The soft whisper of wind blew languorously across Route 3, the sea of emerald grass swaying with the air's current. Blossomed daisy's rustled close to one another, murmuring secrets of those who had crossed them on the dry earth path, fenced off from the surrounding forest. Dark green patches of elongated grass outlined the pathway, devilish red eyes peering out, full of malevolence and a hunger for battle.

Skye stayed far away from the tall grass; woven tales of bloodthirsty beasts that preyed on those without Pokémon, from her Grandpa, hadn't failed to keep her with her distance whilst without a hatched egg. She knew those 'bloodthirsty beasts' were nothing more than harmless Patrat or energised Pidove, but it didn't hurt to be cautious whilst her mystery Pokémon was still growing in its sallow shell; the egg was clutched securely to her chest, never to leave her grasp. It was dear to her.

Her azure optics roved her surroundings hungrily, spying hordes of sleeping Pidove nested in the trees, a rare Sawk sleeping cosily up against a tree, and a family of Patrat and a Watchog settling down for the night. Skye hadn't even known that Watchog inhabited this area, but thought better of it than to investigate and continued on her way.

Her grey boots clumped across the stiff boards of a bridge that passed over a small lake, it's translucent, tranquil waters reflecting the stars above. Skye peered over the edge of the bridge and gazed at her reflection, cocking her head to the side with a smile at how she rippled with the movement of the water.

She hoped that suddenly a comet would appear in the reflection, and she'd look up, seeing the beauty again, but she knew it wouldn't. Curiosity had overwhelmed her at that point in time, and now she was bent on finding out what it was, whether she found out now or later. It was so wrapped up in mystery. Oh, she itched to know what it was!

Crossing the bridge, Skye continued up the path, avoiding any and all patches of long grass. The thing she loved about Route 3 was that you could walk up it without landing yourself in any Pokémon Battles, so it'd been safe for her when she was younger to go to the Playground at the Daycare with Jet. They'd had lots of fun together, but those memories also brought back pains to her.

As she recollected her memories, she came to a halt, the looming, deserted form of the Day Care coming into view. The playground was abandoned at night, the sand pit and slide existing silently alongside the night calls of Pokémon inhabiting the area. Skye didn't enter, but looked from afar. After all, the Day Care man wouldn't be pleased to see her; the light in his house was on, signalling him still being awake.

She remembered many things. The first was a recollection of battles she and Jet had fought together with the other kids; battling was a popular sport in the playground, and Skye and Jet had been the top dogs. Jet had battled alongside his Oshawott, and she'd taken down many with a raving mad Lillipup. That little guy had been the highlight of her day, every day. However, she'd caused a lot of damage with the pup and he'd been taken away from her.

She recalled having thrown a fit and stolen a Pansear, and that hadn't ended well at all. The slide had been set on fire within half an hour. She'd been banned from setting foot in the Day Care ever since. She intended on making amends one day, but that wasn't today. A sad smile crossed her face, but it made her feel worse when she thought more about Jet and his Oshawott.

She remembered it, a lethal memory that had engraved itself in her mind. It wasn't the actual situation, but the serious tones her parents had used, the harsh words and worried expressions. Her Grandpa... he hadn't been the loopy, deranged man he was today. He'd been solemn, grave, looking as if he were about to take on a challenging task. She'd been told... to never, ever speak of Jet's Oshawott again. It was banned, with serious consequences if she broke their rule. She didn't know why, and she wasn't told either.

What had been the problem? Skye still didn't know. She cast off the memories, thinking it better to forget about it all. She moved away from the Day Care and to the left, climbing up a small set of stairs. She began to see her destination, the ominous presence of Wellspring Cave becoming known. The name of the cave wasn't particularly threatening, but who knew that lurked within? The entrance was dark and uninviting, and Skye clutched her egg even tighter to her chest. Taking a deep breath she stepped forwards into the cave.

The cavern was dank and eerie, dark patches spread across the ground. Boulders made up the most part of the walls, and the only light came from the entrance where a beam of moonlight lay across the ground. To Skye's left was a barely discernable ridge, capable of being jumped over from the other side. An elevated platform was situated around the middle of the cave too. She would hear the soft splashing sound of water somewhere, echoing quietly.

She began to walk further in. Her footsteps caused a movement in the dark recesses of the cave's ceiling, and squinting up she saw a whole swarm of Woobat clutching the roof's rocks, wings enclosed around their bodies. She couldn't distinguish any more than that. Her eyes began to adjust and she could see the outlines of objects more clearly. She came up to the water's edge and peered in, but only dark shadows moved there. She backed off quickly.

She saw the shadow of a bank on the other side, but what was there remained unknown; she had no Pokémon to Surf with. Edging near what she thought were stairs, Skye managed to stumble up them. She got to the top and fumbled about, still holding her egg tightly. She found nothing, disappointed. Some kids from when she'd been at the Playground when she was younger had told her that a rare item resided in this cave. She grunted and stood up from the crawling position she'd been in.

