile on her lips, before she dropped Jet onto the ground, hard. He could barely suppress a swear from arising, but held it in. Skye laughed at him. Gramps couldn't take it anymore. In a burst of energy he leaped from his chair, brandishing his walking stick.

"SO, IT'S EASTER, HUH?" he yelled, and Skye and Jet ceased their fight immediately. Jet got to his feet without complaint to his mishandling by Skye, and let out a retort.

"Did I hear Easter? Couldn't hear too well; Skye's fat was blocking my ears."

"That doesn't even–" Skye started.

"So, Easter?" Jet cut across. Gramps broke out in a grin, happily sitting back down now the tussle was over.

"Yup! And I got you both Easter Eggs. Oho, kids, take your pick!" He reached down beneath his rocking chair and brought out two beautiful-looking eggs. They were both quite big, and shared the same shape. However their patterns were amazing to behold. The first was a pale egg with a strange yellow film shielding the top half, which was as hard as rock. The second had a crimson top and an incredibly dark grey bottom … it seemed angry, which was pretty impossible.

"I want that one!" Skye screeched, lurching forward and grabbing the honey-comb egg from Gramps' grasp before Jet could even begin to register the situation. For a runner, he was pretty slow, or at least mentally, so Skye liked to think. Jet cocked his head to the side, confused.

"Hey, I don't see any wrapping paper," he said, suspicious. He took the other egg and tapped it with his index finger. "Hey, it's warm. I don't want lukewarm chocolate; that sounds unpleasant... What is this I don't even?"

"Oh well, I'll still eat it!" Skye chirped, putting the egg to her teeth and clamping down, trying to bite it. However it was as hard as rock and she only succeeded in hurting her teeth. Gramps threw a fit.


Suddenly it sunk in, and Skye pulled back what she'd thought to be an Easter Egg. It all fell into place, and suddenly she began to marvel the egg, eyes gleaming. "Oooohh..."

Jet obviously hadn't gotten the situation, and remained brainless to the situation. "What are these if they aren't chocolate? Useless, that's what!" He was grumpy by now, shifting the egg around in his hands.

"I'll have it if you don't want it..." Skye mumbled shiftily. If Jet didn't know what it was, she might be able to get it.

"You two are idiots! Can you not tell a Pokémon egg when you see one? Fools!" Gramps shook his head in dismay, disappointed at the youths. Jet was about to throw his egg at Skye to have, who was eager and waiting, but her face fell when Gramps revealed what they were, her plan foiled.

"Wait, Pokémon Egg?" Jet said, excitement growing in the pit of his stomach.

"Yes! Working at a museum, you'd think a boy your age could recognise a Pokémon Egg." Gramps mumbled off, saying something incoherent. He always did, and it was hard to discern sense from ravings about how it was supposed to rain Magikarp's tomorrow. Skye piped up.

"Ah, come on Gramps, I was just pulling your leg. I knew all along it was a Pokémon Egg!" she said with an almighty grin. Of course, Jet and Gramps both knew she was lying her arse off.

"Oh yeah, me too; I definitely knew it was a Pokémon Egg," Jet joined, but Skye leaped on him immediately.

"Shut up Jet, you liar!" she pouted.

"No y–"

"OI! BOTH OF YOU, QUIT IT!" Gramps barked, and the two fell silent. "Now, this ol' man used to be a great Pokémon trainer and even better with the ladies, I'll have you know. Now, I travelled this whole region with some very special Pokémon, and I know what your parents are like, so I'm giving you both a mission. Take those eggs and hatch them, then get out of here and get out there! I'll cover your backs better than I covered Jimmy O'Tooles in 'Nam–"

"Jimmy... the guy who got shot in the nose?" Jet asked. Skye was clueless; all she knew was that in her hands she held a Pokémon ready to burst into life. It made her shake with excitement. She couldn't wait until it hatched.

"Nam? Where the heck?" Skye started.

"Quiet, you," Gramps shushed, eyes narrowed.

