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"Oh my God, just make it stop..." Kurt groaned, his head in his hands as he grasped his hair tightly. Kurt knew that the long drive to the airport with Wes and David would be annoying, but he never thought it'd be this annoying. If they didn't stop singing that stupid song, he swore that he was gonna strangle their talented little throats.

Blaine only chuckled and rubbed Kurt's back. "Remind me again why I agreed to come?" Kurt whined, looking up from his hands.

Blaine flashed him a smile. "Because I'm here, and you love me." He joked, and Kurt laughed, looking away.

"Just keep telling yourself that, Blaine." He smirked.

Blaine put a hand to his chest. "You know what, Kurt? That hurt. That cut me. That cut me deep. To the core. With a...butter knife." He said with mock sorrow, and Kurt couldn't help it - he started giggling uncontrollably while Blaine just smiled at how adorable he was.

Wes and David looked at each other and nodded once, smirking. Getting them together was going to be a piece of cake.


"Gosh, Kurt, are you sure you've packed enough?" Blaine asking, smirking as he helped lift Kurt's numerous bags on the shelves over the seats of the plane. Kurt rolled his eyes and playfully bumped him with his hip.

"Hush. We're going to be gone for six weeks." He said.

"Yeah, six weeks. Not six years." He teased, and Kurt blushed.

When everyone was taking their seats, and Blaine started to turn, Kurt grabbed Blaine's arm. "Sit with me?" He pouted, sticking out his lower lip.

Blaine laughed and sat next to him. "Of course." He said, and Kurt gave him a thankful smile.

After a few minutes of talking, they remembered Wes and David and looked around, searching for their friends. Sure enough, they had found seats together diagonally across the isle from Kurt and Blaine, and they each gave small waves. When Kurt looked away, however, they both puckered their lips at Blaine, who showed them a certain finger and turned back to Kurt.

About an hour passed, and Kurt and Blaine were watching 'The Sound of Music' as a pass time. They had just gotten to the part where the children started singing their goodbyes when Kurt yawned.

Blaine looked over. "Tired?" Kurt nodded, and Blaine smiled. "We'll only be on the plane for a few hours now, but go ahead and sleep; I'll wake you up when we're in Boston." He offered, gesturing to a pillow, and Kurt smiled sweetly at him before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.

Blaine couldn't help but watch Kurt sleep - if he thought Kurt looked angelic before, then he was surprised that Kurt didn't have wings and a freaking halo now. He wasn't being creepy, it's just that Kurt looked so positively adorable when he was sleeping; so peaceful.

Kurt shifted then, breathing deeply and turning, suddenly clutching Blaine's arm. He snuggled close to Blaine, burrowing his head in Blaine's chest, and though Blaine was startled at first, he chuckled at Kurt's childish actions and put his arm around Kurt's shoulders, hugging him close. He looked up to see Wes and David smirking, and scowled at them. They only returned the favor with making hearts with their hands and laughing.

Blaine sighed and felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out to see Wes' number.

You two look cozy;) - W

Blaine made an annoyed noise, stuffing his phone back into his pocket, and turned back to Kurt, who was now subconsciously tracing circles on Blaine's chest, and the corners of his lips tugged up into a smile.

Damn that boy and how cute he was being.

Sighing in a mix of contentment and defeat, Blaine slid further down in his chair, so that he and Kurt were eye-level, and pressed his lips against the chestnut hair, leaned into him, and tried to fall asleep himself.

He thought Wes and David didn't catch it.

But they did.


They arrived in Boston first, as promised, just about an hour later.

Kurt and Blaine were still asleep in each other's arms, and Blaine woke to find that at smelling in his slumber he had reclined so that he was now laying down, and Kurt had curled up on his chest. Blaine smiled down at the boy, and, God, he looked beautiful.

My best friend is beautiful.

Blaine processed the thought. It seemed to sound nice.

He tried it again.

No, it seemed to sound perfect.

He ran a hand through Kurt's hair, attempting to wake him up. "Kurt? Wake up, Kurt..." He said softly, and Kurt's eyelids fluttered open. "Hey there, sleepyhead." Blaine said.

Kurt grunted.

"C'mon, we gotta make it to the next plane." Blaine said with a laugh.

Kurt only groaned and wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck. "Carry me..." He said in a moan, and Blaine laughed.

"As you wish." He said, and slid an arm behind Kurt's knees.

Wes and David caught them and raised an eyebrow, to which Blaine responded with, "Get his stuff, would you?" wearing a bitchy grin to match. It worked better on Kurt, but it worked.

Kurt nuzzled into Blaine's chest, and Blaine held him tight as they made it to the next flight.


So, yeah, nothing interesting yet, but next chapter they get to Italy, where things start to kick up.