Looking downwards, Skye observed her egg. She couldn't see very well in the darkness, but when she ran a finger over its flawless shell... she found a flaw. A small crack in the top of the egg made her giddy with excitement. At first she'd thought she'd broken it, but then realised that was how an egg hatched. It cracked open until the Pokémon burst free. Her egg was already beginning to hatch. Oh, she couldn't wait to see the look on Jet's face.

Skye grinned happily and set off again, exploring every inch of the cave. Pokémon shrank back from her presence, and most were asleep. She didn't go challenged for even a second. It felt good to explore, and Skye enjoyed this feeling of just being on an adventure. She felt like it was time to leave though. She hadn't found the rare object, and she wanted to leave the cave before anything did decide to attack her. It'd been roughly an hour.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted it. A glint of gold had been all she needed and she was rushing back down the steps, heading for one of the murky, shadowed corners of the cave. She could see it more clearly now; it was a nugget, its golden form pure and sparkling. It sold for so much money, something Skye needed. Of course, she'd be richer when she took all of Jet's money.

When Skye was only a few metres away from the nugget a hollow, rocky cry vibrated through the cave. The Woobat above responded by waking up, flapping their wings noisily and swinging about, but they soon fell back into their slumber. Skye was frightened out of her wits, deep, cold fear wracking her chest. She couldn't move, stuck still in place as the noise settled down. The crack at the top of her egg extended further down, unknowingly to Skye; it'd been doing so for the past hour. When everything was silent again, Skye went to move forward, but was stopped.

The hollow cry sounded again, but the Woobat didn't even stir this time. A small figure rolled into view, blocking the pathway to the egg. It had a blue and black body, closely resembling a rock, and had a hexagonal, yellow crevice in the centre of its body, and another black hexagon within that. Two small, brown, rock-like features comprised its feet as well as another atop its head.

Skye stared at it, not sure whether to laugh or be frightened. It was so small, but Pokémon, no matter what size or shape, could be dangerous to someone without anything to defend them. In this case she had an egg, but she was supposed to be the one protecting that right now. She was hopelessly doomed. Who knew what horde of attacks the Pokémon may hold? All Skye knew was that it was Roggenrola, and it was a Rock-Type Pokémon. Her Pokémon Data book hadn't said much else.

She backed away from the Roggenrola that slowly advanced upon her, trying to get the egg anywhere safe. She dared not put it in her bag just in case she accidentally fell on it. As if to speak of the devil she then fell backwards onto the rock-solid ground, egg slipping from her sweaty palms. It hit the ground and rolled away to the right, out of Skye's reach. The Roggenrola stepped in-between the egg and Skye, stopping her from getting near it.

"N- no!" Skye exclaimed. What if the Roggenrola turned on the egg and broke it? What would happen to the Pokémon inside! Skye tried to move forward but the Roggenrola used a feisty Tackle, batting her outstretched hand back and bruising her wrist. Skye yelped and clasped her now-hurting hand, desperately moving backwards and trying to find something to grab hold of to fight back against the Roggenrola.

Skye shut her eyes. She'd let the Roggenrola do what it wanted, and then battered and bruised, she would make sure she got her egg back after. She could patch up later. She regretted coming into this cave when her egg still hadn't hatched. It was stupid and foolish. With darkness engulfing her closed-off vision, her ears heard it all.


Skye waited for the pain. Something had cracked; was it a bone? What had the Roggenrola done? But Skye didn't feel any pain, and curiosity overwhelmed her. Her eyes cracked slowly open, adjusting to the darkness to see better in the cave. What she saw was the Roggenrola lying on its side, apparently unconscious, or maybe just beaten up. It wasn't moving, and above it stood a beautiful little Pokémon Skye had never thought to inhabit this cave. It wasn't dark or scary like all the others, but a bright, vivid yellow in colouration.

It looked very much like a lizard to Skye, with large oval-shaped eyes that twinkled with playfulness and curiosity. It had jutting teeth and sported a small red scale on its head. Below the yellow section of its head it was cream in colouration, with thin arms and a red, scaled belly. It appeared as if it was holding up pants, but was in fact its molted skin. The skin trailed out behind it to resemble a tail as well, which swished about as it stared inquisitively at Skye.

The rookie trainer couldn't grasp the situation. What was this Pokémon doing here? It was absolutely adorable, and had a naive feel to it that Skye couldn't help but love. She hadn't seen it in her data book before, or if she had, she'd forgotten about it after. Skye realised then that she was trembling, her body wracked with nerves. She reached out a hand to the little Pokémon who cocked its head to the side. It then crawled towards Skye, revealing something behind it that completed the puzzle.

"Oh!" Skye breathed as her cobalt eyes fell onto a cracked egg behind the Pokémon, the top half lying beside the bottom on the ground. The edges were jagged and rough where it'd been split open with the force of the Pokémon hatching. That made Skye realise. This Pokémon didn't inhabit this cave. It had hatched from her egg. It was her Pokémon!

"Scraggy!" the Pokémon cried, sniffing Skye's hand with a delighted grin on its face. It seemed excited by her presence, and exhilarated with the thrill of the world around it. Skye's nerves finally calmed and she managed a smile, watching with light eyes as the Scraggy pattered up to her, reaching her lap and climbing into it. She hesitantly reached down and stroked its skin, feeling the smooth texture of its head. The Scraggy rubbed itself against her hand, and Skye chuckled. The Pokémon was adorable!

