Yolda and Himekawa – Trapped in an Elevator

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

'First things first,' Yolda thought. The power might come back on at any time - Yolda could not have that happen in the middle of her fun. Using her special ability, she isolated the elevator in another dimension; then she turned up the temperature and humidity a few notches. Their environment was now under her complete control.

The man was now visibly sweating and his pompadour hair was starting to droop. Yolda had to stifle a giggle as she watched the man continue to feign nonchalance and an air of cool indifference - despite the increasingly uncomfortable temperature. Soon the french loaf of the man's pompadour had wilted under the humidity; it was starting to flop down the front of his face.

Yolda watched as the man turned away from her and tried in vain to make his hair stay up. After a few moments during which she discerned some crude utterances under his breath, he pulled out a comb and did something to his hair. When he turned back around, his hair was straight and long; the ends tied together in a loose ponytail on one side by his shoulder. It beautifully framed what Yolda now realized was an extremely good looking face. It was now Yolda's turn to be surprised - standing in front of her was probably the best looking human she had ever met.

Yolda grinned to herself. Forget Oga - this man was much hotter … and she didn't mean it only in terms of temperature. Not only did he have a gorgeous face, he was built! She could now see the contours of the muscles on the man's chest through his sweat soaked T shirt. Who said only men could enjoy the sight of a wet T-shirt!

Yolda noticed her reflection on the polished elevator wall, and realized that she had been staring openly at the man with an expression of lust. Recomposing herself quickly, Yolda hoped he hadn't noticed, or at least had misinterpreted the stare. If he realized she was this much attracted to him, Yolda knew she would lose some of the upper hand. No matter how much she wanted this man, it had to be on her terms; Yolda's demon pride demanded it.

Then Yolda had a moment of misgiving. What if this man was gay? Many Bishi men, half as gorgeous as this guy were not into women. That might explain his nonchalance and lack of lustful admiration for Yolda. That would seriously suck, not to mention put a major damper in Yolda's plans.

She decided to test him. Feigning a spell of dizziness, Yolda staggered a little towards the man and pretended to fall. Quick as a flash the man caught her in his arms before she could fall. She reached up and put a hand on his shoulder and an arm around his waist; feigning a weak attempt to pull herself upright, she pressed the side of her face into the top of his chest and the length of her body against his. It had gone exactly as she had planned, Yolda smiled to herself.

"Are you alright?" the man blurted out.

"I'm so sorry... I can't believe I almost fainted... if you don't mind, just give me a few moments to compose myself," Yolda whispered weakly.

"S... sure, take your time."

Continuing the feigned weakness, Yolda used her attempts to stand up to rub her body in small movements against the man. Within seconds, she felt a hard long bulge pressing against her waist. 'Yum,' Yolda thought. 'This man is certainly not gay and he seems quite pleased to be holding me. And that was not all, the muscles on his chest... that bulge in his pants was not the only thing rock hard on this man!'

Now that Yolda had verified the 'manliness' of her toy, she was ready for the next phase in her seduction plan.

Although, she had decided on satisfying her carnal desires with this man, Yolda was not up for having them fulfilled in this uncomfortable elevator. She needed to teleport them somewhere classy; but how to do that without freaking out this human? Dreams... fantasies where nothing was real and there were no consequences and hence no inhibitions - that was the solution; and Yolda knew exactly how to put the both of them in a waking fantasy.

Himekawa couldn't believe what had just happened. The gorgeous blonde had started to faint and by reflex he had caught her. Now she was clasped tight against his body struggling to stand up. He could feel her ample breasts against his chest and smell the sweet scent of her hair. She was all class; she wasn't swamped in cheap perfume like some of the women he had known. This blonde had just a light touch of some fragrance that allowed her natural pheromones to ignite his libido.

He had become instantly aroused, and hoped that the woman was too faint to feel his hardness. As the woman continued to struggle weakly to stand, she was rubbing her body against his, and it was driving him crazy. In fact, Himekawa suddenly realized that the craziness was starting to make him feel faint. He struggled to retain his consciousness; how lame would it be if he collapsed while trying to help this woman? But despite his efforts, the walls of the elevator began to contort and swirl around him; faster and faster like he was in the middle of a tornado. Himekawa had to close his eyes, it was making him dizzy.

When Himekawa opened his eyes, he had to blink hard twice. He was no longer in the elevator but lying on a futon with the blonde still clasped to him. As he looked around he saw he was now in a luxurious Japanese style bedroom which looked out to a beautiful private garden and hot-spring. That was not all; gone was the stifling heat of the elevator, the room was comfortably cool. 'Oh fuck,' Himekawa thought. 'I must have passed out. But what the heck was this? That hot blonde was still with him. This was one hell of a realistic dream.'

The blonde was now looking at him, any sign of infirmity was gone from her eyes. Instead he saw a flirtatious twinkle.

"This is a dream, right?" he asked her hesitantly.

"Of course it is a dream. You don't really think we could be stuck in a hot elevator one moment then here the next, if this was real life... do you?"

"I suppose not."

"Well then, why don't you join me in the hot-spring, we might as well enjoy the dream," the blonde said. Then she stood up and slowly began a strip tease...


To be continued...

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