Hey, everyone! As weird as it may seem, this story came to me in a dream (ha-ha, that rhymed). Yeah, I got, like, 10 hours of sleep last night, and this all happened in my dream.

So, I had to turn it into a fanfiction, of course, because I fell in love with the story line and, though it totally doesn't follow what happened in the Glee Christmas episode, I still really like it.

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The countertenor looked up from his new issue of Vogue magazine where he was sitting on the couch in the commons and couldn't help the smile that showed up on his face when he saw Blaine running towards him, an overly excited expression on his face. When he got there he looked Kurt up and down, taking notice to his position - his back resting against one armrest, his ankles crossed and his feet resting on the opposite armrest. "You look comfy." He teased.

Kurt rolled his eyes and smiled warmly at the giddy Warbler. "Well hello to you, too." He shifted so that he was sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the couch, to make more room for Blaine, who jumped and swung his legs over the back of the couch, landing next to Kurt and smiling like a Cheshire cat. "Any reason you're even more of a spaz today?" Kurt joked, and Blaine gave him a look of mock offense.

"I resent that accusation. I am not a spaz." He protested, and Kurt snorted.

"Yeah, yeah." He said, and his eyes dropped to a thin stack of papers in Blaine's hand. "So what's going on?" He asked, jerking his chin at the papers to indicate what he meant.

Blaine smiled wider and put the papers down on the coffee table in front of the couch, and turned back to Kurt with sheer anticipation in his eyes. He leaned forward enticingly and held his hands out as if he was displaying something, a huge grin on his face. "What would you say, to a six-week trip," Blaine's grin widened, if that was possible, "to Europe?" He finished on a low note, and Kurt's mouth fell open, unsure of what exactly to say. Blaine laughed out of pure giddiness.

"W-What?" Kurt asked, his voice breathy as his face broke into a huge smile. "Europe? A-Are you serious?" He asked, sitting up straight, his eyes bright.

Blaine nodded vigorously. "Yes!" He held up the pieces of paper. "I have the tickets right here! You see, we have a month off of school for Christmas break, and we're allowed to miss school if we're on vacation." Kurt only gave a shocked laugh and blinked. Blaine continued. "You see, I usually visit my Uncle in Italy for Christmas with my Mom, Gracie and Leslie," Kurt smiled at the names of Blaine's little sisters, remembering how sweet they were as Blaine continued, "but my Mom is on a business trip to California, and my sisters are visiting their father." Kurt winced slightly when Blaine said their, remembering Blaine's story about his Father not being very...accepting of his son's sexuality.

Blaine didn't take notice to it. "So, my Mom told me that I could bring friends instead of them!" Blaine was practically bouncing in his seat with excitement. "The original plan was just to go to my Uncle's, but hey, we've got six weeks, so we're going everywhere!" He threw his hands up for emphasis. "Are you up for it?" He asked expectantly.

"I - of course!" He said, and Blaine nearly doubled up in happiness. "I mean, I'll have to talk to my parents, but yes!" He threw himself at Blaine, and Blaine hugged him back, slightly startled.

Kurt immediately felt embarrassed and pulled back, blushing lightly. Then he remembered one detail, and his brow furrowed in confusion. "Blaine?" He asked, looking up. Blaine nodded for him to continue. "You said that you usually go with you're Mom and two sisters...so if there are two more tickets," he gestured to the pieces of paper, "then who else is coming?" He asked, blinking a couple of times.

Blaine almost seemed to wince, as if that was the last question that he wanted Kurt to ask. He sighed and looked at Kurt with a cautious expression.



"Road trip!" Wes yelled out Blaine's sunroof as he, David and Blaine drove to Kurt's house to pick him up.

David laughed at this and Blaine swatted at his shoulder. "Get down, Wes!" He hissed, though he was playing a smile. "And besides, it's not a road trip, we're just gonna be driving a few hours to the airport."

Wes sat back down, his hair dusted slightly with snow. "Still, man. This is gonna be awesome." He smiled and leaned forward, in between the two front seats, and put an arm on each one. "How much longer until Kurt's?" He asked impatiently, glancing at the clock.

"Only a few minutes." Blaine replied casually. He could practically feel the smirks pointed at him and turned to find just that. "What?" He asked.

"Oh, don't act like we don't know why you invited him." David said, and Blaine rolled his eyes. "You want to do some romantic sight-seeing with Kurtsie?" He asked, chuckling, and Wes laughed.

Blaine blushed. "No." He said simply.


"Oh, hush. Look, we're here." He said as they pulled into Kurt's driveway.

Blaine parked and tightened his scarf as he stepped out into the cold, and knocked on the door when he reached it. When no one answered, Wes pointed to a note on the door.


I'm in the shop and was hoping you'd come down and help me out with a few things, because a few of the guys are out. Plus, it would be a good opportunity to bond a little before you leave. I'll be there if you wanna help out.


Blaine read aloud.

"Shop?" Wes asked curiously as they headed back to the car.

"Kurt's Dad is a mechanic." Blaine answered. Wes raised an eyebrow and looked at David, who just shrugged.

When they got to the shop, Blaine lead the way and greeted Kurt's father with a firm handshake. Wes and David merely waved politely and Blaine rolled his eyes at their act, and they simply winked and chuckled.