"Right, we'll just leave now. Later, Gramps!" Skye grinned, similar to that of the Cheshire Cats. Her whole family shared the trait of having grins like a Cheshire Cat's, and it was a comedic matter brought up every once in a while. Skye held the egg of the mystery Pokémon in one hand and waved goodbye to Gramps in the other.

"See ya, Gramps! Bet you fifty bucks that mine hatches first!" Jet gambled, leaving the house alongside Skye. Behind them they left Gramps who was chuckling all crazy-like and was speaking complete and utter incoherent shite. "I love Gramps. He's battier than a Woobat."

Now out in the darkness of the oncoming night, door to her house closed, Skye laughed aloud. "Haha! Couldn't agree more, but you still top the crazy list. Oh, and by the way, there's no way your egg is hatching before mine, loser," she teased, poking her tongue out at him. Despite the taunts and other actions she performed, she kept the egg pressed tight to her chest. It was precious to her now.

"We both know I'll hatch my egg first. But let's make it interesting, will we?"

"Interesting? You mean you're going to sit on it like a bird and hope it'll hatch quicker, because you know mine's gonna hatch first?"

"Interesting, not as in how you somehow fit into short shorts, but as in... a bet." Skye fumed at his insults, directing an irritated scowl towards Jet.

"Hey! Don't make me tackle you again! I will – you know I will. So... what kind of bet?"

"Alright, here it is. Let's see, although we all know it'll be me, who can hatch their egg first? The loser has to fork over all their money!"

"Haha, yes! I'm running low, so taking all of your money will be great! Let's go, runner-boy." Skye was indeed low on money after spending it all on Pokéballs. She'd wanted to go and catch her own Pokémon and start her adventure a month ago, but she just hadn't been able to catch anything. They'd all hit the Pokéballs back or attacked her. She'd needed a Pokémon to do the deed, but she'd been lacking that. Her mum had been furious when she'd found out.

"I'll be running a clear mile ahead of you at any rate. Catch you later, thunder thighs!" Jet laughed before running off with his egg. He nearly tripped whilst doing so, and Skye had to wonder how he even managed to go in one straight line without falling over a pebble.

"Oi, you little–" Skye started, but stopped herself from shouting back. He probably couldn't hear her anymore anyway. She sighed, raising her free hand. Held there was her pink bag she'd swiped off the peg in her house before she'd left with Jet. Unlike Jet, she came prepared, and had a stash of Potions hidden in one of the compartments. She'd gotten them with the Pokéballs, thinking she could heal her newly caught Pokémon with them, but capturing none, she was left with only the Potions.

Slinging the messenger bag over her shoulder, it hung by her side as she planned her route. There was a curious cave she wanted to visit in the direction Jet had gone named Wellspring Cave, and after checking that out she was going to head back to Nacrene and trek across Skyarrow Bridge. Yup, that was her plan of action. She felt a lump in her bag and frowned, digging around the bag. She pulled out a gleaming red and white orb.

"Hmm, seems I have one more Pokéball left..." she whispered aloud, turning it in her fingers. Then, placing it back in her bag, she began to walk after Jet. Above her, tangerine had turned to a dark navy, fusing with chaotic streaks of black. Bright stars glittered and lit up the heavens, and the comet that had shot across earlier had landed on Planet Earth.

The omen had come, and now the Gods were beginning to play their part. Skye might think she was insignificant, but her role was exceedingly important. She held an infinite amount of power, but she was yet to know it. Life was about to get very challenging for Skye Flynn, but then again, she'd always liked a challenge

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Well there we have it. Chapter One of Unova Stars: Bright Shadow. I have to thank my friend Tommeh for the title. I basically stole it... although on his permission. :L So it's not really stealing... OH WELL. Hope you (whoever you are) liked this and will keep reading it. :3

This story runs in conjunction with Unova Stars: Cascading Comets, written by Tommeh.(: If you liked the character Jet in this, Cascading Comets basically follows his story, whilst Bright Shadow follows Skye. It's really worth the read; Tom's a far greater writer than I am. :D
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