Skye was analysing the Scraggy carefully, taking into context its name. She'd planned on nicknaming all the Pokémon she came across, and she was forming names in her head already. "Scraggy, eh?" Skye repeated, taking that to be the species of Pokémon it was. "I think I'll call you Samuel. You're a boy, right? Aheh. Come on, Sammy," she chimed with a laugh.

The Scraggy seemed to like the name, because it let out a small chirrup. It scuttled up Skye's body and made its way onto her right shoulder, perching its body there. It slowly got onto its feet, one paw holding up its skin-pants, whilst the other held firmly onto Skye's hat. She didn't mind, and found it perfectly cute. She finally remembered the Roggenrola on the floor. "I guess you can come with us."

Reaching into her bag, Skye brought out her final Pokéball – the one she'd dug up earlier. She stood up, Sammy keeping perfectly balanced, and chucked it smoothly at the little rock. The red and white capsule opened, a burst of alabaster light engulfing the Roggenrola and ensnaring it in its grasp. Pulling the Pokémon into its confinements, the Pokéball shut, and Roggenrola's struggle began. The capsule rocked precariously back and forth, anticipation building within Skye. Finally the resistance ceased and the ball lay still. She'd caught the Roggenrola!

"Now to claim what I'd come for," Skye remarked. She held out her arm, and almost instinctively Sammy ran down it, leaping off her hand and onto the ground. He scuttled towards the nugget in the corner of the cave, picking it up gingerly. He inspected it, testing it to be authentic by gnawing on it. Then, pleased with his result, he climbed back up Skye and handed her the nugget. Skye took it from his grasp, petting him gratefully on the head. He was the cutest thing she'd ever seen, and being a newborn baby, he was tiny. So very, very tiny. Skye walked forwards her last few steps and finally bent down, grabbing the Pokéball off the ground.

"I'm glad I came here," she laughed, and her Scraggy nodded its head in agreement. Skye popped the Pokéball containing Roggenrola into her bag, also collecting the two pieces of Sammy's shell and placing that in her bag too. She wanted to keep that forever; it was a tough shell so it wasn't going to break; Sammy's strength was its only weakness. "Now I have Pokémon I can protect myself, heh, what a relief."

Skye decided she was going to train in the cave for a good deal more hours. It would help toughen up her Scraggy, and she had plenty of Potions so she was able to replenish her Pokémon's health when needed. She spent three hours on this, defeating Woobat and more Roggenrola and leaving a trail of fainted Pokémon in her wake. She felt invincible, and it was a great feeling. She'd also gotten her own Roggenrola out, and had conceived a nickname for it. The Roggenrola turned out to be a boy too.

"Your name'll be Zero," she'd said, and so she had her mini team. Samuel the Scraggy, Zero the Roggenrola, and her, Skye Flynn the trainer. She was happy with that so far, so worked on training her Pokémon for those hours and helping them learn battle moves. By the end of their training session they were all worn out, Sammy knowing how to use Leer, Low Kick, Sand-Attack and Faint Attack, and Zero knowing Tackle, Harden, Sand Attack and Headbutt. They were a decent set of moves for the low levelled bunch, and Skye was content for now. Now she just wanted to leave.

She was drained and tired, and so were Sammy and Zero. The Scraggy lay curled up on Skye's shoulder, and Zero rested in his Pokéball. Sammy didn't have a Pokéball, and Skye made a note to get one for him; at the same time she was at ease with Sammy travelling on her shoulder, so the Pokéball would only be for special circumstances.

Finally Skye dragged herself out of the cave. It was four in the morning, and she was knackered. She wanted to haul herself back to Nacrene and get home to her bed. The next morning she'd get the stuff she needed, take a trip to the Pokémart within the Pokémon Centre, and then set off on her proper journey, directed across Skyarrow Bridge. She also needed to gloat to Jet that her egg had hatched first. Oh god, that would be awesome; judging that he hadn't called yet, she assumed he was failing so far.

A whoosh noise made her head shoot up. A comet! No... but what she did see was astounding. In the direction of Striaton and the Dreamyard was a rising plume of mystical, cherry light. It spiralled into the sky like a tornado of colour, spreading outwards and dancing elegantly across what had once been darkening black which now turned into a deep, emotion-filled fuchsia.

It filled Skye with a deep sadness, despite the incredible sight. It held in her gut, and she could sense the welling sadness within Samuel on her shoulder. He wailed to the sky, sharing the sorrow of what heart-rending event could have taken place in the recesses of the Dreamyard.

Skye cast her look away from the cherry-pink sky and turned back to the road. Sammy closed his eyes, settling back down onto her shoulder, and together they began the walk back to Nacrene. They needed a good night's rest for the day that lay ahead, and the exhilaration of everything that had happened so far had completely drained her. She could have fallen asleep where she stood, but she dragged her feet back home instead. Her bed was the most inviting thing for her at this moment.

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