Yolda and Himekawa – Trapped in an Elevator

Yolda and Himekawa are trapped in an elevator... not knowing each other's true identities. Yolda is intrigued and attracted to Himekawa. Himekawa becomes quickly infatuated with what he thinks is a human 'doppelganger' of Hilda. Yolda hasn't had any male companionship for a while and decides to have some fun seducing Himekawa. Rated T for now, maybe M in later chapters.

This occurs around chapter 104 in the manga. I have done my best to avoid spoilers, while keeping in character and within the canon of the manga.

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For fans of Hilda and Oga, I have a fanfic "The Secret Life of Hilda and Oga" in the 'M' rated section. This could be considered a side story to the other one as I plan them to be consistent.

Background from the Manga - for readers not familiar with Yolda or the later episodes of the manga:

Yolda is a Wet-Nurse to Lord En, baby Beel's elder brother. Yolda looks exactly like Hilda except for her hairstyle and dress. Yolda has the same blonde hair and green eyes as Hilda, but she wears her hair long and loose down her back, and she has straight bangs so you can see both her eyes. She wears a longer dress and carries a mop/broom which she uses as her weapon, her fighting/special abilities are different. Her personality is also very different. Yolda is much more flirtatious and cheery in a demonically wicked manner. Hilda and Yolda are bitter rivals and do not like each other.

Chapter 1

Yolda had successfully returned to the foyer of the luxurious building she was staying at without being recognized. The career woman disguise, an elegant designer suit, was a great success. It had transformed her look from a maid, to a sexy female executive. Yolda had enjoyed the lustful looks from men as she went about obtaining groceries for her Master. No matter that they were only weak humans, it was still enjoyable to know she was desired. It had been far too long since she had the company of a real man.

As she stepped into the empty elevator and the doors began to close, a man strode up and jammed a hand between the doors, causing them to open again. He walked in and punched a button for one of the upper floors.

The man was young, but tall and well built. His clothes looked casual but expensive. He exuded an air of confidence and arrogance. If it wasn't for his stupid hairstyle – which looked like a loaf of French bread jutting out from his forehead, Yolda might even have considered him handsome. He was observing her, contemplating her; but he wasn't like the other human men who openly showed their lust. Yolda couldn't read him, she couldn't tell if he found her attractive or not. 'Interesting,' Yolda thought. 'Too bad she had to return to deal with the juvenile antics of her young Master. She would have liked to be able to toy with this human for while.'

The man in the elevator with her, reminded Yolda of Tatsumi Oga – Hilda's human lover, and the baby Demon Lord Beel's Contractor. Oga also had that air of arrogance, and he was strong - demonically strong, even when he did not use the power of the baby Demon Lord. Oga looked completely different from this man in the elevator, but Yolda had found Oga irresistibly and annoyingly attractive.

This thought infuriated Yolda; she remembered the spy reports that informed her that Hilda was having a very close intimate relationship with Oga. They never showed it in public, but the obscene sexual attraction between those two was so thick you could almost feel it. Meanwhile, Yolda was stuck with a bratty, ridiculously immature Master, who had no sexy male Contractor in tow. Furthermore, she had to put up with two other Wet-Nurses, one who was annoyingly bossy.

Himekawa observed the young woman in the elevator with surprise. She looked almost exactly like Hilda - Oga's woman, except for the long blonde hair that fell down her back and the straight bangs. The eyes were the same emerald green, and she had the same knockout figure.

For a moment Himekawa thought it was Hilda in disguise and was about to say something. Then he noticed the lack of recognition in this woman's eyes; it was clear she did not know him. The gorgeous blonde executive had been watching him with a cool calculated look; but there was a twinkle in her eyes, a kind of flirtatious look that he had never seen in Hilda.

The woman was wearing a charcoal grey executive's outfit which he recognized as an extremely exclusive, not to mention expensive, design. The skirt was knee length and was exquisitely cut to show off her slender figure while barely maintaining the air of corporate modesty. The white blouse hugged this woman's ample breasts, it was only because the suit jacket covered it just enough, that the illusion of professionalism was maintained. This was the kind of woman that could distract a company President enough to sign on the dotted line without properly reading the contract.

Himekawa realized that he wanted her... really wanted her, in more ways than one. But he guessed that she was probably under the employ of someone very powerful. He had to find out who, to make sure he wasn't slitting his own throat, before making a move on her. At least she wasn't wearing a ring on her wedding finger - that was one good sign.

The lights in the elevator flickered, then went out to be replaced by the dim glow of emergency lighting. At the same time the elevator came to a jarring halt. 'Crap a power outage,' Himekawa thought. It was a few moments later he realized that it might not be so bad after all, being trapped in an elevator with this beautiful woman. Perhaps 'rescuing' her would give him an excuse to learn more about her and keep in contact.

To Himekawa's surprise the blonde did not seem in the least perturbed. She seemed to be observing to see what he would do. In the dim light he even thought he saw a hint of an evil smile play across her lips. This unnerved him, and Himekawa did not often get unnerved. It was difficult to see in the dim light and Himekawa reluctantly removed his sunglasses.

Himekawa flicked open his mobile phone to make a call. No signal. It was a dumb move, he realized belatedly. They were in a steel box and the cellphone signal repeaters that normally enabled reception inside the building would have been disabled by the power outage. Without looking at the blonde, Himekawa went to open the emergency phone compartment. He opened it to find a mass of cut wires and no phone. Damn, some delinquent had vandalized it. Himekawa silently groaned at the irony; this was the kind of stupid prank some of his own men would have indulged in.

"Looks like we are stuck in here for a while," the blonde said.

She had a voice that was melodious, with just a hint of a sexy european accent. If Himekawa had to pick the voice of the perfect woman, he had just heard it. He swallowed hard and tried to compose himself the best he could.

"I'm sure the power will come back on soon. There's nothing to worry about. We just have to be patient," Himekawa said, trying his best to sound nonchalant.

The air-conditioning had also shut off when the power went out. Himekawa knew there was enough ventilation to prevent suffocation, but that had not prevented the temperature inside the elevator from rising noticeably.

"It's getting hot in here. I hope you don't mind if I take off my jacket and make myself comfortable," she said.

"N... No not at all," Himekawa said, trying not to stare as the blonde removed her jacket unbuttoned several buttons on her blouse and kicked off her shoes.

Yolda had grinned to herself when she felt the elevator grind to a stop. She was going to be able to toy with this human after all. With her powers, she could easily escape from the elevator if she wanted to, but this human intrigued her.

She had watched as he foolishly pulled out his mobile phone to make a call in this signal dead zone, then sheepishly attempt to use the non-existent emergency phone. She had sensed he was getting extremely embarrassed by the impotence of his actions, yet he had tried to keep up a cool facade. It was kind of cute.

'I'm going to enjoy this,' Yolda thought as she teased the man with the nonchalant partial undressing. 'Now what shall I do next?' she mused.


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