"Blaine!" Blaine felt a pair of arms wrap around him and he turned to see Kurt there.

In coveralls.

He blinked, and hugged Kurt back. "Kurt!" He pulled away and looked the boy up and down. "You're wearing coveralls..." He said with a smirk, and Kurt blushed.

"Yes, well, I can't risk getting my clothes dirty. Just let me finish up, OK?" He asked, and Blaine nodded.

"Of course." He said, and Kurt smiled before walking back over to one of the cars with a rag in hand. He tossed the rag down after wiping his hands and picked up his iPod, putting in his earbuds and nodding his head in approval of the song.

Blaine watched in awe as Kurt bent into the car, swaying his hips to the beat of the music. He got up to grab a wrench, and paused for just a second to do a small dance, wiggling his hips and mouthing the words before going back to duck under the hood.

Finn walked up to the three boys, his eyes on Blaine. "Enjoying the view?" He asked, playing a smirk, and Blaine tore his eyes away from the erotically dancing boy. "Huh? Oh, um...no, we're just here to pick him up." He said as calmly as he could, and looked back at Kurt, who was now practically rotating his hips as he walked to get another part.

Wes chuckled. "Yeah, but Blaine here has the hots for Kurt over there."

Blaine scowled at him. "I do not." He protested.

David laughed when Blaine only turned to Kurt again. Finn smiled. "Yeah, well, his dancing is rather...interesting." He tried. "Back at McKinley he could barely open his locker without it being erotic." He said, nudging Wes, who laughed.

"Well, that's certainly not the case now..." Wes looked at Finn for a moment. "You look familiar...wait, aren't you in New Directions?" Wes asked, and Finn nodded.

"Guilty as charged. Yeah, same Glee club as Kurt used to be in." He stated, nodding.

"So you know him?" David asked.

"Know him? He's my brother. Well, step-brother." He corrected when he saw their dumbstruck expressions. "He used to have a huge crush on me, even." He said, and again Wes and David raised their eyebrows in surprise.

"You're gay?" They both asked at the same time.

Finn nearly jumped at the question. "What? No he just...didn't get the message at first. At least until I made it...pretty harshly obvious." A look of guilt crossed his face and the two Warblers knew not to push the subject.

Blaine didn't pay attention to their conversation - he already knew the whole story - and he couldn't take his eyes off of Kurt's hips as he danced. He did snap out of it, however, when Kurt bounced over, a huge smile on his face. "OK, I'm ready to go, just let me change and say goodbye to everyone. Oh, hey Finn." He smiled at the taller boy, who waved at him, before he ran off to get ready.

"Damn." Blaine muttered under his breath, too quiet for even Wes or David to hear.

Kurt returned a matter of minutes later, wearing very tight, black skinny jeans, a black button-up shirt with a collar that owned the slightest bit at the top, revealing a small sliver of white, creamy skin, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and thin white suspenders. His hair was how it always was, however it was unusually a little curly in the front. Blaine's eyes widened at the sight of him because, he had to admit - Kurt looked good.

Kurt drew in a deep breath.

"I'm ready."


Kurt was positive that there were tears in his eyes as he hugged his father tight for what would be the last time for six weeks. "I love you, Dad." He whispered, letting out a shuddering breath.

Burt hugged him closer. "I love you, too, kiddo." He pulled away and put his hands on Kurt's shoulders. "You be safe now, you hear me? Stay with Blaine and your friends the whole time, no matter what, OK? You promise?" He asked sternly.

"Yeah Dad, I promise." Kurt said, smiling at his father's overprotectiveness.

Burt smiled and gave one nod before acting him on the shoulder and walking back to Carole and Finn, who had already said their goodbyes. Kurt had already gone to McKinley to say goodbye to all his friends there the day before, so he was ready to go.

He turned to Blaine and wiped his eyes. "OK, let's go." He breathed, and Blaine smiled, opening the passenger door for him. When Kurt was inside, Blaine walked over to his side and, giving everyone a small wave first, climbed in and shut the door.

Blaine started the car up, and Kurt rolled down the windows waving to everyone as they drove away.

He turned to Blaine when his family was out of sight and sighed. Blaine looked at him worriedly. "You OK?" He asked, and Kurt nodded, smiling widely.

"How could I not be OK? We're going to Europe!" He giggled wildly and stuck his head out the window. "We're going to Europe!" He yelled out the window, and Blaine laughed.

Meanwhile, Wes and David were in the backseat, forming some plans of their own.

These next six weeks were going to be interesting, for sure.


Back at Kurt's house, Burt stared after the car as it disappeared around the corner. Hearing his son's excited yell. He sighed when he felt Carole's hand on his shoulder.

"There he goes." He blinked back tears. "Please tell me I didn't just make a huge mistake." He pleaded, looking at Carole.

She simply smiled at him. "Oh, honey calm down." She reassured him. "It's not like he's moving out." He winced at her words, and she rolled her eyes. "It's only six weeks."

Burt sighed again. "Yeah, six weeks."

He closes his eyes and imagined how happy Kurt was when he had agreed, after a long disagreement. He thought about his son's happiness, and that was enough.

"Thank you thank you thank you! You are the best Dad ever and I love you so, so much!"

Yeah, maybe he could pull through.